Quilting-on-the-Go, Lewes

qotg lewes1 cialis sale usa

qotg lewes2

qotg lewes 11I was in Lewes at the weekend and could not resist a visit to my favourite shop, Patchwork Dog and Basket.

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Needless to say they had a lovely selection of fabrics, some of which came home with me:

We will be having some classes down there this autumn and by popular demand it is the Quilting-on-the-Go. purchase cialis

If you want to learn to make quilts that are portable to quilt and manageable to baste together in small sections, this is the class for you. I always find new ideas for the quilts and the block below is my current portable project to quilt. There will be lots of quilts to see to inspire you, to sew the quilt you want. The stars in the block here will have more stars appearing when the blocks go together:

You can see how I am getting on with it if you come to the class!!!

There was also this fun version of my Doggy Quilt on  display in the shop:

I think Jill made this one. I made mine having been inspired by the stuffed dogs she has in the shop that you can buy kits for. The quilt pattern is available there too.

Where will you be taking your quilting?



Misc. Monday


There has been lots going on behind the scenes, so the blog has been neglected over the last week or two. Sorry.


Apart from other things, like looking at the website and updating it with books and teaching etc… (which is still in motion, as it is down to me now to write the stuff :-[ ), I have had a busy teaching schedule. Which  really for me is what it is all about. Getting out there and sharing with people how great it is to express yourself in whatever way through your sewing!


I did also sign off on ‘Quilting-on-the-Go, Taking it Further‘. Yeah! So that should be on its way to the printing process! Can’t wait to see the real book!!!!


There have been my regular  classes, and a great trip to meet the London Quilters. Such a vibrant group, if you are a quilter who lives in London, pop along to one of their meetings, there seems to be so much going on!


In the meantime here is my desk on this sunny Monday morning:


I found this wonderful project in an old copy of ‘Green Craft Magazine‘:


sewing1Carolyn Forster






These books  need to be put on the shelf, as I have had them as my bedtime reading for a while now. The Rachel May book is an interesting read for anyone wondering what this whole ‘Modern Quilt thing’ is all about, and whether it is you, or has always been you but without the label:




And this is a block I draughted from one of the lovely Japanese books on blocks. Just laid out all the pieces ready for some appliqué:






Hope your desk has more focus than my eclectic mix here!



Quilting-on-the-Go: in the pipeline


Thanks for all of the lovely comments about the next Quilting-on-the -Go book, ‘Taking it Further’.

It has taken a while I know. Especially as I know some of you had been asking for it as soon as you had completed your quilts from book one. I always said there would be another book, as I was making more quilts that way all the time, and generating more ideas that I wanted to see and teach in quilts. But I did say not to hold your breath!

We are beavering away on the final stages of the book right now, so I am hoping for a preview when I travel to Pittsburgh in the Spring for Quilt Market!

In the meantime go and look over here at Henhouse blog. I met her a few years ago at a show and I just love her fabrics and colour choices. Her Quilt is just lovely!

This is a peak at one of the quilts from the new book, a Burgoyne Surrounded Quilt:


Quilting on the go carolyn forster1




Quilting on the go carolyn forster2




Quilting on the go carolyn forster3

Old Fashioned Inspiration

As much as I love trawling through the internet with all the amazing quilty things to see and inspire us, I really love to look through a book.

I buy a lot of books. I consider it and an investment!

This morning I looked back through some of the books I brought quite a few years ago. It is easy to over look the older books, as everything new seems so exciting. But these goodies did not let me down!


inspiring quilts1modern traditional


inspiring quilts2


inspiring quilts3


inspiring quilts4


inspiring quilts5


inspiring quilts6


And as some of you might have spied there is a new Quilting-on-the-Go book coming soon!

I know loads of you have waited an age for this. I think you will like it!


Square by Square

Happy New Year!

Lets hope 2013 holds lots of lovely quilty projects for you!

Something I stitched together before the end of 2012 was a version of Square by Square from Utility Quilting.







This one looks so different from the Low Key one I had in the book. But equally fun to sew :


I loved these fabric lines, all the crispness. A bit like all the clear crisp colours in the sunshine today, with the snow and all the different ski outfits.


I brought my knitting with me for a change. I started a sock pattern as I have wanted to knit socks for ages now. Little did I know that everyone knits them in rounds, and I managed to buy the only pattern that knits them on two needles flat!!!!

So my knitting is in a muddle at the moment, and ready to be unpicked. When I get back home I will be in search of the perfect sock pattern in a book or leaflet and I will start again. Any recommendations?

In the meantime I will unpick my sock  as far as it has gotten and start on the hand warmers, and continue with the quilting I have! At least I know I can't go wrong with my Quilting-on-the-Go!

Low Key Irish Chain

A few photos of a finished quilt from this week!

An Irish Chain quilt I made in the Quilting-on-the-Go method:

And some very organised hexagons I am working on:

Have a good stitching weekend!

Quilting-on-the-Go, goes faster!

I have been stitching some new quilts using the Quilting-on-the-Go method over the last few months (well perhaps years!), and now I need to put the blocks together.

And now to quicken up the process I have been using the amazing Heat Press Batting together tape. I know it doesn't really roll off the tongue, but it does make the quilt making process so much faster……so I can get down to the quilting! Yeah!

The tape comes in two widths, 1 1/2in and 3/4in, and in black as well as white and is easy to find in your quilt shop:

I have used both, and they are both great. Easy clean and simple to use:

This is the front of the quilt so far, a low key Irish Chain:

I just love the way I can do the fancy quilting when the project pieces are small and not cumbersome:

And with the holidays approaching I need to get some portable quilting planned (now this quilt is coming together) so I can take something with me when we travel. I already have some hexagon piecing planned.

And I know, I can't believe I am back sewing hexagons! When I first started quilting and patchwork about 30yrs ago I made hexagons, and have an unfinished quilt top to show for my efforts! But hey ho! they are still fun portable easy accurate piecing to sit and sew wherever you maybe.

Quilting-on-the-Go:nothing new!

There seems to be much discussion in the patchwork world about 'new or 'modern' ideas.

I think debate is healthy, and I enjoy hearing what people have to say, or seeing what they sew under these titles! The more people sewing and quilting the better I say, and if they think they are doing something new or modern so be it!

I am often asked about the 'quilt as you go' as most people assume that the desire to quilt your quilt in smaller manageable or portable size sections is a 'new' idea.

Those of you who have been checking out Barbara Brackman's blog will have enjoyed, as I did, her post about 'Pot Holder Quilts'. Check it out HERE.

These quilts were sewn and quilted in small sections and then put together……… in the 1880's!

I saw a similar quilt at the American Museum of Folk Art in New York last spring, and I was blown away. Let me show you.

Looks like nothing out of the ordinary from a distance:

Take a closer look at the green sashing:

You can see the different quilting in the different sections:

And this is the information card:

This quilt was made for Mary Grow in 1856!

But what I found even more amazing was that no where does it make any reference the the technique that has so obviously been used to sew the quilt! I know I can be nerdy about the construction processes that are used to make quilts, but surely this would have been worth a mention?

Of course I am now just desperate to get my hands on a copy of the book by Pamela Weeks and find out all I can about these quilts!

Creative Mojo!

Well, I definitely had my 15 minutes of fame (or nerves!) this week, when I got to chat with Mark Lipinski and Linda Lum Debono on the Creative Mojo radio show.

Listen in HERE to see how it went. I am in the first half of the show.

Mark and Linda were both so nice, and I even had a phone in caller comment on what we were talking about!

After I calmed down from that we had five minutes of sunshine in the garden the next day and I took some pictures of a little quilt I made last autumn as a combination of both my books and one of my patterns… very creative mojo!

I used the block from Japanese Stars and Lanterns, added frames (as per Quilting-on-the-Go) and then Big stitch and Tied the top (as per Utility Quilting).

Have a look and see what you think:

I used the Valdani pearl cotton no12 for the stitching and the no5 for the tying. Have a look here at the cute box of threads they do to go with the book! And the needles I use are the Bohin Betweens size 5.

Stop by the blog on Sunday as it is the start of the blog tour, and I will let you have the schedule! There will a give away at the end, too!

Quilters in Whitstable

It is always fun to visit quilting groups, and one that I go to in Whitstable is always fun, and they have great cake with tea in the afternoon! 

Last time I went Sharon showed me her version of Crayon Box from the Quilting-on-the-Go book. It is great, and she had even quilted it in Big Stitch  from the previous workshop we had done!


And this is the top that Tracey stitched from the fabric give away she won from my blog a month or so ago! It looks great, and she has time to bake the lovely cake that we eat with our tea!

Thanks Girls!