Tickle Files?

I was over here  (just love the Amish quilt!) this morning and was ‘tickled’ myself at the terminology that is used today. They were talking about a ‘tickle file’, which seems to be an organizational tool on the computer and how you could create such a file or box(not on the computer, just in your workspace!) to keep things that inspire you in some way. I have had an ‘Art and Inspiration’ file on my computer (which ‘runs’ alongside my filing tray in a cupboard for real stuff that inspires me)  ever sice I had the computer. It is not a very catchy title, and will probably not catch on in the world of computer jargon! But here is a taster of what is in mine:


I find the sparseness in Vanesssa’s work very appealing.


This shop in Lewes High Street is always just lovely, very calm.


This quilt (Structures 25, I think) by Lisa Call, I love, but then I have not disliked anything the lady has sewn. She has so much energy and vision, sometimes I am not sure if I need to sew more, or just give up now!

What I also find interesting is that a lot of what I find inspiring, does not obviously end up in my quilts. And the sparse quality that I find so attractive, does not end up in my sewing room!

So get Sewing!

I saw this today on www.thimble.ca.

Sew what are we waiting for!

3365682994_b257c0c52d thimble blog

Easter Hoildays

Well, I am gradually getting back into the swing of home life again after a break away at Easter.

I did some stitching whilst away, surprise surprise! But the biggest surprise of all was this sewing machine on display at the hotel where we stayed! And it was on my floor, just a few feet from my door!

singer sewing machine austria

Inspiration #4

icy cobweb




I went to Lewes yesterday.

 There are some lovely buildings there. These are my favourites:


And I also visited The Patchwork Dog and Basket of course!