Lady’s Circle Patchwork and Quilting Magazine

This morning I took Bosco (our dog) to a car boot fair. I had not been to one of these in a while. The last one I went to and sold stuff was when we'd moved house and realised we didn't really have a use for a lot of the things we had paid the moving company to pack and shift! Then much to the shock of my Husband I purchased a hand crank sewing machine from another vendor on my way to buying coffee and bacon rolls. I was not sent out on my own again!

So today I was full of virtue, and intended buying nothing, as I was only going as it is a good place to get a puppy used to crowds of people and meeting some other dogs.

This time I came back with back issues of Ladys Circle Patchwork and Quilting magazine.I cannot tell you how exciting this is!

When I started quilting in the early 1980's this was a magazine I would buy on trips to the States and also from the odd shop over here when I went to a show. I loved everything about it. All the old quilts, the patterns , and the column by Gwen Marston and Joe Cunningham.

When it stopped being printed, I almost went into mourning. Nothing really replaced it. So for those of you who miss it, and those of you who never knew about it, these are a few gems that caught my eye over coffee when I got back this morning!

Those were the days!

Vintage 9-Patch

Things have been busy this week, what with the school holidays! Whilst trying to do some work I have taxied my Son to a sailing course, taken the dog to puppy classes and hosted a sleep-over with cooked breakfast in the morning!

School is back again on Monday, so one day to sort stuff out, and then I am off to Dublin with my Husband until Friday. It will be a very short week next week.

During the sunny weather I took some shots of my quilts that do not often come out the cupboards.

This is a favourite one from the 1930's. I brought it in Vermont about 14yrs ago.

I love the simpicity of the 9-patch and especially the horizontal lines of quilting.

V & A Quilt Exhibition

I can’t believe that a week has gone by already since I was at the quilt exhibition at the V & A!

It was so inspiring to see English quilts from so far back, and although the lighting was low and some things were less clear to see that others (because by laying some of the quilts flat you could see the quilting, but not the peicing) the over all experience was exhilerating!

My favourite quilt was the King George III quilt:


This is a section of the quilt (the picture is from the book of the exhibition), and these are the circular blocks :


This picture is from the book Kaffe Fassett’s V & A Quilts.

I don’t know if I would ever consider sewing one of these, but you never know!

I did some shopping too:


One of the fabrics is already destined for a quilt, it will be perfect for a binding on a Quilting-on-the-Go quilt I have in  progress. The idea of being able to buy fabrics that were in some of the quilts on display was great, but it was slightly disappointing that there was no reference at the show or on the selvedge of the fabric as to which quilt the fabric was found in. We did spy one or two, but with so much to see it was hard to spot them all.

I have said it before and I will say it again, if you can make the chance to go, you must!

I realise though that sometimes life just gets in the way, so I thought I would offer a small Give Away. I brought an extra note book and a fat quater of one of the fabrics, and any comments that are on this post by April 19th will be put into a hat and the winner will receive the goodies!


We are off to warmer climes this Easter. We packing our shorts and going to Disney in Florida! And I know I will be visiting a few quilt shops too!

Happy Easter!

More V & A info!


I just love HUGE applique! I made lots of these 16″ blocks last Spring. It is a Ruby McKim pattern.

But back to what I wanted to share, some more links to information about the quilts at the V&A Museum.

Here on the BBC and here on Channek 4 News. Enjoy!!

Walk to the Post Office

Although I ‘work from home’ I think of my main work as my teaching, which takes me all over the place! But when I am at home my most frequent trip out seems to be to the Post Office. Where I live there are lots of Victorian houses, and I mean streets and streets of them. We live in one of them! And although they are lovely what often catches my eyes as I walk are these signs that were painted on the sides of buildings. The signs are from later times and show signs of wear:

phpCNKmabAM sign


And I like this railing where I cross the road:

phpKUiGAKAM railing

And even the post box is Victorian:

phppdKTSTAMpost box


My trip out this week will take me to London to see the Quilts at the V & A Museum. There are lots of blogs about it, and one I especially like is Susan Briscoe. She is so insightful!

The V&A have lots of information  and I enjoyed this video clip. Thanks to Samsy for pointing it out!

One thing that I do find strange is that the Curator  has been quoted as saying that she thinks the show is so successful with pre booked tickets because of the  reinterest in sewing skills due to the recession.

I think it is so successful because quilters like me have waited their whole life to get a chance to see the quilts that the V&A have never shown but we have always known were there!

 Is it surpising that we were pre booking tickets and will probably go to the show more than once!

(And will buy the book and the post cards and the fabric…. and have lunch in the cafe…. and buy more bits on my second visit…. and go to Liberty to see what they are selling ….. all in the recession)???

If you can get to the show, make the most of it as I don’t see these quilts coming out again for the next 30years!!!

Wind Blown square

Kathie wondered what the whole quilt looked like from my last post. So here it is!

phphRkHsFAMwind blown sqaure

And if you have time, go and look at the old pattern book that is being shared at Q is for Quilter. What a treat!

Cheddars Update

My Cheddars top that I have been working on was inspired by Lori and her Quilt-a-long. The top is together, the backing ang and wadding cut, so now I have the joy of deciding on the quilting.


 I maybe going down the machine quilting route, as there are a lot of seams close together, and I have a new Juki Sewing machine, and I am keen to see how it performs on the quilting front!

Here is a close up of the Cheddar fabric I choose from my stash. I didn’t have a plain one  so I used this print instead.


The bowns were from my stash, and there is a mix of bold prints along with the smaller ones. The light fabric is a ‘Little Quilts’ shirting print, which I had in two colourways, and I used both in the quilt.

 Take a look here and you can seee how others got along with theirs.

Thanks Lori for hosting the Quilt-a-long!

Happy Christmas!

We had snow this week: this was part of my back garden last Friday.

phpmC8gh8AM snow

I have been out feeding the birds most days now and they seem to be coping with snow, unlike the rest of the country here which lurches from one chaotic scene to the next! We’re just not used to it, and never really quite expect it to happen to us!

In the meantime we are heading towards Christmas and I have been doing batches of cookie baking as gifts for friends and visitors, and the odd cold delivery man who has ventured up our driveway!

Sewing wise I am working on these ‘Ninepatch and Pinwheels’ :

phpWqjhqJAM ninepatch stars and pinwheels

I started them way back in the Spring and then as with a few quilts that I start I seem to loose momentum and other things (quilts) take the lead. I am enjoying these blocks now and as everything is already cut they will be the ideal project to just sit and sew with no thought or planning!

The quilt is inspired from one in the book ‘Quilts from Virginia 1607- 1899’ (Schiffer Books). Page 91, if you have the book to hand!

Another book that you might want to have to hand is this new one from Keiko Goke:


I have admired this Japanese lady’s work for as long as I can remember and when I read this post from Jan at  Bemused I was over the moon at the chance to have another book by this amazing quiltmaker! The fabric she has designed looks great too. So my first task of the New Year will be to grapple with Amazon in Japanese and place an order at Glorious Color!

Wishing my blogging friends and readers and very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ebay Blues

A while back I saw this quilt on Ebay… and I REALLY wanted it!


Needless to say, I did not ‘win’ it. I was disappointed, but thought that one day I would sew one of my own! One day!

Then this quilt was drawn to my attention:

phpj3kciAAM ebay

This time I didn’t bother with the anguish of loosing, I just set about sewing my own! Those of you who have seen me lately will have seen me sewing the blocks, and if you want to make one with me then look out for classes in 2010 at The Quilt Room, Dorking!

Old Blocks

Some more pictures here of quilt blocks I brought when I was in Houston. I think that they will inspire some nice quilts in the distant future!

A cute Dresden Plate:

phpAu4j4dAM 1930s dresden plate


A Propeller Block (I seem to have a circular theme going here!):

php7ffYv6AM propeller

String Tulip:

phpcvIQbUAMstring tulip

‘Unknown’…..just what was this poor woman trying to sew?


This last block that I have labelled ‘Unknown’ reminds me of some great work that I have been seeing in this ‘Quilt  Along’ that’s going on at the moment. If I had some more hours in the day I would be joining in!