Pinwheel Star

Stitched this block, a Pinwheel Star:

Pinwheel star


It is from the cover of this book:

Pinwheel star

There are some wonderful quilts in this book, but the one on  the cover has always appealed.

I was really happy with the outcome but don't look too closely at the edges!

Now that is out of my system on to other more pressing issues!

Sunday Snippets

I have been looking at the exciting happenings of QuiltCon in Austin Texas this weekend. So much fun quilty stuff! 


Look at Debs post here for some interesting insights.


I would have loved to have seen the quilts of Denyse Scmidt in person and also the quilts from the book Quilts by Rodericke Kiracofe. If you have not got this book yet, what are you waiting for??? My copy is a fixture in my bedtime reading!


 And I was so pleased to see my friend Victoria won best in show with her quilt !


I like the energy that the new interest in quilting is bringing to the industry , that of the fabric world and the sewing world. It is often a case of looking back far enough to see what was done before and giving it a new tilt today. Who would have thought that Hexagons would have come back into fashion again!


While searching out  a top to be quilted from my String Quilts class, I cam across this one. I made it a while back, perhaps 20yrs ago.

It is four blue string stars with a cream one in the middle:

Made fabric1


You can see I was well into my favourite quilting design of Amish Waves even then!

The blue fabrics were from a Roberta Horton range of plaids.


Made fabric2


Here is the middle star:

Made fabric3

This quilt hung at Quilt Market in the spring show.

And here you might just be able to see that they are all set in 'Made Fabric':

Made fabric4


I used lots of cream prints from a Marsha McCloskey range called Staples.

Packed with the quilt was a book from 1997. I can remember a few of us buying it and being excited about the new ideas of sewing bits of fabric together to make new fabric. The downfall was that the fabrics used in the book were not really very exciting 🙁 :

Made fabric5


However, for a much more exciting approach for those of you who want to try out this idea now, look at Victorias book:

Made fabric6


Hope you have lots of quilting ideas this weekend, and enough time to see them sewn!

Made fabric7

My quilt in Australia!


Firstly let me get this off my chest:

Phew! I am up to date on my Grandmothers Choice

Here are the two stragglers:


bb grandmothers choice


grandmothers choice


Now my other big news, well probably bigger news really:

Here's a magazine to look out for:


carolyn forster homespun


It's the Australian magazine, Homespun, no 117, Vol 14, no. 2.

I have mentioned that one of my quilts was going to be in it, and ta da da, here it is:


Carolyn Forster homespun


The quilt is still in Australia, and should end up with Lucy of Amitie Textiles for a while. If you want the templates to cut the pieces with a rotary cutter then contact Amitie. I will have some sets too, but I have to wait a while for them to come!

Isn't the quilting world a small world!

Stitching the Blues

A bright note here to cheer up the grey weather: my quilt in Fabrications latest issue!

Split 9patch barn raising1

Doesn't it look summery? Can't wait for some blue skies and sunshine.

Have good stitching day!

Win Jelly Roll Quilts and Gifts!

Pop over to Search Press to get a chance to win a copy of my new book, Jelly Roll Quilts and Gifts!

What could be better for the New Year, than a new book!

15 Minutes of Play

At the top of my pile of books that are inspiring me at the moment is Victoria's 15 Minutes of Play. So many times I don't think I have enough time to actually create, and by reading through her book, you realise that it is all the odd minutes that can add up to something great! I love the way the quilts grow organically, and are not started with the end in sight. Too many times people want to know what it will look like before they even start!

Second in the pile is Quilts by Roderick Kirocofe. If you love the improvisational style of the Gees Bend quilts you will love this. It is a self published book of quilts from his private collection.  You order it and it is printed on demand from this site. It is so worth it! Years back I had his book on the history of quilts that is just jammed full of wonderful old quilts, lots that are not often seen.

The middle two in the pile are ones that I have wondered about getting for a long time, and now wonder what took me so long. So much inspiration and so many little ideas that just go to show that there is nothing new!

Inspiring me also has been the loan of some wonderful quilts from my friend Jill of Patchwork Dog and Basket.

Take a peek at this one:

The blank blocks have wreaths quilted in them, but what I love is the utility type quilting over the applique blocks and border:

And these shells around the edge of the wreaths:

For me to play with at the moment I have the Liberty fabrics from Fabrics Galore with a fabric friend from Eternalmaker:

They are just sitting together for a while to see what transpires!

Circle Game Finished!

A couple of years ago I started on the BOM from Jen Kingwell at Amitie Textiles in Melbourne Australia. I loved the pattern and the fabrics that came with it. However when it came down to it, I started sewing the blocks from fabric in my stash.

I hand pieced all the blocks, and then when they were square, I machine pieced them together. 

The border is a Moda 'Grunge' fabric.

Jen's quilt has semi circles in the border, but I wanted something I could finish quicker! However, it took me an age to find the 'right' fabric and then choose the 'twist and turn' setting for the quilt border.

Chris at The Quilt Room long arm quilted it for me in my favourite all over design.

If you want to sew your own Circle Game quilt, you can as the pattern book is available from the website.

The backing fabric is from the Makower range called Endo.

You won't reget it, but you might sew yours faster than me!

Woven Dreams Patchwork Quilt

Today the sun is out, well for now anyway, so I got out into the garden (through all the fallen leaves), right to the end where I could take some pictures.

We have here some shots of variations on the Woven Dreams quilt from 'Jelly Roll Quilts and Gifts'.

I love making this quilt design, it grows so fast, I now need to get quilting….. time to try out some ideas from Utility Quilting!

This first one is a setting variation of the strips. I used a similar palette to the Ripples quilt in the book.

You can see my shadow in the bottom right corner: what am I doing with my fingers when I photo things????!!!

This is the regular setting and the fabrics are an old line from Moda, called Curio by Basic Grey. It is one of my all time favourites! The woven strips are an Alexander Henry line.

And this last one is the original. 

Busy teaching week this week. Eternalmaker yesterday, The Quilt Room tomorrow and Just Between Friends on Saturday. Come and say 'Hi!' if you are passing by!

Jelly Roll Quilts and Gifts

On a day when there is no light to take pictures with this pile of books brightened my day!

Yes my latest book, Jelly Roll Quilts and Gifts has arrived and is ready for dispatch!

Those of you who have had me do a talk over the last few months have seen the quilts. Those of you who haven't, hop over to my website to see some shots from the book!


Julie Arkell Workshop

Amongst the busy summer we had, I spent some time at West Dean College with some lovely ladies all as enthused as I about Julie Arkell.

Under  her gentle guidance we stitched our worlds of flowers and rabbits, clocks and bugs!

Here's how I got on!

These are some of my inspirational fabrics:

My desk whilst working:

My pebble:

Some of my finished pieces including the rabbit and pebble as well as the a brooch and pocket watch:

It was so lovely to sit and sew and play with fabrics in a different way to my usual way of working!

Really relaxing and let your mind wonder onto other ideas!

Another way to ignite the creativity is to look out for Victoria's new book, '15 Minutes Play' out in the Autumn. I can't wait!