15 Minutes of Play

At the top of my pile of books that are inspiring me at the moment is Victoria's 15 Minutes of Play. So many times I don't think I have enough time to actually create, and by reading through her book, you realise that it is all the odd minutes that can add up to something great! I love the way the quilts grow organically, and are not started with the end in sight. Too many times people want to know what it will look like before they even start!

Second in the pile is Quilts by Roderick Kirocofe. If you love the improvisational style of the Gees Bend quilts you will love this. It is a self published book of quilts from his private collection.  You order it and it is printed on demand from this site. It is so worth it! Years back I had his book on the history of quilts that is just jammed full of wonderful old quilts, lots that are not often seen.

The middle two in the pile are ones that I have wondered about getting for a long time, and now wonder what took me so long. So much inspiration and so many little ideas that just go to show that there is nothing new!

Inspiring me also has been the loan of some wonderful quilts from my friend Jill of Patchwork Dog and Basket.

Take a peek at this one:

The blank blocks have wreaths quilted in them, but what I love is the utility type quilting over the applique blocks and border:

And these shells around the edge of the wreaths:

For me to play with at the moment I have the Liberty fabrics from Fabrics Galore with a fabric friend from Eternalmaker:

They are just sitting together for a while to see what transpires!

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