Back on the Blog

As some of you might have noticed I have not blogged lately. can you buy viagra over the counter at walmart

Something of an understatement I know.


I have been on Instagram, so I know some of you have kept up with me there. Check it out if you haven’t already, it is fun. Just press the button and it will take you there. cialis coupon

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So given I have not been here in a while, things seem to have changed. So, in the spirit of experimentation, here are some pictures of a recent WIP. Gives you an idea of the trials of outdoor photography to try and get the best light, but not wanting a breeze!

IMG_3804 generic viagra







There will be more frequent posts once more, I promise. Look out for one soon where I have some free tickets for the Festival of Quilts coming up in August! Yeah!!!

Classic meets Modern Quilt Along


I am venturing into new territory here. You might want to join in too!

Take a look over at Erin’s Blog, Sew at Home Mummy to see what you need to do.

This is my version of the block for January:

modern meet classic quilt along


Might I see some of you over there?

Back to Stitching

Here we are back into the Autumn routine.

Summer went by so fast!

While I grapple with new camera tech, here is a picture showing where I spent one of the hottest days of the year:

Justhandson tv1


Yes in studio conditions under lights being filmed for Justhands-ontv.

Sorry I can’t work out why the picture is too small.

Will be back with more stitching later this week!

I had a fun day, but boy was I hot. I honestly thought I would melt at one stage!

Search Press Authors Lunch

I spent a lovely time yesterday enjoying the hospitality of Search Press.

They had a lunch where the authors and other book and media people all got together for food and chat!

We could also admire the amazing World Record Breaking Bunting that they hung amongst the books in the warehouse:


 search pressx1


search pressx2


Here you can see us all!

If you would like to make some bunting and need a little inspiration I have one copy of 

"Bunting and Pennants" by Kate Haxell to give away.

Just comment on this post, and I will do a drawing in one weeks time!


Hear Me on American Patchwork and Quilting Radio

When I was in Portland at Quilt Market I got to catch up with Pat Sloan.

I have loved her style from when I first met her way back, and over the years she has added so much momentum to the quilting industry.

This time we got to chat for her Radio show. The show aired on Monday 1st July!

Click here to listen!

Host of American Patchwork & Quilting Radio – 

I know I am bit late in telling you, but I have been away in Paris.

Amongst all the always inspiring sights, I went to see this exhibition:


It was pure accident that I came across it when I was looking at this blog HERE.

If you can get along to see it, I do recommend it!

More another time, I need to get organised with my work today so I can watch the tennis! 

Will this be the year for Any Murray????

Big Blooms Quilt in Fabrications Magazine!


Great news, the Big Blooms quilt is in Fabrications Quilting for you this month.

look for issue 84, June/July 2013.

It's a really cheery and quick applique quilt to remind you of sunny days in the garden!



Big Blooms1 quilt

Flickr and Facebook


This week I took the plunge and put some pictures on my Flickr site. 

It has taken me a while to be brave enough to do this, but in the end it is really simple!

So far I have just put up some work from BOM 's that lots of you have seen already, but it is a start.

I hope to put work up from classes and perhaps start a group with pics of students quilts. I often get sent shots, and think it would be nice to have them on view. Also I think Nicky wants another group to join!! 🙂

Thanks to Nicky for encouraging me!

Up to date with my Grandmother's choice:

Barbara Brackman BOW




I have also been on Facebook now for month or so. Again, feeling my way around this one, but quite fun!


Have you tried something new this week?

Fashion and Textile Museum


We spent some time in London over the last week. One of the things I wanted to fit in was a visit to the Fashion and Textile Museum.

It is a short walk from London Bridge Station. If you visit on Friday or saturday you have the added bonus of Borough Market being open and you can feast on the food and coffee there first! You can feast with your eyes too as I always think these markets look so great!

Kaffee Fasset1


There are some interesting buildings and features to see in this old part of London:


Kaffee Fasset4


Kaffee Fasset2


Kaffee Fasset3


The Museum is unmissable!


Kaffee Fasset5



The exhibition was lovely, showing off the scope of Kaffe's talent in the field of art and textiles:


Kaffee Fasset6


These are the some of the art work for the fabrics:


Kaffee Fasset7


A wall of fabrics and knits to touch and feel:


Kaffee Fasset8


Needless to say I then went and brought some fabrics in Liberty! The Cloth Store along the road was closed, and that was probably just as well !


Back home now, with more inspiration than time at the moment!

Fabrics Galore

Well, I am back from Duxford. The quilts were lovely, and the exhibition space amazing amongst the aircraft!

Here's a shot of my 'home' for the three days. It was great to chat to people and sit and stitch.

carolyn forster1

There were loads of great shops there selling the fabrics and so forth. My special treat was buying from Fabrics Galore. I brought a whole bunch of Liberty prints as they sell that at a pretty good price. The two small pieces on top right are from  Sunflower fabrics . She sells beautifully co ordinated bundles to drool over.

fabrics galore1

And the other great thing that I discovered is that Fabrics Galore are now selling on line! So we don't need to wait for a show or trog up to London. You can buy the fabrics on line! Yeah!

It is still worth seeing them when you can in the shop though, as they have so much in there it is hard to get it all on line. And I also hear they will be selling 'Hello Kitty' fabric soon. You might want to get in touch to see when that comes in!

Having a Snow day here, hope you are cosy where you are.