Summer Flying By!

Summer certainly is going by fast!

Just back from a lovely time in France, now a quick turnaround as I am off on a short course with Julie Arkell at West Dean Collage, and then a Family trip to Greece. Phew!!

France was full of the usual inspirations. This time I managed to snap up an embroidered linen sheet:

I was very close to going to a patchwork show nearby:

However we never managed to to discover where it actually was, so much to the Boys relief they were not dragged around the show!

When I got home I was very excited to see the new book from Jen at Amitie in Australia!

This looks so much fun to stitch! It was a BOM a while back, but I can see loads of new quilts being created now Jen's pattern is out as a booklet. I am already mentally selecting fabrics to stitch my blocks from.

The sunflowers are being sewn together now(see previous post), so will try to show you those before I go away, especially as today is totally sunflower weather!

Thursday Thoughts

Due to all of the rain lately, it has been really hard to get photos of quilts hanging flat. I usually do them outside on the washing line, but not lately. This morning however looked good, so we have been in and out with bundles of quilts that need flat(ish)  pictures. It has been very tiring for some:

Although he wasn't actaully carrying or hanging anything, just 'supervising'!

Another bit of sunshine in the day was the arrival of my Stash Club fabrics from Amitie in Australia. Yeah!

I have already cut up some of the fabrics for an on going project, and am now deliberating over using the rest in the block pattern that was enclosed, or choosing my own selection to sew the block in. I think I am erring towards choosing my own. Although why I am even thinking about sewing a new block I do not know, it's not as though I don't have projects coming out of my ears at the moment!!!

The postman also brought my Moo order.

Some of you may know that I have templates for various classes that I teach and some, like the Kaleidoscope Hexagon, have a whole pattern booklet to go with them.

It takes me an age to get the booklet just as I would like, and until then I don't usually sell the templates outside of the classes. But I have now had some cards made that I can put in with the templates, that gives you a nice colour picture of what the template makes and brief description on back of the block size.

So we have the Bows and Arrows quilt (or Snowball, or Marbles, or one of about a dozen names this great pattern goes by!):

And the Rose Star Hexagon One Patch:

Look out for these as I will usually have them with me at shows and in classes. ( Or if you want to stock them in your shop, get in touch! Or you don't think you will see me, just email))

The school holidays are under way over here which means a bit less stitching time. I am preparing my Quilting- on-the-Go to be handy for the odd moments I can find to fit some stitches in. See what Henhouse had to say when she tried it out!

Hope to show you my Sunflower quilt next time!

Mas D’ousvan Star

A while back I was asked to make a quilt from some simply lovely French fabrics, that are available to us over here in the UK.

Some cutting and sewing ensued:

Some laying out on the 'design floor'!

Some stitching and quilting:

And now if you would like to see the quilt in full, pop along to The Eternalmaker in Chichester, or visit them at Festival of Quilts  in August and have a free pattern sheet so you can make your own from the great fabric that they are stocking!

The pattern will also be available as a free download from Search Press later in the year. I will let you know when!

Rays of Sunshine

Well as the sun has not been very present lately it has been hard to get the outside pictures done that I need for various projects at the moment. So this morning I stitched my own sun!

As you can see it is still being quilted, and that will be finished tonight. I stopped the hand sewing when the episode of Wallander I was watching on the iplayer finished. Thought I had better go back to proper work!

This is version of a quilt I taught the other week at Threadbear. The original is from a new book I have out in the Autumn. Have peek here to see! This picture is in the making up stage, and  I did put the top together, but no picture as no sun 🙁

And these Lone Star blocks are an on going idea:

And finally, this is part of the top (now all sewn together) from the Amitie Textiles Circle Game BOM!!! Yeah! All the 16 blocks are together, I just need to find the right border. I had some contenders, but I wasn't 100% convinced, so have left it for the moment, as after all there is no rush!

And finally a ray of sunshine here for the winner of the Adorn it fabrics……..ta da da!

And the Winner is:




Kathy Doughty

One of the highlights of the Nantes show was that Kathy Doughty from Material Obsession in Australia was visiting.

She has a new book out with Quiltmainia.

Kathy's quilts just always contain such a wonderful selection of fabrics:

Talking to one of the many visitors to her Maison at the show:

And here in her class on Friday showing us how and where to place the templates for different effects the fabric would give:

These are a few of the completed blocks from the afternoon:

Left to Right- David, sorry don't know your name, me, lady from Hagen Waagenmakers, Holland.

We could choose from pre selected fabric packs, and as ever it was interesting to see how people put the fabrics together. David had the same pack as me. His block was great, it made me think of a New York skyline in his fabric selection!

And this was Kathy's quilt from a great Denyse Schmidt line:

And needless to say, the book is just great, get yours ordered now!

Stitching the ideas

Sometimes whilst I stitch one thing the idea for something else is working it's way through my mind, and then I have to have break from one thing to put those ideas into practice!

I have been wondering about embroidering labels for my quilts with cross stitch.

I got some 'waste canvas', and had a go:

I have not sewn cross stitch for years, and I found it very refreshing to do something new for a change!

And once the threads are pulled…..!

Then I stitched this block:

It is from an antique quilt. After a few miss calculations I got the proportions and the maths right for rotary cutting and this little sample hit the mark. This block will be something I think I will be working with in the future.

And this block, well in the book it was pieced! That seemed too much for me, so I appliqued it:

I have seen the block in a number of Japanese quilts. It is called Morning Glory.

I adapted the pattern from the one in the book by Suzuko Koseki, called 'Playful Patchwork'.

It seemed like a good block to sew this weekend with all of the lovely spring sunshine!

Out of the Blue Stitching

Well, even though there are other things that have priority in my stitching time at the moment, I could not resist starting a quilt from the scraps left from the Give Away!

The range is Blue form Makower. I like it when the name of the range is simple!!

And those of you who know I am big fan of Gwen Marston, will be as excited as me to see she has anew book coming out. Check out her website!

I must start saving my pennies!

Utility Quilting Tour Draw!

Thanks so much for all of the great comments.

I hope you all had fun seeing the other blogs and seeing what the book had inspired!

So without further ado, I shall reveal that the draw winner was comment no. 252

This was Gill, who wrote 

Congratulations on your book! I'm looking forward to seeing snippets from it on the tour!

Just to say I added the comments from the second post on to the original, as there had been a glich. So everyone who commented got a chance!

And in keeping with the Utility tour, I was in one of my most favourite places yesterday teaching a Utility Quilting class.

I was in Lewes at Patchwork Dog and Basket. They have a great new space for classes, roomy and light.

As ever, some students I had met before, one of whom was Walter.

He was good enough to let me see the finished quilt from a class he did with me a while back. This is his Hidden Stars Quilt.

Doesn't it look great!

And here are a few shots of the day:

Have a quilty weekend!

Utility Quilting Blog Tour!

Well if you are here for the tour, let's get down to business!

Each day a great blog author will be telling you why they think my new book is a good idea for you to have on your book shelf.

At the end of the tour if you have left a comment on my blog I will be doing a drawing  for this bundle of goodies:

Utility Quilting

Valdani Cotton Pearl no12

Bohin Betweens needles size 5


a bundle of Makower's latest fabric line.

I will send world wide, so everyone will get a chance!

Here is the list so you will know where to go each day:

21st February, Elizabeth at Broderie

22nd February, Lucy or Jen at Amitie Textiles or Amitie Girl

23rd February, Lori at Humble Quilts

24th February, Kathie at Inspired by Antique Quilts

27th February, Mary at Molly Flanders

28th February, Nicky at Mrs Sew and Sow

29th February, Jane at  Sew Create it

If you have left a comment with me  by the end , I will do the drawing on March 2nd!

It will be fun to travel around the world to visit with these inspiring quilters!

What will you be sewing while we travel?

I have been working on a Quilting-on-the-Go Spools quilt, but no pictures just yet! Sorry for the tease!

I do however have pictures of a quilt I have been hand piecing for a little while, 'Boxed in Diamonds' I think it is called:

It has been growing from the centre outwards, and I am so surprised at how big it has gotten in a short space of time!

Creative Mojo!

Well, I definitely had my 15 minutes of fame (or nerves!) this week, when I got to chat with Mark Lipinski and Linda Lum Debono on the Creative Mojo radio show.

Listen in HERE to see how it went. I am in the first half of the show.

Mark and Linda were both so nice, and I even had a phone in caller comment on what we were talking about!

After I calmed down from that we had five minutes of sunshine in the garden the next day and I took some pictures of a little quilt I made last autumn as a combination of both my books and one of my patterns… very creative mojo!

I used the block from Japanese Stars and Lanterns, added frames (as per Quilting-on-the-Go) and then Big stitch and Tied the top (as per Utility Quilting).

Have a look and see what you think:

I used the Valdani pearl cotton no12 for the stitching and the no5 for the tying. Have a look here at the cute box of threads they do to go with the book! And the needles I use are the Bohin Betweens size 5.

Stop by the blog on Sunday as it is the start of the blog tour, and I will let you have the schedule! There will a give away at the end, too!