My quilt in Australia!


Firstly let me get this off my chest:

Phew! I am up to date on my Grandmothers Choice

Here are the two stragglers:


bb grandmothers choice


grandmothers choice


Now my other big news, well probably bigger news really:

Here's a magazine to look out for:


carolyn forster homespun


It's the Australian magazine, Homespun, no 117, Vol 14, no. 2.

I have mentioned that one of my quilts was going to be in it, and ta da da, here it is:


Carolyn Forster homespun


The quilt is still in Australia, and should end up with Lucy of Amitie Textiles for a while. If you want the templates to cut the pieces with a rotary cutter then contact Amitie. I will have some sets too, but I have to wait a while for them to come!

Isn't the quilting world a small world!

Busy being Busy

Look out for this quilt (finished) in the Australian magazine Homespun in the New Year!

Buy the templates to help make it from Amitie. Just email them !

Lots going on here house and Christmas wise.

Also due to a new (and better?) computer upgrade, I can't easily get the photos off my camera. Hopefully it will get sorted out!

As they say, I'm 'Keeping Calm and Carrying On!'

Hurricane Sandy: How You Can Help

I have been keeping up with my Friend Victoria's efforts to help those badly effected by Sandy in New York.

Take a look  on her blog to see what is happening!

I sent off a quilt:

If you don't have spare quilt to send, some groups are collecting blocks. Have search through your things and see if there is something you could donate!

We all have too much stuff, so the odd block won't be missed!

My other task today was to sew the Grandmothers Choice block from Barabara Brackman. This is how I have gotten on so far:

There would have been this weeks offering, but I think I printed the templates wrong, so it won't go together 🙁

I will have to look into that when I get more time!

Kansas City, Spring Quilt Market


I was at Quilt Market last weekend to promote my books and especially Utility Quilting. This really seems to be hitting a chord with people, so if you think you want quick simple ways to had quilt, stitches and designs, then check it out! Have a look over at Karin's blog to see a picture of me in action!

One of the best bits of news from Quilt Market this spring was that Liberty cotton will be out in August! Yeah!

Just look at all of the clours. We are hoping for Charm packs, so let them know if you think that would work!

I had another chance to meet Marcia Derse and see her great fabrics:

Check out her website as you can buy directly from her, so no wondering how to get hold of the great fabrics!

And Lotta Jans Dotter had a new line, Bella! Had to have that. And so I thought you might like some too.

I  will do a give away for the bag and the 5 fat quaters  below:

I think this has a nice summery feel, so tell me your thoughts on sewing in the garden! I will do a drawing next Friday.

Enjoy the sun!


Sizzix Big Shot!

I must admit I am not big on gadgets, always adhering to the belief that all you need to stitch a quilt is needle and thread and a pair of scissors.

However, over the years I have still managed to acquire a (large) number of rulers and sewing machines (yes I know! I have more than one back up, and more than one Featherweight to take when I travel!) as well as having templates especially cut to go with some of my patterns and classes!

So when I was asked by Sizzix  if I would like to have a go of their machine, the BIg Shot that cuts shapes for patchwork I was a bit sceptical. Surely I had everything that was going to make life easier in the world of patchwork.

Well I was wrong.

This was delivered,

and duly unpacked. I had asked for the Apple Core template as I figured it was a hard shape to cut accurately and then sew together smoothly.

I layered the fabric in the template 'sandwich', inserted and wound the handle! And out came fabric cut perfectly. I was amazed! From chatting with other people over the years I had been led to believe that this winding the fabric through was a bit of a struggle with other makes of cutters. But not with a Sizzix!

So out pops the sandwich, open it up and take out your pieces. I started off cutting a single layer of fabric, but soon decided to move up to six! Still smooth and easy! 

I then sewed some patches together to see how accurate the piecing was, and you guessed it, it was great!

And in fact it was all going so well I just kept cutting. It wasn't until I actually sat down and thought about all the patches that I had cut from fabrics in my 1930's stash, that I realised I wanted to sew a project in different fabrics!

So due to my over zealous cutting, due to the user friendliness of the Sizzix, I am offering all the pieces I cut for an Apple Core top (well enough to get you started!) to anyone who comments on this post by next Monday. I will select a comment at random, but you must have commented on a patchwork gadget experience, (good or bad!)

I am happy to say that my comment regarding the Sizzix is that it is great! If you are looking for a gadget to make cutting easier, with no measuring and sharp blades, then go and look at a Sizzix Big Shot!

So, 'Happy Bank Holiday Monday', hope you have some stitching to keep you inspired!

Snow Sewing

 I was spurred on to finish this which has been on my floor all week.

It sort of makes me think about how the bits of colour are highlighted when the snow comes.

Rather than everything being white, you notice the colours you can see more.

After last weeks excitement of being talked about on a podcast, some of you might like to know that I will be talking in person next week on Mark Lipinski's radio show, 'Creative Mojo' !!!! Check it out over here.

I am going to be talking about the new Utility Quilting book. 

Mark always has so much energy, I feel sure I will feel it from across the Pond! I need to focus on the time difference though, to make sure I am not in my PJ's when the big moment comes!

(And Nicky , that is all I have to say!)

At the end of February there will be more great stuff to hear about the book, but not from me. Yes, I am sorting a small Blog Tour, so you can hear what some other people have to say about the book!

Hang in  there!

In the meantime go over to Barbara's blog to see how she is getting on with stitching the Court House Step quilt from the book! Great Job Barbara!

Generation Q

Thanks to Victoria over at Bumblebeans for telling me about the podcasts from Canton Village Quiltworks. She is always so on the ball!

She told me of this one, as they were talking and mentioned my book! It is great to hear it being spoken about by such authoritative people.

I have talked about Generation Q before, and if you want to see their great on line blog/magazine, pop over here.

They update daily so you won't be bored!

And as you can't have post with out a picture, here is my Big Baskets quilt out in the garden!

Flowers Finished

I have been looking at so many posts about what everyone has made over the last year, that I feel slightly inadequate!

Although I start lots of things, not all of them get finished in the same year. This quilt, which I finished over the New Year, was started in 2010!

On the floor in my room:

The pattern for the applique is a Ruby McKim. The blocks are about 18in.

Out in the garden:


I quilted it with Elbow Quilting:

Flapped in the wind, there actually a nice Denyse Schmidt print in the centre of the back that is hidden here!

Have you seen who will be at the quilt show in Nantes this April……Kathy from Material Obsession!

I am planning on going to the show this year, so this is an added treat!

I must start saving my pennies now!

Houston: the fabrics

Back from Houston now, and trying to get sorted with stitching and projects. There are some great fabrics coming up in the Spring. The Denyse Schmidt will be out in March, but she has a book out too, so that will be a treat!

The Charlotte Lyons fabric looked great:

I liked how some of the designers are embellishing on their fabrics:


This was Prints Charming:


Birch Fabrics made some fun cushions:


Marcia Derse always has a great booth, the whole thing looks like a quilt to me:


And some sweet fabrics for the spring from Makower:

I''ll show you some quilts next time!

Salt Lake City: Utility Quilting pre Launch!

I was at Quilt Market last week to help promote the Utility Quilting book I am doing with Landauer, and I was excited beforehand, but now I have seen the great job they are doing I cannot wait until August when the book is due out!

It will be even more exciting at Fall Market when the book is really there!!!

In the meantime I got to chat with lots of people including this lady:

This is Jennifer Kingwell whose shop, Amitie, in Melbourne Australia  I get a BOM from! I was so surprised when she came to chat about the book and Big Stitch quilting after School House, I just had to introduce myself….. as one of her subscribers who has not been keeping up with the stitching!!

Later in the show she came by when I was on the Landauer stand and we had a good chat. She is so lovely and so talented, I am sort of pleased that I do not live close to the shop, as I would be spending all of my money in there! Her choice of fabrics and the way she puts them together is just wonderful!

However I seem to be doing a good job of parting with my money to her anyway, even from this distance! 

Fabrics wise, there was some great stuff. Things that caught my eye were:

Lecein , Tudor Lane

Moda, Basic Grey, Curio

Marcia Derse

Paula Prass, Botanica

Anna Maria Horner, 

Anna Maria also did a lovely little workshop cum chat about quilting with thicker thread and bigger stitches on her quilts, and painting by numbers with embroidery stitches on her lovely fabrics, so look out for her threads and stitching ideas on her blog!

Yeah! for hand quilting!