Happy New Year!

The period between Christmas and the new Year proved to be quite productive.

I started out just trying to tidy my sewing room. Then projects came to light that had floundered for one reason or another.

So I ended up putting the finishing touches to around five projects in one way or another. Mostly it meant completing the top, but for one or two it meant the quilting and binding also, so a real finish!

The boxed diamonds is now finished and pressed.

The Applique from Patchwork Dog and Basket has borders and is all appliquéd .

And here are a couple of other projects that I worked on.

The weather has been pretty grey and wet making the taking of pictures outside no realistic option. So here are a couple of the tops on my floor!


This is a Summer Top which was inspired by and antique quilt I have. It is quilt as you go but with no batting. I had always thought I would make this larger, but now am pleased with it as a table throw for the summer in the garden. I know I will work on another but not as close to the original as this one was.

carolyn forster quilts




The binding is now cut and ready to press, so this will be finished by the end of the week!




This is a block of the week I did from the Barbara Brackman site last year. I think it finished in September time. I have never made a sampler quilt and put all the blocks together with now sashing or the like. This was great chance to do that. I am so pleased with it! Have still not completed an appliqué block  in the corner though!




And this last one is my scrappy Triangles I cut on my Sizzix. I had basically sewn the top and then decided it needed to be larger. I was just not happy with the size. So it was just more sewing to make it bigger:



Hope you all had time for stitching over the break?

Seasonal Greetings


A couple of pictures and a couple of thoughts before 2013 draws to a close.

A finish here!

A little (20in x 24in) quilt I made based on an antique quilt:




It is nice to complete things. The way I work I tend to have lots of things on the go at the same time, so they all come to a finish (eventually!) at a similar time. This Boxed Diamonds top is sooooo close to completion. It will be finished before 2014! (The top that is!)




And another top destined for completion is this appliqué which is inspired by a quilt in the collection of Jill, the lovely owner of Patchwork Dog and Basket in Lewes:





And if you have time to slow down and stitch over the Holidays, also take a look at the lovely slow sewing work going on over HERE and HERE.


See you in 2014!



Bring Me Flowers

Jen's BOM from Amitie Textiles in Australia has been the perfect antidote to the lack of flowers I have in the garden whilst the re landscaping continues.

Bring me flowers1


Bring me flowers2


Bring me flowers3


Bring me flowers4


I am working on month three, and month four might arrive in time for me to take it with me on my holidays.


This weekend I will be wondering around FOQ this Saturday so if anyone sees me, do say 'Hi!'.

And if you go over to The Quilt Room  stand and look at the long arm quilting, you might spy one or two of my quilts that I have posted about (probably years ago!) that they have on the machine actually being quilted! Yeah!

Win a free Jelly Roll Quilts and Gifts Book!

Don't miss out on a chance to win a free copy of Jelly Roll Quilts and Gifts!

Go over to Search Press HERE, and enter to win!

They also put up a sneak peak of a book I have been working on for them, due out in 2014. Look on their FaceBook page to see.

And if that wasn't enough one of the projects from the book is featured in 'Homemade with Love', June/July edition. Look out for that on the news stands.

The garden is moving on, so here are some pictures! Thanks to everyone who has asked after it!









And so you don't miss out on some quilty goodness in this post, here are some pictures of my Comfortable with Curves quilt (well one of them!) that I will be teaching in the autumn at the Quilt Room, Dorking:

comfortable with curves3

Look for the quilting ideas in Utility Quilting:

comfortable with curves2



comfortable with curves4

Have I shown you this?


Not having found the time to ever hand quilt this string star quilt I had Chris at The Quilt Room do it for me on the long arm.

It is great and we chose the fan design, (which I would have used if I had hand quilted it!)

string star quilt1



string star quilt2



string star quilt3



string star quilt4

Big Blooms Quilt in Fabrications Magazine!


Great news, the Big Blooms quilt is in Fabrications Quilting for you this month.

look for issue 84, June/July 2013.

It's a really cheery and quick applique quilt to remind you of sunny days in the garden!



Big Blooms1 quilt

Wordless Wednesday (Well, almost)

From the workshop in Tankerton, Whitstable on Saturday:

Such a brilliant quilt from when we did the 'Comfortable with Curves' piecing day a while back!

So want to do this layout myself now!


Curves and Mayflower Block


Then we stitched Mayflower blocks with Garden Maze sashing:

june 20132


june 20133


june 20134

A cold and grey day, so we brightened it up sewing a garden of quilt blocks!

Barabra Brackman’s BOW


Grandmothers choice BOW











All caught up!

Nearly ready for Portland.

Looking forward to meeting up with folks!

Leftovers Top

This  quilt was put together yesterday from pieces left over from a class I took with Susan Briscoe a couple of years ago.

I saved the 'spare' pieces as I like the combinations. Whilst having a tidy up in an effort to keep on top of things yesterday, I came across them in the back of the cupboard.

The quilt top I originally stitched has not been quilted yet as I am still in two minds about the way to quilt it. I know, you'd think life was too short, but hey ho, don't want to do something I don't like, and is there a rush?

So when I put these leftovers together I knew how to quilt it even before I laid it on the batting!


Bits quilt1


I took these pictures after I had just started the basting. I was going to safety pin, but it didn't feel right, and as it is a small quilt, about 50in, I went ahead with hand basting.

Bits quilt2


I started the quilting last night. Big stitch with Valdani Pearl Cotton no 12. I'll let you see the design in the next post (which I have been obsessing about for years now).

It seems to be a variation on Elbow Quilting, and I have a few vintage quilts worked in it. Just had to wait for the right top to come along to try it out on!

I'll take some pictures to let you have look next time.


If you need a quick project to keep your sewing MOjo up, take a look at what Lori stitched this week. So sweet, might find time for that before the dog walk!



Churn Dash

Churn Dash blocks are pretty traditional.

They have been around a long time.

But next time before you sew that traditional block together, have a play before you stitch and see what happens:


Churn Dash1


Churn Dash2


Churn Dash3


Churn Dash4


Churn Dash5

It's fun to see what could happen when you you play about with stuff, it doesn't take long and won't hurt!

Churn Dash6