Sewing Tangent

Usually I sew quilts, and more quilts: all my ideas are for quilts. I really enjoy sewing quilts. However, sometimes I get sidetracked into bits and pieces that are not quilts. To be honest I love alll the bits and bobs that can be sewn from fabric. Mandy Shaw does great things, and I always say I really need to make the time to sew these covetable trinkets! But I never get around to it. The most sewing I do that is not for a quilt is when I teach children to sew. They want something they can finish in the alotted time and take home complete (well, don’t we all!!), so I do all my bits and pieces for them.

This is one of the flock of birds we made last year at Puddleducks in Sevenoaks:

black bird

This week we are sewing ‘the owl and the pussy cat’, and sending them to sea in a beautiful pea green boat is optional!