A Bit of Hand Piecing

I was recently inspired by a quilt in the book Amish Crib Quilts form the Midwest , (Smucker, Crews and Welters).

You can get the book here amongst other places.

It was a strange block to draft, and took me a couple of attempts to see how to go about it. This one is 9in finished. I think the ones in the book are about 6in. Here it is ready to piece (it’s the back of the block you are seeing!):

Amish Star1 Carolyn Forster quilts




Here’s the front:

Amish Star2


This is the quilt in the book. It’s on page 54:

Amish Star3


My block and the original quilt:

Amish Star4


All pressed and finished:

Amish Star5


So that is what I stitched in front of the TV last night. What did you stitch?

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