Pre Market Crunch!

I read this in a email to me today and thought ‘Couldn’t that be the name of some sort of dessert?’

Unfortunately it isn’t.  It is just a phrase to let each other know that things still need doing for Quilt Market next week, and time is running out!

I sent a quilt off this week for Makower made from thei new Katie Hana range. This will be in their booth, and I made some little pincushions which will look good on the desks of the booth with the quilt hanging in the background. If you are coming to the show, or have local shop owners attending, tell them to look out for it!.

phpHJQOUDAMkatie hana

And as neat and tidy as this picture may look, the other end of the table looks like this:


Yes, I still have a bit to do for my School House and demos on the Landauer booth! And I have lots of lists to keep me on track as things pop into my mind. But I know from experience that it all works out in the end!

Wind Blown square

Kathie wondered what the whole quilt looked like from my last post. So here it is!

phphRkHsFAMwind blown sqaure

And if you have time, go and look at the old pattern book that is being shared at Q is for Quilter. What a treat!

Ardingly Quilt Show Inspiration

I have spent my last three days at the Ardingly Quilt Show, on my stand (booth?) talking to quilters and quilting and talking some more. It is such a friendly show, and as it is ‘local’ to me I see so many familiar faces! I just love it!

I took some of these blocks to quilt:

phpBgVepHAMFannys Favourite

They are called ‘Fannys Favourite’ and it is one of the quilts for the next Quilting-on-the-Go book I will write. Great portable quilting, and I got lots done. People are so interested in watching Hand Quilting!

There is always a lovely selection of quilts and some that appealed to me were made as group quilts by the Beckenham Quilters. This is a block from an Kantha inspired piece:


I have always really enjoyed sewing that type of block, so it was a treat to see a whole quilt made from them.

This was another favourite, in wool work:


And a close up of the Dorset Buttons:

phpnYN1VHAMdorset buttons

They are a great embellishment for this type of work. I think they would look  great on the quilts Sue Spargo makes! I have used them on String Quilts too  and they just fit right in!

I am now off to unpack from the show (Ugh!), and then finish sewing my Cheddars quilt!

A bit more Quilting!

Thanks so much for the lovely comments about the hand quilting! 🙂

I agree whole heartedly agree that it is very soothing and eases you out of a stressful day.

This little piece is part of a Quilting-on-the-Go quilt that is one of my current take along projects. This is an Amish design I found on an old quilt in one of my books. It is a Sunflower, and somewhat appropriate for this time of year in the UK when the sunflowers are coming to an end and becoming bird food!


My friend Tracey came to visit yesterday, and was very taken with my thread catcher! Go take a look at the tutorial at The stitching Room and sew your own this weekend, as I think Tracey is!

Hera Markers

Lori was talking about how she marks the lines for diagonal or cross hatch quilting, and I wondered if she had ever used a Hera marker.

So many people have not experienced the wonder of a Hera marker!

php0yUbeaAM hera marker

You must excuse me as I can become almost evangelical about this tool. It is originally from Japan, and the one I use is made by Clover. It is an inexpensive tool for marking given the fact that it will never run out!

I use it to mark grids so that I can follow the line to quilt, either by hand or machine. It is great as it is non invasive, and if I mark a wrong line, when the quilt is finally washed, it will just disappear.

phpivyh5TAM hera lines

The lines last along time, so there is no rush to quilt once they are there. I mark the lines when the quilt top is on batting and backing , and if I am saftey pin or tack gun basting I do this afterwards. But if you hand baste or use 505, then you can do this once the quilt is all together!

phpweonHQAM cross hatching

This is a Burgoyne Surrounded quilt that I am working on, that I mark with a Hera for the cross hatching. It is such an easy desigh to quilt, but soooo useful and effective!

phpVChx9JAM cross hatching

Improved 9-patch


I’m off to the post office to mail my quilt up to Kaleidoscope who will be at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham this August. So even though I will not be able to make it myself this year my quilt will be able to enjoy it! And I know my quilt will be in good hands, as I’ve known Susan and her Mum for ages from all the shows that they do with their great books and fabrics. When I started out with my first book, they were so supportive, which really meant a lot!

This quilt is the Improved 9-patch block, and is so easy , but so effective as a showcase for scraps!


I hand quilted it in the all over pattern called ‘wine glass’ or ‘tea cup’.

I do love these all over quilting designs, yet not often seen today. It’s a shame as they are so easy and quick to quilt!

Workshop, Thread Bear

It rained a lot on Saturday too. I say that because it is raining and dark and grey and cold, just like last Saturday.

Last Saturday was put to good use as we had part two of the “Quilting-on-the-Go” workshop at Thread Bear.

The ladies were great, they had done their home work and we stitched all day, with some great quilts emerging from the grey day!