Antique Applique


When I teach at Patchwork Dog and Basket in Lewes Jill has often had some of her antique quilts on display. A year or so ago she held a small exhibit of her collection, and one of these quilts really appealed to me. 

I really wanted to make this quilt, so a few months ago Jill kindly lent me the quilt and I traced off the pattern.



As you can see it is flowers in baskets. The basket fabric has nearly disappeared and you can see the stem fabric showing through.

I love this faded worn out quality in the quilt so have chosen to stitch my version in soft faded colours:




I have 16 blocks to sew and they will be on various different backgrounds.

The centre of the flower is reverse appliqué and as yet I have not done this on the blocks, as I can't decide which colour to use. I will wait until I have more blocks stitched.