Phew! I don’t seem to have stopped this past week, and yet I haven’t much to show for it! My sewing machine  (I work on a Bernina 1080) stopped stitching mid way through a project. I put it on the floor and kept up the stitching on my Pfaff (Classic Style Home). Then when I was trimming the work, I knicked the cable to the Bernina with my rotary cutter! So when I took the Bernina to be fixed I had to admit to a cut in the cable and ask for that to be replaced! Ugh!

So here is a picture of my second little toy sewing machine(no cable to knick on these!). It is an Essex. I wish I looked as industrious as the girl on the box!!

phpyjggucAM essex machine

To keep calm I have had some Ebay therapy and now have a copy of the Safford and Bishop book , American Quilts and Coverlets.Or I will when it arrives. You know how it is, you finish browsing the antique quilts, so you might as well move on to the books, and the next thing you know…….:-)

And in the same vein I have signed up for the Material Obsession BOM. I was pushed over the edge when I saw how Amy was getting on with hers. I have loved the quilts that Sue Ross sews when you get to see bits on the MO web site, so really I don’t know why I had waited! It looks like my precise piecing skills will be put to the test when I start sewing though, unlike when I sew the String Stars……they still look great when the bits don’t match! (A close up here for you to see the fabrics Kathie).

phpZKjbkxAM close up string star

Improved 9-patch


I’m off to the post office to mail my quilt up to Kaleidoscope who will be at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham this August. So even though I will not be able to make it myself this year my quilt will be able to enjoy it! And I know my quilt will be in good hands, as I’ve known Susan and her Mum for ages from all the shows that they do with their great books and fabrics. When I started out with my first book, they were so supportive, which really meant a lot!

This quilt is the Improved 9-patch block, and is so easy , but so effective as a showcase for scraps!


I hand quilted it in the all over pattern called ‘wine glass’ or ‘tea cup’.

I do love these all over quilting designs, yet not often seen today. It’s a shame as they are so easy and quick to quilt!

Flying X

Today I am going to finish keep sewing(!) my ‘Flying X’ quilt top. It is one I have seen in the book Old Patchwork Quilts and the Women Who Made Them, by Ruth E. Finley (Introduction by Barabara Brackman). It has caught my eye every time I glance through this book, so it was about time that I did something about it!


I used to look through a copy of this book when I was at college as it was in the library and when the new edition came out I was excited to be able to have my own copy. The quilt itself does not have a lot of information about sizes ,or even a color picture, so I have made up the  block size myself based on quater square triangles sewn from 5″ charm squares.



I really like the idea of the 1930’s prints with all the white calico around them!

And don’t forget to look at Tonya’s tutorial for the Baptist fan quilting. Although she does it with thick thread and Big Stitch, the principle is the same for regular fine hand quilting! Give it a try!

Hour Glass Quilt

I have been brave enough to comment on some great blogs. I know, that sounds ridiculous! But I only wanted to comment if I felt I was actually contibruting to the dialogue, and also sometimes the actual process of the commenting has defeated me, it has taken soooo long, that I wondered if it was worth it! But three blogs seem to have caught  my attention lately, and I have commented, and these lovely ladies even took the time to reply! I was really flattered that they take the time….. so if you have not been there yet, take a peek at the ladies lovely blogs:

Amy, Kathie and Amandajean. Have fun!

Here is another book that I find full of lovely old quilts to inspire me:


And in the book, this quilt caught my attention:


All it actually says about this quilt is : Childs Quilt 1850.

So not a lot about size, so I made up my own! I think that this is another of those blocks that is so very under rated, but makes beautiful quilts and shows off great fabric, just like Amys Economy Blocks. This is the Hourglass block.


And this is the subsequent quilt! Enjoy!


Sage Bud Quilt

Lots of the quilts that I sew find their origins in books of old quilts. So I have a lot of books!

One such book is Plain and Fancy by Anita Schorsch that my friend Jennifer gave me many years ago.


In this book there are some lovely old quilts from the Pennsylvanian Germans, and this one took my fancy:


This quilt is called Nine-patch, which it is I suppose , but the 9-patches are actually Sage Bud blocks sewn from calico and the background of the block is in a print. I really like this reversal of the fabrics, so there is more calico than print in the quilt. A great way to make our favourite fabrics go further!

I have started my version, but I am not in a rush!



Scraps and Shirttails!

I meant to be doing important stuff before I go away later this week, but I am easily distracted! Usually when I putting off things I do a bit more sewing, but in this instance I am reading this booK. It has some great ideas and metods to sew some great quilts! And if you order it from Bonnie she will sign it for you, how cool is that!