Just to let you know!

My Take and Teach at Quilt Market in Houston this year is based on my new Kaliedoscope Hexagon pattern. But don't worry we are not sewing the whole quilt, just having a taster with a pincushion!

So if you are over there register and come along! It is on Monday 1st November, class 501.

And for those of you, closer to home I am starting a regular class ain Bells Yew Green, Tunbridge Wells in January 2011.

Email me for details! It's a Monday morning, 9-15am to 12-15pm

Post market Crunch!

Well, this time last week I was in Minneapolis MN, and it was great! I can't believe I have been back almost a week, as although there is a lot to do before you go, then loads to do when you are there……. There is so much to do when you get back!

Lots of folks take loads of pictures at Market, and I took some, but not as many of people and parties as others did. Just Google and look under blogs to get the idea!

I did take pictures of the carpet in my hotel hallway:

So obviously quilts just waiting to happen!

I got some fabrics at Sample Spree (goes without saying really!):

My buying trends were in a taupe and brown phase! These are a selection from Clothworks and Red Rooster studios.

Although I have some of Dalene Zimmerman's 'Dear Betty', Lecien's 'Isso Ecco and Heart' and some great Flannels from Windham and Maywood Studios to add to the mix!

Let's hope I can find room for it in the stash!

Pre Market Crunch!

I read this in a email to me today and thought ‘Couldn’t that be the name of some sort of dessert?’

Unfortunately it isn’t.  It is just a phrase to let each other know that things still need doing for Quilt Market next week, and time is running out!

I sent a quilt off this week for Makower made from thei new Katie Hana range. This will be in their booth, and I made some little pincushions which will look good on the desks of the booth with the quilt hanging in the background. If you are coming to the show, or have local shop owners attending, tell them to look out for it!.

phpHJQOUDAMkatie hana

And as neat and tidy as this picture may look, the other end of the table looks like this:


Yes, I still have a bit to do for my School House and demos on the Landauer booth! And I have lots of lists to keep me on track as things pop into my mind. But I know from experience that it all works out in the end!

So near and yet so far!

Well, here we are, back from a gloriously sunny Brittany in France. I sat on lots of beaches, and we ate lots of French food, and generally relaxed. So now I am back I am rearing to go, tidy up, sort stuff out and get ready for the schools to go back and for my teaching schedule to begin.

I stitched in France, and brought a few magazines, but where we were was not ‘patchwork central’! I did however see this lovely floor in a restraunt that made me think of patchwork.

phpnQxTfhAM floor France

I was however very close to a great patchwork shop in the UK each time we drove in and out of Portsmouth for the ferry. We drove right by Chichester which is where Eternalmaker has their shop. BUT, they have just moved, and what was good before, is just amazing now:

phpf1WFFhAM Eternalmaker shop

The new address is: 41, Terminus Road, Chichester, PO19 8TX.

Check out the website , but if you can, visit the shop. They do lovely buttons and fabrics, and they have a School House coming up in October, where you can try out lots of different classes over the weekend. It is such fun! But I have not yet set foot in the new shop, due to ferry times, it was closed! (Anna let me use her picture from the blog to show you here.)

And as if to compensate for the lack of patchwork shops on my visits to France this summer, I will be seeing plenty when I go to Houston in October! I am visiting for Market and Festival, so I will definitely have my fill then. Are any of you going?