Scrappy spools, with scrappy borders.

This is my sort of quilt, when I ran out of one thing for the border, I added another!

The spools (Klosjes) were stitched from my basket of  2 1/2" strips either by machine when I was sitting at it, or by hand when I was out and about. And as often happens it was quicker to stitch than I anticipated!

Come and stitch your own with me at The Eternalmaker on Sat 2nd July!

Klosjes Blocks

Every once in a while something will catch my attention and I really need to stitch it for no logical reason. (Actually now I see that in print, it probably accounts for about 99% of my quilt making!)

Anyway, a while back I started seeing Klosjes Blocks popping up all over the place! These are Spool blocks, but they sound so exciting in Dutch (I think it's Dutch, forgive me if I got that wrong!)

I wanted to stitch some but didn't want to make templates, I wanted to use the rotary cutter.I needed the 'quick stitching fix' approach! So I have made my blocks using Jelly Roll strips, ie: I used my 2 1/2" wide strips of fabric from my stash and my Creative Grids Half Square Triangle Non Slip Strip Ruler! These create a 6" finished block. This is what I did.

Take three strips of fabric 2 1/2" wide. One is the centre of the block, the other two frame it.

From the fabric for the centre cut a 2 1/2" square:

From the other two fabrics cut 2 strips from each 7 1/4" long:

Now using the triangle part of the ruler trim off the corners of the strips:

Layout the block and sew!

Stitching wise, I sew the frames around the centre square, then sew the mitres.

I am working on a scrappy version that will keep me going for a while I think!

What I love about this is that one ruler does it all, and I can just dip in and out of the pre cut strips!


I loved this quilt that Ann Champion showed a while back on her blog.

php5pGEx3AMann champion

So much so that I have started to sew my own version!


As you can see it is yet another WIP…….. as I also have started these as well!


phpziDdU4AM whirligig

I had my copy of Sew Hip this week with the second of a series of quilts that I designed for them. They are based on the ideas in the Nancy Brenen Daniel book ‘Slice ’em Dice ’em’, but I used 5″ squares throughout. This means they are quick to start with the charm packs! Look out for this quilt in issue 11.

php8vK22SAM sew hip 11

Flying X

Today I am going to finish keep sewing(!) my ‘Flying X’ quilt top. It is one I have seen in the book Old Patchwork Quilts and the Women Who Made Them, by Ruth E. Finley (Introduction by Barabara Brackman). It has caught my eye every time I glance through this book, so it was about time that I did something about it!


I used to look through a copy of this book when I was at college as it was in the library and when the new edition came out I was excited to be able to have my own copy. The quilt itself does not have a lot of information about sizes ,or even a color picture, so I have made up the  block size myself based on quater square triangles sewn from 5″ charm squares.



I really like the idea of the 1930’s prints with all the white calico around them!

And don’t forget to look at Tonya’s tutorial for the Baptist fan quilting. Although she does it with thick thread and Big Stitch, the principle is the same for regular fine hand quilting! Give it a try!

String Quilts


String quilts have long been a favourite of mine, and this one that I have been working on (and is now finished, and destined for pages in a book!) is no exception!

I like the fact that you can think of all the other quilts that were sewn to enable you to get enough strings to sew a quilt from the leftovers. And if you haven’t enough strings, the Moda 1 1/2″ pre cuts are a great way to start, or supplement a few strings.

If you want to learn to stitch a string Spiders web quilt, come to The Eternal maker  Sat 30th May, 2009. Or wait for the book with my quilt in ( and many other lovely quilts by lovely quilters!) coming out in the Autumn!

Pre cut fabric:Jelly roll sampler

phpqxawx5am-jelly-roll-samplerHere is the quilt I was inspired to sew using one of the Moda Jelly Rolls! That’s pre cut strips of fabric cut to 2 1/2″  wide to those of you haven’t come accross them yet, or have come accross them, but were too afraid to even imagine what a ‘jelly roll’ could be! Obviously those creative people at Moda haven’t heard of Swiss Rolls! But then that would probably be even more confusing in translation!

There are lots of lovely blocks that you can sew really easily and speedily and if you run short of ideas there is a blog  called ModaBakeshop to give you more food for thought.

However, if you want something a little closer to home, come for a class at The Patchwork Dog and Basket in Lewes on Tues 12th May or Just Between Friends at Buckhurst Hill on Sat 23rd of May and start your own Jelly Roll Sampler. You can even cut your own strips to work through that stash!

Better Sewn Than Not

I need to stitch another Patchwork Bear to send out as a class adertisement. As I had some red  5″ squares cut I have sewn them together into a patchwork ready to cut them up for bear body parts! 

Before I sewed the squares I was not that fussed by them, but now they are together I am thinking is this the start of a simple quilt? Is this the centre of a medallion quilt? Basically they look a lot more exciting sewn together that they did in a pile!

The moral here is that it is better sewn than not!

Or they could still become a bear!

red squares

Pre-cut fabrics, a quick classic Quilt, Part 3

The conclsion is here for the ‘Pre cut fabrics’ post:

 puss in the corner quilt

I used:

 Twenty 10″ squares for the blocks 

To Set the Blocks:

Twelve 9″ squares for the setting blocks

Four 13 3/4″ squares cut into quater-square triangles, you only need 14 for the outside edge

Two 7 1/2″ squares cut into four half-square triangles, for the corners

The quilt is 49″x 61″ .

It will be part of my workshop on Pre-cut fabrics and how to take advantage of them!

Pre-cut fabrics, part 2

Remember the 10″ squares from December 2008? Well now they are a group of blocks, ready to be set in a top!

Pre Cut Fabrics


I just love the look of all the pre cut fabric bundles that are so popular in the shops at the moment! It is a step on from buying the co-ordinated fat quaters or eigths. The 10″ squares or ‘Layer Cakes’ are taking my fancy today, but the one I brought I am loathe to cut up incase the quilt idea does not work out as I think. So I am cutting my own 10″ squares to play with, and that is a really good feeling!

I have searched through my pinks and come up with quite a collection. Any scraps have gone in my ‘Strings’ bag, and each fabric had a 2 1/2″ slice taken off too, and that has gone in the ‘2 1/2″ Strip Bag’. So what with the couple of 10″ squares I was cutting too, I now have a bit more room in the pinks tub, and for a brief moment I forget that actually I have just redistributed the fabric into different areas! And not yet moved on to sewiing with it!

But I feel we are moving in the right direction, from stash to pre cuts, and perhaps tomarrow, the quilt!

Have a look here for a few basic pointers as to how these pre cuts will get you stitching quicker!

……..Sorry, the link button is not working, you will have to go to the MODA site yourself  and look under FUN STUFF and then go to TUTORIALS!

Have fun!