Quilting-on-the-Go, Lewes

qotg lewes1 cialis sale usa

qotg lewes2

qotg lewes 11I was in Lewes at the weekend and could not resist a visit to my favourite shop, Patchwork Dog and Basket.

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Needless to say they had a lovely selection of fabrics, some of which came home with me:

We will be having some classes down there this autumn and by popular demand it is the Quilting-on-the-Go. purchase cialis

If you want to learn to make quilts that are portable to quilt and manageable to baste together in small sections, this is the class for you. I always find new ideas for the quilts and the block below is my current portable project to quilt. There will be lots of quilts to see to inspire you, to sew the quilt you want. The stars in the block here will have more stars appearing when the blocks go together:

You can see how I am getting on with it if you come to the class!!!

There was also this fun version of my Doggy Quilt on  display in the shop:

I think Jill made this one. I made mine having been inspired by the stuffed dogs she has in the shop that you can buy kits for. The quilt pattern is available there too.

Where will you be taking your quilting?



Flower Pots Quilt


A while back, probably a couple of years ago now there was a quilt show at The Needlemakers in Lewes. It was part of the Arts Week in Lewes and the quilts were generously displayed from the collection of Jill Hillage who owns The Patchwork Dog and Basket in Lewes.


She has great taste and a great shop so needless to say I thought the quilts were great too.


A couple of them appealed to me as something I might quite like to stitch, and last summer I asked if I could borrow one or two to make patterns from. Jill very generously lent them to me and the process begun.


Below are some shots of the original quilt. I loved the boldness of the design, but I really liked the fact that some of the fabric had worn away and you could see part of the appliqué from underneath. Also some of the motifs in the border had faded to be almost invisible.


flower pots old1



flower pots old2




This is what I then stitched:


flower pots quilt carolyn forster



I loved the fadedness of those baskets and my palette grew from there:


flower pots2



It is a repeat of one flower pot block, sixteen in total in the quilt:


flower pots3



I just used freezer paper appliqué as my technique and reverse appliqué as in the original quilt for the flower centres:


flower pots4

Hope something inspires you today to stitch something new!

More Quilty Finishes


Some more pictures of the great quilts some of my students have completed and shown me over the last few weeks.

I had a couple of trips to Essex shops and groups over the last couple of weeks, and this is what I saw.


Carolyn had finished this lovely quilt from the Comfortable with Curves day:

student finishes1



Another student had made the disappearing 9-patch and quilted it with some super Big Stitch quilting:

student finishes2




student finishes3



I think this was Sheila’s Diappearing 9-patch:

student finishes4



And then on to Buckhurst Hill where Carol has her lovely shop, ‘Just Between Friends’.

This is her Kaleidoscope Hexagon:

student finishes5



Just great with the Big Stitch quilting:

student finishes6



She made the curves quilt too:

student finishes7



And this is Carol with her with the Spools quilt she stitched!

Carol is always busy with her shop and making us cups of tea and coffee when I am teaching there. And keeping us supplied with a lovely assortment of cakes and biscuits. She always has the class information and templates, but I never seriously thought she would have time to complete all these quilts from classes that I have taught there! Drop into the shop if you are passing as there are some lovely fabrics and a great group of ladies there to sew with!

student finishes8

Bring Me Flowers

Jen's BOM from Amitie Textiles in Australia has been the perfect antidote to the lack of flowers I have in the garden whilst the re landscaping continues.

Bring me flowers1


Bring me flowers2


Bring me flowers3


Bring me flowers4


I am working on month three, and month four might arrive in time for me to take it with me on my holidays.


This weekend I will be wondering around FOQ this Saturday so if anyone sees me, do say 'Hi!'.

And if you go over to The Quilt Room  stand and look at the long arm quilting, you might spy one or two of my quilts that I have posted about (probably years ago!) that they have on the machine actually being quilted! Yeah!

Fabrics Galore

Well, I am back from Duxford. The quilts were lovely, and the exhibition space amazing amongst the aircraft!

Here's a shot of my 'home' for the three days. It was great to chat to people and sit and stitch.

carolyn forster1

There were loads of great shops there selling the fabrics and so forth. My special treat was buying from Fabrics Galore. I brought a whole bunch of Liberty prints as they sell that at a pretty good price. The two small pieces on top right are from  Sunflower fabrics . She sells beautifully co ordinated bundles to drool over.

fabrics galore1

And the other great thing that I discovered is that Fabrics Galore are now selling on line! So we don't need to wait for a show or trog up to London. You can buy the fabrics on line! Yeah!

It is still worth seeing them when you can in the shop though, as they have so much in there it is hard to get it all on line. And I also hear they will be selling 'Hello Kitty' fabric soon. You might want to get in touch to see when that comes in!

Having a Snow day here, hope you are cosy where you are. 

My quilt in Australia!


Firstly let me get this off my chest:

Phew! I am up to date on my Grandmothers Choice

Here are the two stragglers:


bb grandmothers choice


grandmothers choice


Now my other big news, well probably bigger news really:

Here's a magazine to look out for:


carolyn forster homespun


It's the Australian magazine, Homespun, no 117, Vol 14, no. 2.

I have mentioned that one of my quilts was going to be in it, and ta da da, here it is:


Carolyn Forster homespun


The quilt is still in Australia, and should end up with Lucy of Amitie Textiles for a while. If you want the templates to cut the pieces with a rotary cutter then contact Amitie. I will have some sets too, but I have to wait a while for them to come!

Isn't the quilting world a small world!

Patchwork Dog and Quilt

I do unashamedly love it when it snows.

Having a dog means that you can't just sit inside and look out at it. So I have been out there twice a day, and it is lovely. 

I don't like all the mud and slush afterwards, but Hay Ho, can't like everything!

Just before the snow came I finished  a little quilt , 'Dogs at a Dog Show'. I have another planned where they are playing and have bones and a ball. But here they are in their best and standing straight.


And this is my dog Bosco having a sleep! You know he is asleep, because if he had been awake he would have been in the middle of the quilt, not the cushion!


Don't worry, He doesn't get this cushion or quilt to play with as they have buttons sewn on, and as we all know, that is a choke hazard.

If you have Dog you would like to sew a quilt for, or even make them a cushion, then pop along to The Patchwork Dog and Basket for date and time, and we can sew one together in their new class room!

15 Minutes of Play

At the top of my pile of books that are inspiring me at the moment is Victoria's 15 Minutes of Play. So many times I don't think I have enough time to actually create, and by reading through her book, you realise that it is all the odd minutes that can add up to something great! I love the way the quilts grow organically, and are not started with the end in sight. Too many times people want to know what it will look like before they even start!

Second in the pile is Quilts by Roderick Kirocofe. If you love the improvisational style of the Gees Bend quilts you will love this. It is a self published book of quilts from his private collection.  You order it and it is printed on demand from this site. It is so worth it! Years back I had his book on the history of quilts that is just jammed full of wonderful old quilts, lots that are not often seen.

The middle two in the pile are ones that I have wondered about getting for a long time, and now wonder what took me so long. So much inspiration and so many little ideas that just go to show that there is nothing new!

Inspiring me also has been the loan of some wonderful quilts from my friend Jill of Patchwork Dog and Basket.

Take a peek at this one:

The blank blocks have wreaths quilted in them, but what I love is the utility type quilting over the applique blocks and border:

And these shells around the edge of the wreaths:

For me to play with at the moment I have the Liberty fabrics from Fabrics Galore with a fabric friend from Eternalmaker:

They are just sitting together for a while to see what transpires!

Woven Dreams Patchwork Quilt

Today the sun is out, well for now anyway, so I got out into the garden (through all the fallen leaves), right to the end where I could take some pictures.

We have here some shots of variations on the Woven Dreams quilt from 'Jelly Roll Quilts and Gifts'.

I love making this quilt design, it grows so fast, I now need to get quilting….. time to try out some ideas from Utility Quilting!

This first one is a setting variation of the strips. I used a similar palette to the Ripples quilt in the book.

You can see my shadow in the bottom right corner: what am I doing with my fingers when I photo things????!!!

This is the regular setting and the fabrics are an old line from Moda, called Curio by Basic Grey. It is one of my all time favourites! The woven strips are an Alexander Henry line.

And this last one is the original. 

Busy teaching week this week. Eternalmaker yesterday, The Quilt Room tomorrow and Just Between Friends on Saturday. Come and say 'Hi!' if you are passing by!

Pour L’amour du Fils

I am back from France, and ready to try to share with you what a great time I had!

I flew out on the Wednesday morning and bumped into Sue and Sue on the bus going into Nantes. I was so surprised to meet two English ladies, and then to realise that I read Sue's Blog! You can see what she has to say HERE.

The show has three main parts, the shops, the Rooms with the selected quilters in and then some quilts from a challenge in a gallery area.

Today I will show some of the shops to give you a feel of the place, and what to spend your Euros on.

There were lots of stands with knitting and crochet as well as patch work fabrics. This is something that the French seem to combine very well.

There was a lot of lovely linen fabrics by a company called Stof.

And there was this stall which had vintage motifs printed onto linen:

There lovely things from the English magazine Selvedge:

And there was a stall which had beautiful old linen and monogramed linen:

It is interesting to see what is popular in France compared to here. At this show there were vintage linens, and bright Kaffee Fassett fabrics and yarns to knit and crochet with, but not a Jelly Roll in sight!

The show is very stylish as many of the stalls have strong identity. They had tempting bundles and I loved the fact that 'Fat Quaters' were called 'Coupons'!

I''ll tell you more next time, but look at these blogs for some other views of the show:

Quilts in the Barn

Material Obsession