Bindings to stitch

Despite the lack of posts in the last few weeks, things have been moving on a pace on the stitching front. Lots of quilts to bind! These will be in a book that is due out next year, so something to look out for then!

My Camelot pattern arrived! It looks great, definitely something for the moments when I have more time to plan.

And on the inspirational front, these have been giving me some ideas of late:

I just love these patterns that need a bit of time and are not so 'mass production'! I love a bit of quick machine piecing as much as the next person, but I am really drawn to these blocks that will need a bit of TLC!

And this one too:

Really simple circles with that great Cheddar ( I know Lori loves the Cheddars!) The quilting here is really interesting too , so simple and right over the wheels.

Another quilter who has been busy lately is Victoria over at Bumblebeans. It is great to see the Signature quilt progressing. She started out with wanting it to be just like the one that had inspired her, but then when it was partly sewn it didn't feel right, so she has unpicked bits, restitched and made it her own. Isn't it great how quilts can take on a life of their own!

And has anyone any idea what the new BOM will be from Amitie? It was so tantalising to see they showed a preview at the Melbourne Craft and Quilt show, guess we will have to be in suspense at while longer!

I will bevoff for a few weeks to stitch and relax in Greece, so best get my hand stitching packed and a few good books.

What do you stitch on holiday?

Hand Applique for the Summer

I don't do a lot of applique but sometimes the urge over comes me and I embark on a project. Needless to say, that the fact that I don't do much applique doesn't stop me buying books about it and downloading the patterns for this lovely quilt regularly!

The quilt I am sewing this summer is from Mississippi Quilts by Mary Elizabeth Johnson.

My blocks are 20" square based on the size of the original quilt. I draw it out roughly then refine it with templates that I have cut from card.

I use  a freezer paper technique and tacking to make the shapes. Pin them all in place with Clover Applique Pins, and stitch away!

The freezer paper comes out before the last stitches enclose the shape.

And then I added the flower middles.

The fine stems were sewn in a chain stitch as the ones in the original were embroidered too. I used Valdani Pearl cotton no.8.

I plan on sewing 9 of these, but the original quilt has 16. I will see how I go!


There have been a couple of quilts that people are sewing on-line that I have enjoyed looking at, and this week I have sewn exploratory blocks, not to make the whole quilt, but just to see how I feel now that I have had a go!

This first one is from a quilt in the Tokyo Quilt show this year. You can see it here. Bad skirt blog also has a tutorial, but I just based my blocks on a 2in grid, so it is slightly bigger!

I also liked this variation, as I shuffled the bits around before sewing it together!

The other block I have seen a lot of lately is the Union Jack! I even saw some sewing patterns for sale for this at Quilt Market!

I made mine from 'Lily's Quilts' website tutorial here.

Thanks Girls for the great tutorials!

And last but not least, take a look at this exhibition in the US if you are remotely drawn to hexagon quilts. Many of you know I sew mine really large, I mean with big shapes to make them grow fast, but I still love looking at the intricate ones!

Click here, and scroll down to see all of the quilts!

Have a good weekend!

Quilt Addition

This is a new old quilt for my collection.

It is a signature quilt. The dates span the late 1890's to early 1910. We have had fun speculating about why and who the quilt was for. The quilting is very fine.

Also for those of you who I see at classes and workshops, and I am often snapping away with my camera and then never seem to get around to posting about the fun day we had on the class. Sorry, I will try to show more of the class pictures in the future!

In the meantime, pop over to Quay Quilters Blog and see what she had to say about our String Quilt Block class at 'Oast Quilters' in May.

Utility Quilting

Earlier in the month we were in New York and I made the usual visit to the American Museum of Folk Art. There are two sites and each had quilt exhibits so it was areal treat.

Amongst the pictures that I took were some great examples of Utility Quilting.

Amish Waves all over these lovely stars.


A tied quilt.


Amish wave border.


Horizontal lines.


Utility quilting has been a passion for a long time. I've been teaching classes and sewing quilts, which have now turned into a book! This is being published by the great folk at Landauer this summer. My other book on Quilting-as-you-Go is also now being printed by them so we are looking forward to a busy Quilt Market Spring and Fall!

Whilst I was in New York I popped in for a quick visit with Victoria from Bumblebeans blog. It was great to chat in person! She really does get so much done. And now she has a lovely exhibit at a local gallery. It looks great! That 'Kitchen Sink' quilt is still my favourite!

Thanks for taking time our for me to visit Victoria!

Red and White Quilts

In case some of you are not aware there is an exhibition of Red and White Quilts in New York this week. It is only on for a week, and no matter how hard I looked at my calendar I did not have enough clear days to go out and see them!

However lots of bloggers have had their own show, and I know lots of blogs will feature posts on the quilts once they have seen them this week.

I hear there will be a book about the show, so that is something I will look out for. In the meantime I think you can buy fridge magnets, so when I am in New York at Easter I will be buying them from the American Museum of Folk Art whether I need them or not!

I have a feeling I will succumb to the book of quilts from the Museum too even though I have the first book they published a few years back. I will have been seduced by the two great exhibits they have on into a spending panic! Here and here

In the meantime Minick and Simpson have a pre show post with some links.

And here is a video of some of the great quilts those travelling to the show will see.

So I have been inspired to start a red and white quilt too. I think my stumbling block to sewing a red and white quilt previously was the thought of only using two fabrics. However I have gotten over that by sewing mine with lots of reds, not just one!

The quilt has been inspired by one that I have always liked from the American Museum in Bath in the UK. It is a crib quilt, but I think I will sew mine to a lap quilt or larger. Depends on how many fabrics I find in my stash!

FYI my blocks are 8in finished.

Intricate Blocks

I stitched this tryout block from the Jinny Beyer book of Blocks . The pattern pieces were in the QNM for Feb/March 2011 I think.

I made it by hand, as I often find this quicker for a one off. I love it, but I think it needs to be bigger. This one measures 12" accross the middle. It is called 'The Gay Comos'.

For some hints and tips on how simple it is to hand piece, check out the Minnock and Simpson blog as Laurie is hand piecing some 8 point stars. How relaxing is that in front of a good film!

It is a bit like the blocks from the George II quilt from the V and A show last year. I know they were round, but this has that same sort of intracy about it.

Those of you who admired the quilt might like to know that Marta, a Spainish quilter has started to draught the blocks, and has the pattern to download. Check out her site here! I have a copy of the pattern with all the best intentions….!

It will be great to see how she gets on, and if others have a go!

Christmas Greetings

At this busy time of year remeber to find some time for stitching over the holidays!

These are a few of the blocks I brought back from Houston that will inspire me for next year:

The best bit about this block is the way some of the squares have been pieced:

Basket blocks always go down well:

Wonder why she didn't finish it?

I am away for a while now, skiing in France assumming that the English snow lets us get the airport. Will be back in the New Year, so in the meantime, Happy Christmas!

Getting sorted!

There is a lot to do here!

Apart from getting on top of all the post holiday laundry and ironing there are quilts to sew that have been on my mind from my holiday. Not so much things inspired from France, but more things that go through my mind when I there in a sort of void! Odd elements that have been knocking about in my mind sometimes click together, and when I get home, there is a bit of a sewing frenzy to see if they will work!

Also I have been getting ready for the Quilters Guild Reigon 2 show at Hever Castle. This is a lovely show in a marquee in the grounds of Hever Castle. The gardens are beautiful and with quilts and traders who could ask for more to kick off the autumn quilting season!

If you are around come and say "Hi!" as I will be there all 3 days demonstrating! I will have the new Kaliedoscope Hexagon pattern there too, complete with rotary cutting templates. It looks great even if I do say so myself!

In the mean time I am having a few dilemma's over fabric choices here and am seeking solice watching this inspiring video. And (probably unsuccessfully) bidding on this quilt on ebay!

Off to France!

Sewing has taken a back seat here whille I get us packed to go to France for some of the holidays! But not until I had my sewing projects for France sorted out!

Whilst sorting I found this which I made years ago, but shows that my interest in hexagon quilts has been around a while!

And while I found a few moments to spare, I loved this quilt on Ebay:

I don't often venture into applique like this, and I think a lot of the charm of this quilt comes from the hanging diamond quilting!

I also came across this advert in one of the old magazines for books by Jan Halgrimson. I have two of these and was not aware that there was even a third. Anyone seen a copy of "Patching Things Up"? I would love to see this or even own a copy, so any info greatfully received!

Be back in September!