Utility Quilting Blog Tour!

Well if you are here for the tour, let's get down to business!

Each day a great blog author will be telling you why they think my new book is a good idea for you to have on your book shelf.

At the end of the tour if you have left a comment on my blog I will be doing a drawing  for this bundle of goodies:

Utility Quilting

Valdani Cotton Pearl no12

Bohin Betweens needles size 5


a bundle of Makower's latest fabric line.

I will send world wide, so everyone will get a chance!

Here is the list so you will know where to go each day:

21st February, Elizabeth at Broderie

22nd February, Lucy or Jen at Amitie Textiles or Amitie Girl

23rd February, Lori at Humble Quilts

24th February, Kathie at Inspired by Antique Quilts

27th February, Mary at Molly Flanders

28th February, Nicky at Mrs Sew and Sow

29th February, Jane at  Sew Create it

If you have left a comment with me  by the end , I will do the drawing on March 2nd!

It will be fun to travel around the world to visit with these inspiring quilters!

What will you be sewing while we travel?

I have been working on a Quilting-on-the-Go Spools quilt, but no pictures just yet! Sorry for the tease!

I do however have pictures of a quilt I have been hand piecing for a little while, 'Boxed in Diamonds' I think it is called:

It has been growing from the centre outwards, and I am so surprised at how big it has gotten in a short space of time!

Snow Sewing

 I was spurred on to finish this which has been on my floor all week.

It sort of makes me think about how the bits of colour are highlighted when the snow comes.

Rather than everything being white, you notice the colours you can see more.

After last weeks excitement of being talked about on a podcast, some of you might like to know that I will be talking in person next week on Mark Lipinski's radio show, 'Creative Mojo' !!!! Check it out over here.

I am going to be talking about the new Utility Quilting book. 

Mark always has so much energy, I feel sure I will feel it from across the Pond! I need to focus on the time difference though, to make sure I am not in my PJ's when the big moment comes!

(And Nicky , that is all I have to say!)

At the end of February there will be more great stuff to hear about the book, but not from me. Yes, I am sorting a small Blog Tour, so you can hear what some other people have to say about the book!

Hang in  there!

In the meantime go over to Barbara's blog to see how she is getting on with stitching the Court House Step quilt from the book! Great Job Barbara!

Antique Quilt Display

Jill at 'The Patchwork Dog and Basket' in Lewes generously shared  her collection of antique quilts in a lovely display in the vaults of the Needlemakers where her great shop is. This display was part of the arts festival held around Lewes.

Here is a taste of what we saw.

1930's stars:


1930' Periwinkle:


Hexgons' from the late 1800's:


Hexagons from the early 1800's!


A view of the room:

I'll show more another time! Thanks Jill!

Tumblers and Kaleidoscope Hexagon Quilt

Kathie mentioned in her post yesterday (2nd June), a tumbler quilt template that I have in the Kaleidoscope Hexagon pattern that I sell. And in doing so we discovered that I have not got the pattern on my website yet! Sorry, things will be updated in the Summer!

I mentioned the pattern for the quilt in a previous blog post here.

This is the quilt that I made from the pieces left over form the quilt, I used to sew this tumbler quilt:

The pattern is available from me in the UK at £10-95, and in the US direct from Landauer. at $18-95. The pattern book includes the rotary cutting templates!

Phew! Two posts in one day is a bit of a record!

Thanks Kathie for pointing this out!


There have been a couple of quilts that people are sewing on-line that I have enjoyed looking at, and this week I have sewn exploratory blocks, not to make the whole quilt, but just to see how I feel now that I have had a go!

This first one is from a quilt in the Tokyo Quilt show this year. You can see it here. Bad skirt blog also has a tutorial, but I just based my blocks on a 2in grid, so it is slightly bigger!

I also liked this variation, as I shuffled the bits around before sewing it together!

The other block I have seen a lot of lately is the Union Jack! I even saw some sewing patterns for sale for this at Quilt Market!

I made mine from 'Lily's Quilts' website tutorial here.

Thanks Girls for the great tutorials!

And last but not least, take a look at this exhibition in the US if you are remotely drawn to hexagon quilts. Many of you know I sew mine really large, I mean with big shapes to make them grow fast, but I still love looking at the intricate ones!

Click here, and scroll down to see all of the quilts!

Have a good weekend!

Intricate Blocks

I stitched this tryout block from the Jinny Beyer book of Blocks . The pattern pieces were in the QNM for Feb/March 2011 I think.

I made it by hand, as I often find this quicker for a one off. I love it, but I think it needs to be bigger. This one measures 12" accross the middle. It is called 'The Gay Comos'.

For some hints and tips on how simple it is to hand piece, check out the Minnock and Simpson blog as Laurie is hand piecing some 8 point stars. How relaxing is that in front of a good film!

It is a bit like the blocks from the George II quilt from the V and A show last year. I know they were round, but this has that same sort of intracy about it.

Those of you who admired the quilt might like to know that Marta, a Spainish quilter has started to draught the blocks, and has the pattern to download. Check out her site here! I have a copy of the pattern with all the best intentions….!

It will be great to see how she gets on, and if others have a go!

Whilst it was snowing!

Sorry to those of you who I missed when we cancelled the workshop last Wednesday because of the snow.

I am trying to get the pictures off the camera, but the technology is not happening at the moment, so my pictures of snow and antique blocks that I got in the US will have to wait a day or two.

In the meantime my friend Jennifer sent me some pictures from the Take and Teach that I did at the Quilt Market in Houston.

In full flow!

The funniest thing was that these two ladies at the front were from Holland! I had read about one, Isabeau in Quiltmania, and the other had a blog that I look at! It was so great to meet them!

Go and see what Meester has to say about the show! It was also funny as Jennifer who was helping me has connections to Holland and had been over there in the Summer. What a small world!

For a good account of what shop owners get up to, read what Anna has to say over at The Eternalmakers blog!

Having seen the pictures on Meesters blog about the book signing of the 'A History of Dutch Quilts' at Festval I finally ordered my own copy. It is just lovely, so inspiring! The quilts and the fabrics are great, simlpe shapes and beautiful fabrics. If you need to add something to your Chrismas list, I suggest that this is it! I got mine here.

Just to let you know!

My Take and Teach at Quilt Market in Houston this year is based on my new Kaliedoscope Hexagon pattern. But don't worry we are not sewing the whole quilt, just having a taster with a pincushion!

So if you are over there register and come along! It is on Monday 1st November, class 501.

And for those of you, closer to home I am starting a regular class ain Bells Yew Green, Tunbridge Wells in January 2011.

Email me for details! It's a Monday morning, 9-15am to 12-15pm

Slow Poke Quilters


I am often asked about the number of quilts that I sew, and the answer is really that I love the process.

Yes I love the finished quilts, but really I like the whole planning, fabric selection and the stitching part of the quilt! And the other day I came across a button over here. Which is for people like me to proudly admit that we like the process!

And although I am busy stitching here I don't seem to have been very handy with the camera!

So here are some very good shots (not taken by me, but by Colin!) of my Kaliedoscope Hexagon quilt that will be my new pattern in the Autumn.

Enjoy! Whether it's the stitching or the looking!

Pre Market Crunch!

I read this in a email to me today and thought ‘Couldn’t that be the name of some sort of dessert?’

Unfortunately it isn’t.  It is just a phrase to let each other know that things still need doing for Quilt Market next week, and time is running out!

I sent a quilt off this week for Makower made from thei new Katie Hana range. This will be in their booth, and I made some little pincushions which will look good on the desks of the booth with the quilt hanging in the background. If you are coming to the show, or have local shop owners attending, tell them to look out for it!.

phpHJQOUDAMkatie hana

And as neat and tidy as this picture may look, the other end of the table looks like this:


Yes, I still have a bit to do for my School House and demos on the Landauer booth! And I have lots of lists to keep me on track as things pop into my mind. But I know from experience that it all works out in the end!