Spring Greens

We moved the clocks forward yesterday, so for a brief moment we have lost and hour! Just think what I could have done in that hour! I will have to save that activity and do it in the hour when we move the clocks back again in the Autumn. So now it is Summer Time and Spring is here. There is a lot of greenery fighting through in the garden, including this Thyme plant. Getting bushier by the day!


That yellowy green has been a favourite for many years, and over those years I have collected some great fabrics in those colours.


phpGXQr7AAMspring greens

And yesterday seemed the perfect time to use them in a fresh quilt for the Spring!

phpgXiO2cAM spring stars

This will be a great quilt to finish off with some Tying and Big Stitch quilting. If you’ve not yet tried this then look out for a class, and find out how quick you can quilt your quilts. There is a new one day class at The Wandering Line in Purley, Surrey  on Tuesday 13th May. So if you are in the area, book the date and come along!

This Weeks Sewing (for want of a better title!)

There is lots going on here in the sewing room ( well, isn’t there in everyones, I hear you say?) So here is what I have done this week:


The Ninepatch Pinwheels have gone together to give a nice fresh spring like quilt. Although the weather here is set for  a bit more snow I have seen spring like tips of daffodils peeking through the grass.

If you are in need of a bit of quilting inspiration and the company of other quilters coming out of hiberation, then come along to the quilt show a Ardingly  29th to 31st January to see some quilts and shop. Come and Say ‘Hi!’ to me as I will be there too!

Or if you want something to look forward to later in the year I am teaching in France in September. Doesn’t the thought of some warm sun, being catered for all week and some sewing just appeal right now!

I made this little block this week and although I love it, the colours are what I am seeing in the sky right now. It would be nice if the sun came through, just to remind us what it looked like!


If you want to see some colour, go over to Sarah London. I just want to crochet everything I see on her site! Because it’s not like I have anything to sew around here!!

On the Bright side…..

Well, we are sort of getting used to the snow. Apart from the obvious inconveniences that people are facing, I still quite like the snow! I know some people are experiencing difficulties with getting along with daily lives, but I have to confess that we are lucky in where we live as I can walk to most places, and I can work from home. So apart from the feeding (constantly) and entertaining of my son, and trying to encourage a bit of home study (as the school suggested!), I have sewn. A Lot.And ordered fabric. And ordered a book.

The book was the new one by Keiko Goke, and as Amy suggested I got it from Yes Asia, which worked very quickly. So I am being inspired by Keiko’s beautiful work each night as I read it in bed! (And I ordered some of her fabric from Glorious Colour which is on its way, but I see she has a second line out now, so I need to keep my eyes open for that too!)

I finished putting this quilt together:

phpDPxY7xAMkaliedoscope hex

I miss calculated the number of hexagons that I needed for the size of quilt I wanted to make, (by about 100! Wah!!) So I figured turning one into a pincushion wouldn’t hurt:


And I quite liked the look of the quilt, ‘Road to California’ (page 61) in the book ‘Treasures in the Trunk’, so I made one of the blocks to see how it looked:

phpzaCj7QAMroad to caifornia block

I am pretty happy with it, so I feel a quilt coming on……eventually, so don’t hold your breath! Sadly unlike Victoria over at Bumblebeans, I don’t seem to find that blogging about it makes me more likely to sew it!

Although I am now hand quilting the giant Hexagon Flower garden quilt that was in a post or two back! So I have a nice cosy quilt to sit under as I quilt it in the chilly evenings! Bring on the hot chocolate!

Happy New Year!

Well, we are getting back to normal here after the Christmas and the New Year holidays.

I managed to squeeze in some stitching, but first let me tell you that Lori is having a quilt-along over at her site. It is a Dolly Quilt called Cheddar  and Crackers. It is based on an antique quilt which I loved, that she had as her header sometime last year. I figured that I would join in as 1)I have never done a Quilt-along and, 2) I have never made a Dolly Quilt. So two new things for me in 2010! This is how far along I am  with it:

phpI17odFAMloris quiltalong

I think I have a chance of completing this as it is little, but I must now get out my design board so I can plan my layout.

One of the quilts that I put together (I had started it earlier in 2009),over the holiday was this Star Quilt.


I really liked the idea of grouping the four stars together as a block, and then adding wide sashing. I like  the top, but I think if I do another in this setting, I will use wider sashing to separate the four star blocks. I was not quite brave enough this time! I have also sewn all of the Ninepatch Pinwheels together now, but then got distracted by a hexagon top:

phpltmvl1AMgiant hexagons

This is a follow on from my Hexagon themed tops I am making. (Yes, the Kaliedoscope Hexagons, are all complete, and some are sewn into rows already!)

So I don’t feel that I have left 2009 with too many incomplete quilts…. I have finished almost as many as I have started for 2010!