Square by Square Quilt class


Last term I was thrilled to be teaching a group of ladies in the evening. We had six sessions with space for home work in between! And boy were those ladies keen.


We worked on a quilt based on the ‘Square by Square’ quilt in the Utility Quilting book.


And here are the quilts by the time we finished off. I know for sure, Sarah has now completed the quilting and has her quilt bound!


Well done everyone, it was a fun group!


Square by Square Utility Quilting

Square by Square Utility Quilting


This one has tea cup fabric!


All squared up quilt2



This one grew to be huge:

All squared up quilt3


Playing with some stars:


All squared up quilt4



Medallion format:


All squared up quilt5



Sarah’s quilt which is now finished!


All squared up quilt6

MOdern Quilt Block, March


Nearly missed adding this in the right month! Phew!

IMG_1462 Carolyn forster


Hop over to Sew at home Mummy to see the rest!

Misc. Monday


There has been lots going on behind the scenes, so the blog has been neglected over the last week or two. Sorry.


Apart from other things, like looking at the website and updating it with books and teaching etc… (which is still in motion, as it is down to me now to write the stuff :-[ ), I have had a busy teaching schedule. Which  really for me is what it is all about. Getting out there and sharing with people how great it is to express yourself in whatever way through your sewing!


I did also sign off on ‘Quilting-on-the-Go, Taking it Further‘. Yeah! So that should be on its way to the printing process! Can’t wait to see the real book!!!!


There have been my regular  classes, and a great trip to meet the London Quilters. Such a vibrant group, if you are a quilter who lives in London, pop along to one of their meetings, there seems to be so much going on!


In the meantime here is my desk on this sunny Monday morning:


I found this wonderful project in an old copy of ‘Green Craft Magazine‘:


sewing1Carolyn Forster






These books  need to be put on the shelf, as I have had them as my bedtime reading for a while now. The Rachel May book is an interesting read for anyone wondering what this whole ‘Modern Quilt thing’ is all about, and whether it is you, or has always been you but without the label:




And this is a block I draughted from one of the lovely Japanese books on blocks. Just laid out all the pieces ready for some appliqué:






Hope your desk has more focus than my eclectic mix here!



Castle Wall Block


At The Quilt Room this week, it is week three of the Advanced class and we are sewing Castle Wall Blocks.



This was one of the first blocks I ever learnt to draft years ago when I first started patchwork.


These blocks are 16in finished:


Castle Wall Block1 Carolyn Forster


Castle Wall Block2


Castle Wall Block3


Castle Wall Block4



This block is in one of my finished quilts:


Castle Wall Block11

A Bit of Hand Piecing

I was recently inspired by a quilt in the book Amish Crib Quilts form the Midwest , (Smucker, Crews and Welters).

You can get the book here amongst other places.

It was a strange block to draft, and took me a couple of attempts to see how to go about it. This one is 9in finished. I think the ones in the book are about 6in. Here it is ready to piece (it’s the back of the block you are seeing!):

Amish Star1 Carolyn Forster quilts




Here’s the front:

Amish Star2


This is the quilt in the book. It’s on page 54:

Amish Star3


My block and the original quilt:

Amish Star4


All pressed and finished:

Amish Star5


So that is what I stitched in front of the TV last night. What did you stitch?

Classic meets Modern Quilt along


My February block:


classic meets modern




Join in the challenge over HERE.

A Random Selection of Blocks


To get us through yet more rain today, a selection of sewing from the last week or so.


A quilt top I made a while back, under contemplation for some long arm quilting:

carolyn forster quilts



Pauline kindly brought in this beautiful quilt that she started on the Rose Star One Patch Class:

This is just lovely!



Quilted in my favourite, Amish Waves:



Sharyn had finished her bag started in the Japanese Bag of Squares class:

I love the Big stitch quilting in the ditch here!



Floating Stars from some of my Whitstable Ladies:












And a floating star snippet that I made from some scraps from the lovely range Meadow, from Makower:

float star1



float star2



float star3



float star4

Quilting-on-the-Go: in the pipeline


Thanks for all of the lovely comments about the next Quilting-on-the -Go book, ‘Taking it Further’.

It has taken a while I know. Especially as I know some of you had been asking for it as soon as you had completed your quilts from book one. I always said there would be another book, as I was making more quilts that way all the time, and generating more ideas that I wanted to see and teach in quilts. But I did say not to hold your breath!

We are beavering away on the final stages of the book right now, so I am hoping for a preview when I travel to Pittsburgh in the Spring for Quilt Market!

In the meantime go and look over here at Henhouse blog. I met her a few years ago at a show and I just love her fabrics and colour choices. Her Quilt is just lovely!

This is a peak at one of the quilts from the new book, a Burgoyne Surrounded Quilt:


Quilting on the go carolyn forster1




Quilting on the go carolyn forster2




Quilting on the go carolyn forster3

Teaching dates Update


Just to let you all know that I have updated the teaching dates page!

Sorry I let that get so behind!

Here’s a quilt to view as we can’t have post that is quilt less!


quilt by Carolyn Forster

Old Fashioned Inspiration

As much as I love trawling through the internet with all the amazing quilty things to see and inspire us, I really love to look through a book.

I buy a lot of books. I consider it and an investment!

This morning I looked back through some of the books I brought quite a few years ago. It is easy to over look the older books, as everything new seems so exciting. But these goodies did not let me down!


inspiring quilts1modern traditional


inspiring quilts2


inspiring quilts3


inspiring quilts4


inspiring quilts5


inspiring quilts6


And as some of you might have spied there is a new Quilting-on-the-Go book coming soon!

I know loads of you have waited an age for this. I think you will like it!