My day so far:

On my cutting table this morning, a scrap block and some yardage that work well together:


As I pull open the curtains in the front sitting room I often see this though the blinds (when it's sunny!):



And on the arm of my sofa (where I left it last night) some Liberty and Linen:


On the computer this morning I am inspired by Jane and her quilting on this quilt to donate.

I really want to have go at this quilting idea!

It is the count down to Spring Market this week, looking forward to meeting lots of quilters and seeing lots of inspiring stuff!

Enjoy the long weekend!

Churn Dash

Churn Dash blocks are pretty traditional.

They have been around a long time.

But next time before you sew that traditional block together, have a play before you stitch and see what happens:


Churn Dash1


Churn Dash2


Churn Dash3


Churn Dash4


Churn Dash5

It's fun to see what could happen when you you play about with stuff, it doesn't take long and won't hurt!

Churn Dash6

Fashion and Textile Museum


We spent some time in London over the last week. One of the things I wanted to fit in was a visit to the Fashion and Textile Museum.

It is a short walk from London Bridge Station. If you visit on Friday or saturday you have the added bonus of Borough Market being open and you can feast on the food and coffee there first! You can feast with your eyes too as I always think these markets look so great!

Kaffee Fasset1


There are some interesting buildings and features to see in this old part of London:


Kaffee Fasset4


Kaffee Fasset2


Kaffee Fasset3


The Museum is unmissable!


Kaffee Fasset5



The exhibition was lovely, showing off the scope of Kaffe's talent in the field of art and textiles:


Kaffee Fasset6


These are the some of the art work for the fabrics:


Kaffee Fasset7


A wall of fabrics and knits to touch and feel:


Kaffee Fasset8


Needless to say I then went and brought some fabrics in Liberty! The Cloth Store along the road was closed, and that was probably just as well !


Back home now, with more inspiration than time at the moment!

Fabrics Galore

Well, I am back from Duxford. The quilts were lovely, and the exhibition space amazing amongst the aircraft!

Here's a shot of my 'home' for the three days. It was great to chat to people and sit and stitch.

carolyn forster1

There were loads of great shops there selling the fabrics and so forth. My special treat was buying from Fabrics Galore. I brought a whole bunch of Liberty prints as they sell that at a pretty good price. The two small pieces on top right are from  Sunflower fabrics . She sells beautifully co ordinated bundles to drool over.

fabrics galore1

And the other great thing that I discovered is that Fabrics Galore are now selling on line! So we don't need to wait for a show or trog up to London. You can buy the fabrics on line! Yeah!

It is still worth seeing them when you can in the shop though, as they have so much in there it is hard to get it all on line. And I also hear they will be selling 'Hello Kitty' fabric soon. You might want to get in touch to see when that comes in!

Having a Snow day here, hope you are cosy where you are. 

A Quilts’ new Home

I took my new quilt that Lori stitched out in the garden, so you could see it in England!

aai quilt1


aai quilt2


aai quilt3

If you get a chance to buy one of the quilts from the AAQI site, I strongly recommend that you do!

Thanks Lori, and to all those who have sewn the quilts!

Sunday Snippets

I have been looking at the exciting happenings of QuiltCon in Austin Texas this weekend. So much fun quilty stuff! 


Look at Debs post here for some interesting insights.


I would have loved to have seen the quilts of Denyse Scmidt in person and also the quilts from the book Quilts by Rodericke Kiracofe. If you have not got this book yet, what are you waiting for??? My copy is a fixture in my bedtime reading!


 And I was so pleased to see my friend Victoria won best in show with her quilt !


I like the energy that the new interest in quilting is bringing to the industry , that of the fabric world and the sewing world. It is often a case of looking back far enough to see what was done before and giving it a new tilt today. Who would have thought that Hexagons would have come back into fashion again!


While searching out  a top to be quilted from my String Quilts class, I cam across this one. I made it a while back, perhaps 20yrs ago.

It is four blue string stars with a cream one in the middle:

Made fabric1


You can see I was well into my favourite quilting design of Amish Waves even then!

The blue fabrics were from a Roberta Horton range of plaids.


Made fabric2


Here is the middle star:

Made fabric3

This quilt hung at Quilt Market in the spring show.

And here you might just be able to see that they are all set in 'Made Fabric':

Made fabric4


I used lots of cream prints from a Marsha McCloskey range called Staples.

Packed with the quilt was a book from 1997. I can remember a few of us buying it and being excited about the new ideas of sewing bits of fabric together to make new fabric. The downfall was that the fabrics used in the book were not really very exciting 🙁 :

Made fabric5


However, for a much more exciting approach for those of you who want to try out this idea now, look at Victorias book:

Made fabric6


Hope you have lots of quilting ideas this weekend, and enough time to see them sewn!

Made fabric7

Sunday Sewing

Saturday heralded the next block in the Barabra Brackman Grandmothers Choice BOW. As I scrolled down I saw some pictures of groups of blocks sewn to date, and one of them was mine! Was I surprised! 

So to keep you up to date, this is it so far:

  Grandmothers Chioce, Barbara Brackman

Those of you 'in the know' will see I am still two blocks down, but I don't think I am doing too badly! Some people have already started setting the blocks, but I think I will leave this to the end, as I have a feeling I am going to put them edge to edge.

I received a fabric treat in the post this week. It is the samples of one of the lovely new ranges from Makower:

Deco Flowers

This is Deco Flowers. Such a great palette!  This is one of the lines I am thinking of using for when I put my kits together for Take and Teach in Portland at Quilt Market in the May. It seems like a long time away, but it comes round all too fast!

Have good sewing weekend!

Scraps of Stitching

Thanks to everyone who commented about the EPP.

To put you out of your misery, the Random Number Thingy came up with number 18! This means Jackie Doyle  whose comment was: 

I am doing some EPP at the moment using hexagons, it is very relaxing. The cutting out of the fabric and papers takes the longest time. Great fabric!

has won!

Email me your address Jackie and I will get the fabrics out to you.

I have gotten my hexagon flowers that I cut on the Sizzix all ready to go with me to Jersey next week. I am excited to be teaching over there, so I get to meet new quilters and see a new place. I am already packing so that I remember everything!

In the meantime my stitching week has been motivated by my friend Victoria. She is a busy lady, but still found time to make  a quilt from donated blocks for a friends friend. When I read she wanted blocks, I thought I didn't really have time. And then I thought 'if Victoria has the time to put this together and quilt it, then surely I have time to sew one block!' So still in my dressing gown (yes, this was before breakfast!!) I sat and sewed a block, and had it read yo to post when I took out Bosco later that morning…..and yes I was dressed by then!

Here's what I made:

Can you spot it in Victoria's quilt?

They were not my usual choice of colours, but I really enjoyed working with something a bit different.

Victoria then blogged about how she was stitching in a different way to re-jig her creativity. This got me thinking that I hadn't sewn a string quilt in a while, and I love doing them!

So I got out my light scraps (I have bag of lights and one of darks) and got sewing!

And the rest of my sewing this week has looked like this:



I still have more to do, but I am enjoying this sooo much. Just picking fabric randomly you come up with such unexpected combinations of print and colour!

So liberating!

Are you sewing anything different this week?

Julie Arkell Workshop

Amongst the busy summer we had, I spent some time at West Dean College with some lovely ladies all as enthused as I about Julie Arkell.

Under  her gentle guidance we stitched our worlds of flowers and rabbits, clocks and bugs!

Here's how I got on!

These are some of my inspirational fabrics:

My desk whilst working:

My pebble:

Some of my finished pieces including the rabbit and pebble as well as the a brooch and pocket watch:

It was so lovely to sit and sew and play with fabrics in a different way to my usual way of working!

Really relaxing and let your mind wonder onto other ideas!

Another way to ignite the creativity is to look out for Victoria's new book, '15 Minutes Play' out in the Autumn. I can't wait! 

Summer Flying By!

Summer certainly is going by fast!

Just back from a lovely time in France, now a quick turnaround as I am off on a short course with Julie Arkell at West Dean Collage, and then a Family trip to Greece. Phew!!

France was full of the usual inspirations. This time I managed to snap up an embroidered linen sheet:

I was very close to going to a patchwork show nearby:

However we never managed to to discover where it actually was, so much to the Boys relief they were not dragged around the show!

When I got home I was very excited to see the new book from Jen at Amitie in Australia!

This looks so much fun to stitch! It was a BOM a while back, but I can see loads of new quilts being created now Jen's pattern is out as a booklet. I am already mentally selecting fabrics to stitch my blocks from.

The sunflowers are being sewn together now(see previous post), so will try to show you those before I go away, especially as today is totally sunflower weather!