A Tied Finish

I am loving all the quilts I see over the internet that are quilted and finished with ties and Big stitches!

I used linen thread with  'wine glass' (actually a saucepan lid in this case!) and stitch in the ditch quilt designs for this Australian bush quilt:

Have a look here at some other great quilts:

Posie Gets Cosy

Molly Flanders

Anna Maria Horner

Blue Elephant stitches, and 

Sew Create it.

These methods of finishing quilts have always worked for me. One of my first quilts was Big stitch and Tied with stranded embroidery floss through 4oz polyester wadding, and it's still looking good!

This old quilt I find inspiring:

This is what I did on my stretched Hexagons:

Have a look here for some more ideas!

Get those quilts quilted!!!

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  1. Lesley
    Lesley says:

    Wonderful quilts .  Love the ties and the big stitches.  I make flannel quilts and always use perle cotton and large stitches.  Well done!

  2. karen
    karen says:

    Just loving the stretched hexagon quilt, Carolyn…and in greys too?…perfection 😉 
    Thanks also for featuring my fabrics back in December (I'm so behind on my blogs!) and hope you've been having fun with them. x

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