Quilt Festival Classes

Houston Stars1401Well, before this post never happens, here are some shots of some great quilts being created in the Jelly Roll Star class in Houston at Quilt Festival. It was so great to meet old friends from classes last year and meet so many new ones this year too!

I had a great time, exhausting but so much fun!

This was my classroom set up:

Although we could use design walls, sometimes the floor was easier:

Houston Stars1402

Houston Stars1403

Houston Stars1404

Houston Stars1406

A top to go home for quilting!

Houston Stars1407

Houston Stars1408

Houston Stars1409

Houston Stars1410

Houston Stars1411

Houston Stars1412

Houston Stars1413

The class is based on a quilt from my book  ‘Jelly Quilts and Gifts’ from Search Press.

Will try to put up more posts from Market and Festival before it’s too late!

Work in Progress

I have been working on a few projects all at the same time, but don’t we all?

I started on these Crosses Blocks, and quickly made 16 .

carolynforster latest1

I laid them out, and have stitched them together in rows, and then a top, but have come unstuck as to a border or not, so we are letting that one mature! Obviously design ideas are helped when there is a dog sprawled over the quilt:

carolynforster latest2



The next one is a current addiction, as I love sewing these Woven Blocks from my jelly roll scraps:


carolynforster latest6


Here is a trial layout when I had a few more stitched. There are a lot more now, so I am hoping for a large quilt from these.

carolynforster latest3

This next one some of you will recognise from the Comfortable with Curves class. (Those of you signed up for this in Houston may get a further peek then depending on its state by then).

This one is all hand pieced as it is basically so much easier to sew this particular design that way. This was a trial layout to see if I wanted the squares in there or just stick with the curves. I went with the squares, but I think there may be another in the pipeline with only curves!

carolynforster latest4

And finally my block for August Classic Meets Modern Quilt Along. Just made that in time, but I know I am still one down:

carolynforster latest5


Hope your WIP went well over the Summer?



Houston, continues



Some more Houston shots. I figured I had better just blog, otherwise I spend so long deliberating it will be Spring market before I show you this !





This was one of my favourite ranges on the FreeSpirit booth, by Snow Leopard. There is already some to buy on ebay I think !




Anna Maria Horner had a lovely booth, and these continued to catch my attention:





There were no antique quilts in the main exhibition this year, which I thought was a shame. But there was this gem, and there was a new copy made of it on show. I really liked the old one though!







This was just a lovely sunset one night from my hotel room:





My classes started on the Monday for Festival, and this was my home for the next few days:

A great big thank you to Juki for the machines and the ever attentive technicians (Karen, and I think it was Brian). Having Juki machines was just great as they were exactly the same as mine at home, so any queries were easily dealt with.



All my students were just lovely. And boy, did they work hard!


These are a few of the pictures that I took.


Everyone had their top together by the end of the day!


This lady will definitely have this ready for the holiday season!



They were all working from the quilt in my Jelly Rolls Quilts and Gifts book!



Some fun things happening her in preparation for Houston at the end of the month:


This fun scrap stars pattern was made using a great new template from my friend Jennifer O’Brien.


twinkle stars quilt



And on saying that this quilt top might not get there depending on the luggage situation!


twinkle starszz2



Look out for the debut at Quilt Market from the Simplicity booth and then make sure your shop gets some. A fabulous quilt to use up scraps!

I had a bit more of a play here:


twinkle starszzx1



It will be fun to see the quilts that get stitched.


And here is a view of my sewing room floor whilst I work on my own classes for Quilt Festival:





Rose Star One Patch


And did you see that Victoria had sewn one the other day? It will be fun to see how hers develops!

Autumn Stitching

I have had a busy few weeks travelling to visit some lovely Quilt groups, hence my absence  here.

Hi! to the Quilters of Staffordshire, and to Quilters in Truro, Cornwall!

My beginners classes started at The Quilt Room, Dorking this week and and I meet my intermediate group next Wednesday, so busy stitching times ahead for those folks!

During the summer I did some work with www.justhands-on.tv, and the first video has come up!

Remember that you can watch some of it by just logging in to the great site. But if you do subscribe you get more content and other great perks. Take a look at the Big Stitch quilting that I show you as it may be what you need to quilt that present project!

The other thing I have been working on are my classes for Quilt Festival in Houston.

Today I started some Halloween coasters from my Kaleidoscope Hexagon pattern. They are so fun and fast! Come along on the Monday 28th October from 6pm to stitch a set of your own!


Kaleidoscope hexies1


There is always that Halloween theme going around the show so I thought it would be fun to enter into the spirit with my coasters. I will be Big Stitch quilting these with Valdani Pearl cotton size 12, my favourite!


Have great weekend!

Grandmothers Choice Final Blocks


Grandmothers choice




bb finish6








bb finish7




bb finish8




bb finish1




bb finish2




bb finish3




bb finish4




A bit of a rush of a post as I have some technical issues with getting pictures off of the camera at the moment and no patience or time to sort it out before we go on our holidays! Sorry!


Here are the last Barabara Brackman Grandmothers Choice BOW.

So now we have the fun of setting them all together.


Should be back in September.

Two things to draw your attention to on the blog, The Facebook button and the Flickr button. For those of you who dabble in these areas it will be great to see you there!

And this amazing button:





Yes I will be at Quilt Festival and Market this year, so it will be great to meet you!

Any questions about classes that you are signing up for with me, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Happy Stitching, Carolyn

Rose Star One Patch

Some sunny summer colours for my latest Rose Star One Patch quilt to be stitched when on holiday:

Rose star one patch 21


The fabric is Lecien Flower Sugar.

Rose star one patch 22


See the quilt in my class at Houston Quilt Festival 2013!

Monday Moments

Having a try out of a new 'paper' that you can use for EPP or appliqué, or a number of of other things according to the packet.

It stays in the work, so there is no need to work out how to remove it and it softens up when the work is washed!

applique paper

Go look here on the Hugs and Kisses website for more information.

Having a go on the Barbara Brackman block of the week:



Some secret sewing going on here, looking forward to showing you in October/November time. But at the moment just loved this combination of plains together:




And here are some of my Kaleidoscope Hexagon blocks having their centres auditioned:


I am sewing some new samples for the classes I am teaching in Houston at Quilt Festival this Fall.

Go and see all the great things going on!

Quilt Festival Houston 2013


As many of you know I attend Quilt Market in the USA usually twice a year. I am currently preparing to be in Portland, OR in May.

I have been here a couple of times before, and am looking forward to the latest visit. Fingers crossed I will meet up with Lori! Yeah!

Quilt Market is a great Trade show, I get to catch up with some friends, (including Jennifer, Victoria and Jen)  and spend time with Landauer my publisher. I should say this is all work, but boy, is it fun too!

However, this year I will also be at Quilt Festival following on from Market this fall!

As, you might have guessed, I will be teaching!

I am so excited!

Over the next few weeks I will be letting you see which quilts and projects we will be stitching.

At market I do some take and Teach sessions which is a great way for me to spend time with shop owners, but now at Festival I get to spend time with the folks who shop in the shops! Well people like me really, I shop in the shops!!!

Look out on Quilts Inc to see when the catalogue is out, to see how much fun stuff goes on there.

And as this has been quite a 'linky' post, here are some shots of a String Quilt Project I stitched last week:

string star7


I just love the way everything gets stitched together from so many past quilts:


string star6


These are my usual 6in blocks sewn on a Vilene (Pellon) foundation, and in this case machine quilted in hanging diamonds:


string sewing