Jumping in!

Friday 26th Sept, 2008 

Friendship block backFriendship Ring Block

Autumn is a time when thoughts often turn to quilts and patchwork. Something to do with all the dewy mornings and the evenings drawing in I expect. Thoughts turn to cosiness and the need for something to do with our hands if we are watching TV!

For me it is the time of year when my teaching picks up again with new groups starting their quilts! we have had quilt shows in the summer to whet the appetite and even a few yet to come.

So my sewing over the next few months will be a bit more focused than it has been over the summer (lots of ideas/quilts started, but few finished!)

On a more positive note though, the Friendsip quilt block at the top of the page was how it looked at the start of the summer and now is quilted, as is all but the border of the quilt ! Let’s hope I keep up the momentum!!!