A big Thanks to Kathie!

Thanks Kathie for listing me on her blog as somewhere to take a look at! I was so surprised and flattered…..and some great folks have popped by already!

When I started to blog I just never thought people from so far away would be taking a look …. and liking it!


So here is something to look at!

I was so excited when I won this on Ebay. It is a Grain toy sewing machine, and is just beautiful. The shop in Tunbridge wells where I take my sewing machines to be serviced has a display of old toy machines in the shop, and I never honestly thought that I would be lucky enough to have one of my own. It came with it’s box, carry case and instructions too. I can’t wait to find the time to sew something on it….like some patches for a quilt!

If you have a moment today, go and take a look at Alicias Blog. She has some interesting things to say about sewing and stitching that I found myself getting very absorbed in, better than the Sunday papers!