Calm Quilts,Low Volume

Different people see different quilts from me.

In class you see the quilts to illustrate that class.

In my Talk 'How I got here today' you see my very first quilts through to my very latest creation. These are not quilts that will be in a book or a class, some of them are but lots just fill in the gaps.

In my books you see quilts that are helping me convey an idea to help you see how easy it is for you to make a quilt too.

Quilts that pop up in the magazines are just fun things to share. I enjoyed making this, so I thought you might like to make one too!

Some people think I sew quilts in certain palettes or combinations of colours. Depending on when they see my quilts that will be the case. What they don't see is when that palette is my favourite there maybe as many as half a dozen different quilts being sewn from that combination of fabrics. These quilts are very rarely get seen together. I tend to see my quilts in categories of construction rather than put them together because I used a similar palette of fabrics.

Over the summer I had a bit of a sort through and took some snaps of a sort of low volume, or what I used to call 'low key' group of quilts:


This last one is a vintage find. I sooo want to stitch this myself!

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  1. Nicky
    Nicky says:

    That first one is gorgeous – I haven't done a flying goose yet!  And I'd also love to stitch that last one!  But they are all gorgeous in a quiet way!

  2. Ginny Worden
    Ginny Worden says:

    What beautiful quilts. I think I need to make one of these " low volume. " quilts. There softness of color and design seems very calm and relaxing, something I feel I need more of in my life. Thanks for sharing.

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