Scraps of Stitching

Thanks to everyone who commented about the EPP.

To put you out of your misery, the Random Number Thingy came up with number 18! This means Jackie Doyle  whose comment was: 

I am doing some EPP at the moment using hexagons, it is very relaxing. The cutting out of the fabric and papers takes the longest time. Great fabric!

has won!

Email me your address Jackie and I will get the fabrics out to you.

I have gotten my hexagon flowers that I cut on the Sizzix all ready to go with me to Jersey next week. I am excited to be teaching over there, so I get to meet new quilters and see a new place. I am already packing so that I remember everything!

In the meantime my stitching week has been motivated by my friend Victoria. She is a busy lady, but still found time to make  a quilt from donated blocks for a friends friend. When I read she wanted blocks, I thought I didn't really have time. And then I thought 'if Victoria has the time to put this together and quilt it, then surely I have time to sew one block!' So still in my dressing gown (yes, this was before breakfast!!) I sat and sewed a block, and had it read yo to post when I took out Bosco later that morning…..and yes I was dressed by then!

Here's what I made:

Can you spot it in Victoria's quilt?

They were not my usual choice of colours, but I really enjoyed working with something a bit different.

Victoria then blogged about how she was stitching in a different way to re-jig her creativity. This got me thinking that I hadn't sewn a string quilt in a while, and I love doing them!

So I got out my light scraps (I have bag of lights and one of darks) and got sewing!

And the rest of my sewing this week has looked like this:



I still have more to do, but I am enjoying this sooo much. Just picking fabric randomly you come up with such unexpected combinations of print and colour!

So liberating!

Are you sewing anything different this week?

Marcia Derse Fabrics!

Look what the postman delivered!

Kansas City, Spring Quilt Market


I was at Quilt Market last weekend to promote my books and especially Utility Quilting. This really seems to be hitting a chord with people, so if you think you want quick simple ways to had quilt, stitches and designs, then check it out! Have a look over at Karin's blog to see a picture of me in action!

One of the best bits of news from Quilt Market this spring was that Liberty cotton will be out in August! Yeah!

Just look at all of the clours. We are hoping for Charm packs, so let them know if you think that would work!

I had another chance to meet Marcia Derse and see her great fabrics:

Check out her website as you can buy directly from her, so no wondering how to get hold of the great fabrics!

And Lotta Jans Dotter had a new line, Bella! Had to have that. And so I thought you might like some too.

I  will do a give away for the bag and the 5 fat quaters  below:

I think this has a nice summery feel, so tell me your thoughts on sewing in the garden! I will do a drawing next Friday.

Enjoy the sun!


Utility Quilting Tour Draw!

Thanks so much for all of the great comments.

I hope you all had fun seeing the other blogs and seeing what the book had inspired!

So without further ado, I shall reveal that the draw winner was comment no. 252

This was Gill, who wrote 

Congratulations on your book! I'm looking forward to seeing snippets from it on the tour!

Just to say I added the comments from the second post on to the original, as there had been a glich. So everyone who commented got a chance!

And in keeping with the Utility tour, I was in one of my most favourite places yesterday teaching a Utility Quilting class.

I was in Lewes at Patchwork Dog and Basket. They have a great new space for classes, roomy and light.

As ever, some students I had met before, one of whom was Walter.

He was good enough to let me see the finished quilt from a class he did with me a while back. This is his Hidden Stars Quilt.

Doesn't it look great!

And here are a few shots of the day:

Have a quilty weekend!

Start with Stars

Teaching for 2012 kicked off with a great start this last weekend with ladies at Three Bridges, Crawley stitching 'Japanese Bag of Squares'. A busy day, with most ladies stitching all four bags – Well done!

This Wednesday 'Start with Stars' begins at The Quilt Room Dorking. And to get you in the mood for that, this is what the ladies from the course at the end of 2011 made:

Well done Ladies!

And on Friday, the Spring Quilt Show is at Ardingly. So come and say 'Hi!'

What a great quilting start to 2012!

Merry Christmas and Seasonal Greetings!

Well at this busy time of year I have spent a few moments winding down, and treating myself to a little something that I could quite happily be sewing with in the New Year!


This twinlkly little bundle of fabric came from HERE, and were created by the lovely and talented Karen over at Blueberry Park! So yummy, Thanks, Karen!

In the meantime though we will be taking  a break over the holidays and I hope to see you all in the New Year!

If you would like something to browse through, those of you who are waiting for 'Utility Quilting' to wend its way to the UK, have a look here.

Don't forget to find time for some relaxing stitching! And, yes, Bosco is thinking hard about that design on the floor!

New Project

I have been cutting up my Malka Dubrawsky fabric from Moda for a 'Diamonds and Square' quilt:

And I thought you might like to see some pictures I took of an old quilt I have, a Sanderson Star. Pippa is doing research into these quilts and asked if anyone had examples. I think the results will be really interesting.

From thr cream border:

A corner motif:

From the star points:

The Star:

Happy Thanks Giving!

Houston: Utility Quilting!

As much as there are great fabrics, booths, quilts and antique quilts to see at Fall Market, I try to remember that I am there for work!

Even though that work involved talking to people about quilting! I had a slot on the Landauer booth each day to chat to people about the books I have out, and sign copies, which is always fun. And call me slow, but it took me nearly two days before I realised that the front of their catalogue for this season is my new book cover! Talk about flattered!


Then I got to talk and sign books on the Checker booth (go and check out their newsletter post about me here), and another day on the E.E.Schenck booth.

It is great that people take the time to queue and to chat. There were folks from all over the US and Canada, and then some from Australia too! 

I did a school House presentation the day before Market opens, and I did a 'Take and Teach' one morning before market opens! Yes we pack a lot into the day! I was even mentioned in Generation Q and their Market Round up of School House, here!

I met up with the lovely Jennifer from Amite Textiles in Australia, and her daughter Lucy! They are such lovely people, and so creative! I am pleased to say I have now finished the blocks for their Circle Game BOM, and now have surrounds to work on.

And I met up with Tony and Linsey from Victorian Textiles in Melbourne, Australia. This was great as they now stock my Kaleidoscope Hexagon pattern, and they have the Valdani threads and Bohin needles that are used in the Utility Quilting book!

And here is a lovely example of a Kaleidoscope Hexagon quilt, this one courtesy of Cindy's  Antique Quilts!


It was awful to see the scale of the disaster in Japan last week.

I was amazed as well that even though it is so far away I seemed to have a lot of friends with friends over there, either families or work colleges.

And I expect most of us have fabric in our stash that has been printed or cut in Japan!

Hopefully as things get better it will become clearer who best we can help the people of this inspiring country. 

In the meantime, The British Red Cross has a fund for Japanese Aid for those who can contribute.

Out of Touch

Hi! Sorry for the lack of activity, but my laptop came up with the 'blue screen of death' last Tuesday!

It has taken a while to work out the recovery of all of the data, and now we need to wipe clean and start again!

To add to all this I am changing over to a Mac. In the meantime I am on my sons Mac, and slowly getting the hang of it. But I have no files  yet, so normal service is still pending!

Hang in there, it has been a loooong week for me!