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As some of you might have noticed I have not blogged lately. can you buy viagra over the counter at walmart

Something of an understatement I know.


I have been on Instagram, so I know some of you have kept up with me there. Check it out if you haven’t already, it is fun. Just press the button and it will take you there. cialis coupon

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So given I have not been here in a while, things seem to have changed. So, in the spirit of experimentation, here are some pictures of a recent WIP. Gives you an idea of the trials of outdoor photography to try and get the best light, but not wanting a breeze!

IMG_3804 generic viagra







There will be more frequent posts once more, I promise. Look out for one soon where I have some free tickets for the Festival of Quilts coming up in August! Yeah!!!

Dashwood Studios: Fly Away Collection

dashwood liitle quilts2I was lucky enough to have some samples of the lovely ‘Fly Away’ collection from Dashwood Studios arrive last week. Just in time to make some little quilts to be photographed for a book that will coming out next spring, I think.

Such nice fabrics, ask for them in your local quilt shops. I am sure you will want to stitch some little quilts too, or even something a lot bigger!

They arrived along with some of the voile fabric that I ordered, more on that next time!

Start with Stars


Today my son went back to school as a Sixth Former, so it must mean that my teaching for the autumn must be starting off too!


To give you a taste, and to show you some quilts from one of my favourite classes, here are some lovely quilts all made from my Beginners Class at The Quilt Room in Dorking.

start with stars xx1




I love how they all look so different.

start with stars xx2



It is great hearing why people choose their colours and fabrics.

start with stars xx3



And lovely to here who or where the quilt is now destined for.

start with stars xx5


start with stars xxx1




This last one is mine. I think each time I teach this class I am tempted to sew yet another version for myself !

start with stars xxxx1


So if you feel inspired to stitch a quilt this autumn, go and look at the list of great classes on the website for The Quilt Room, and who knows I might be meeting you in the near future!

Happy New Year!

The period between Christmas and the new Year proved to be quite productive.

I started out just trying to tidy my sewing room. Then projects came to light that had floundered for one reason or another.

So I ended up putting the finishing touches to around five projects in one way or another. Mostly it meant completing the top, but for one or two it meant the quilting and binding also, so a real finish!

The boxed diamonds is now finished and pressed.

The Applique from Patchwork Dog and Basket has borders and is all appliquéd .

And here are a couple of other projects that I worked on.

The weather has been pretty grey and wet making the taking of pictures outside no realistic option. So here are a couple of the tops on my floor!


This is a Summer Top which was inspired by and antique quilt I have. It is quilt as you go but with no batting. I had always thought I would make this larger, but now am pleased with it as a table throw for the summer in the garden. I know I will work on another but not as close to the original as this one was.

carolyn forster quilts




The binding is now cut and ready to press, so this will be finished by the end of the week!




This is a block of the week I did from the Barbara Brackman site last year. I think it finished in September time. I have never made a sampler quilt and put all the blocks together with now sashing or the like. This was great chance to do that. I am so pleased with it! Have still not completed an appliqué block  in the corner though!




And this last one is my scrappy Triangles I cut on my Sizzix. I had basically sewn the top and then decided it needed to be larger. I was just not happy with the size. So it was just more sewing to make it bigger:



Hope you all had time for stitching over the break?

Grandmothers Choice Final Blocks


Grandmothers choice




bb finish6








bb finish7




bb finish8




bb finish1




bb finish2




bb finish3




bb finish4




A bit of a rush of a post as I have some technical issues with getting pictures off of the camera at the moment and no patience or time to sort it out before we go on our holidays! Sorry!


Here are the last Barabara Brackman Grandmothers Choice BOW.

So now we have the fun of setting them all together.


Should be back in September.

Two things to draw your attention to on the blog, The Facebook button and the Flickr button. For those of you who dabble in these areas it will be great to see you there!

And this amazing button:





Yes I will be at Quilt Festival and Market this year, so it will be great to meet you!

Any questions about classes that you are signing up for with me, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Happy Stitching, Carolyn

Quilt Market, Portland Part 2 ( and some thoughts)

Here are some more pictures from market in no particular order.

And if you get to the bottom of the post some of my thoughts on Market this spring.

Loved this stitching on a cushion in the Echino booth:

Quilt Market Portland 111


Fun quilt there too in the linen:

Quilt Market Portland 112


Excited by these fabrics from Cocca, Japan:

Quilt Market Portland 113


The Westminster/Freespirit booth was a constant buzz. This is Denyse Schmidt's new fabric for the Fall:

Quilt Market Portland 114


My book signing for United Notions. I took a couple of the quilts from Jelly Roll Quilts and Gifts to brighten up the table: 

Quilt Market Portland 115

In action:

Quilt Market Portland 116

This quilt from the Tina Givens fabric line was tied in orange wool, so fun:

Quilt Market Portland 117


'Wish' voile by Valorie Wells. She had the softest quilt made from this line. Guess what I will be ordering!

Quilt Market Portland 118


In conclusion, Market is always fun and it is great catch up with friends and meet new ones. My favourite fabrics were from Wesminster/Freespirit and Art Gallery fabrics. Their lines are so rich and vibrant.

The designers that stood out were the ones not trying to please everyone. Some of the booths seemed to try too hard in my opinion to show the fabric doing too much. This led to a lot of the booths looking very similar even though they were different designers. 

This was also because so many were using so much white (to be modern) with their lines that any impact was lost really. It reminded me of the adage that 'if you cut any fabric up small enough it will look good.' Lots of the lines were lost in the white, so could have been anything.

I think that is why the things that did stand out were the ones were saturated in the fabric.

It is interesting to see what is happening in the industry and where it might be heading.

At the moment, to me it looks very reactive.

For me it is more exciting when it is proactive.

Don't get me wrong, there is lots happening out there, and there will be great new fabrics for one and all to be stitching with.  But no line in the near future that will get me ditching my stash in favour of it!

Quilt Festival Houston 2013


As many of you know I attend Quilt Market in the USA usually twice a year. I am currently preparing to be in Portland, OR in May.

I have been here a couple of times before, and am looking forward to the latest visit. Fingers crossed I will meet up with Lori! Yeah!

Quilt Market is a great Trade show, I get to catch up with some friends, (including Jennifer, Victoria and Jen)  and spend time with Landauer my publisher. I should say this is all work, but boy, is it fun too!

However, this year I will also be at Quilt Festival following on from Market this fall!

As, you might have guessed, I will be teaching!

I am so excited!

Over the next few weeks I will be letting you see which quilts and projects we will be stitching.

At market I do some take and Teach sessions which is a great way for me to spend time with shop owners, but now at Festival I get to spend time with the folks who shop in the shops! Well people like me really, I shop in the shops!!!

Look out on Quilts Inc to see when the catalogue is out, to see how much fun stuff goes on there.

And as this has been quite a 'linky' post, here are some shots of a String Quilt Project I stitched last week:

string star7


I just love the way everything gets stitched together from so many past quilts:


string star6


These are my usual 6in blocks sewn on a Vilene (Pellon) foundation, and in this case machine quilted in hanging diamonds:


string sewing

Sizzix Blog Hop: Spring Wreath


sizzix blog hop1


For those of you who have not stopped by before, I hope you enjoy seeing the sorts of things I stitch!

For my Spring Project I used the Plain Leaves Die. For all the patchwork dies, I am used to cutting my fabric with the Sizzix, but for the appliqué that I do I use the die to help me design the finished project and then to cut all the shapes from Freezer Paper! The Plain Leaves gives me one of my favourite applique shapes. There are endless ways to make great applque with this shape.

When I started to think about all the possiblities that this leaf shape offered, I cut shapes to play with from coloured craft paper. I choose to use the Large leaf (you get two sizes on the Die).  Cutting the leaves from craft paper easily on the machine really opens up the ease of designing!

sizzix blog hop s07

Here are some of my ideas:

sizzix blog hop s05


sizzix blog hop s04


sizzix blog hop s01


I decided on a wreath of reds and pinks cut from my scraps with a green stem.

sizzix blog hop s15


For this project I needed:

Background Fabric, 20in square ( I used Moda Essential Dots)

Wadding/Batting, 22in square

Backing , 22in square

Freezer paper to cut 29 large leaves

Red and pink fabric scraps

Green fabric for the stem, 1 1/4in wide, 36in long, cut on the bias

Binding for the mat, 2 1/2in wide, 90in long (three strips cut from the width of the fabric)

To begin:

1) Cut the fabric for the background and press into quaters and diagonally. This will help you with placement.

2) Cut the freezer paper on your Sizzix.

sizzix blog hop s11


sizzix blog hop s12

sizzix blog hop s13


3) Make the circle for the wreath stem by joining the bias strip to form a continuous loop. Then fold wrong sides together into thirds, and either tack/baste down the centre by hand or, I use the largest stitch on the sewing machine. This will easily pull out later.

sizzix blog hop s16


4) Position the circle on the background fabric. I often use a plate to help centre this! Pin with the raw edge side down. Applique in place. Remove the tacking.

sizzix blog hop s18


5) Prepare the leaves. Iron the shiny side of the paper to the wrong side of the fabrics, allowing enough room to cut them out and adding the seam allowance.

sizzix blog hop s19


6) Turn the seam allowance over to the back of the shape and tack in position. The freezer paper shapes cut on the Sizzix gives a nice crisp finish!

sizzix blog hop s20


8) Pin the leaves around the stem. I have 10 in the centre and 19 around the outside. Applique down starting on a curved side, not on a point. Remove the tacking and the freezer paper before the last half inch of the shape is sewn down.

sizzix blog hop s21

9) Once the applique is complete layer with the batting and backing fabric. I quilted around all of the appliqué. I filled the background in, by dividing it into quarters, and filling each section with lines marked 1in apart. You can see this here on the back of the piece .

sizzix blog hop6


10) When quilted you can trim the backing and batting and then sew on the binding. I use  2 1/2in strips, that you can cut on the sizzix, folded wrong side together and pressed to make a double fold binding.

sizzix blog hop3


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To make the week even more exciting, you can enter this exclusive competition to get started with your patchwork and quilting adventure….. CLICK HERE to enter! The closing date is 28th March at 10am GMT.

Sizzix Stash Buster

Having been on a bit of a roll with my scrappy trip around from Bonnie's site, I started with a vengeance on some more fabrics that have been sitting around a while.

I was pleased to see that the Triangle Die  from Sizzix worked with 5in charm squares, so I started cutting a whole batch of those first. When they were all done, I started on the yardage and fat quarters. I cut the strips for the Big Shot 5in wide and fed them through until they were nothing but triangles!

This is what I have to show for it so far:



With the snowy weather around this weekend, looks like I should have lots of sewing time!

Hopefully I will get my scrappy trip together as all 36 blocks are sewn!