Baptist Fan Quilting

You must go over here and see what these great ladies say about my favourite type of quilting!

I just love this utility quilting which goes under  so many names including Metodist wave, Baptist fan and Elbow quilting. My beginners all learn to hand quilt this way, as it is easy to mark and easy to quilt as you are always working on the bias which has the most ‘give’ and therefore it’s easier to make the stitches. And you always work in one direction so no twisting and turning to get the quiltin the right place. Please give it a go.

I have even used it on the border with Big stitch quilting here:


And I saw this lovely example on this great quilt for auction on ebay the other day:



Whatever  quilt you use this on it will look great, believe me! If anyone wants more information on how to go about it, let me know, incase I am brave enough to do a tutorial!?

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  1. Linda
    Linda says:

    I’d be very interested in a tutorial! I’m not a traditional quilter but I’ve been using up my scraps to make something like the quilt shown in the link you provided and had no idea how I’d go about quilting it.

    This could be the answer if it’s as easy as you all suggest!

  2. Trude
    Trude says:

    I would love to see your tutorial if you do one. I’m a beginner quilter and need all the help I can get. I only hand quilt as I don’t have a sewing machine.

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