Seasonal Greetings


A couple of pictures and a couple of thoughts before 2013 draws to a close.

A finish here!

A little (20in x 24in) quilt I made based on an antique quilt:




It is nice to complete things. The way I work I tend to have lots of things on the go at the same time, so they all come to a finish (eventually!) at a similar time. This Boxed Diamonds top is sooooo close to completion. It will be finished before 2014! (The top that is!)




And another top destined for completion is this appliqué which is inspired by a quilt in the collection of Jill, the lovely owner of Patchwork Dog and Basket in Lewes:





And if you have time to slow down and stitch over the Holidays, also take a look at the lovely slow sewing work going on over HERE and HERE.


See you in 2014!



Win a free Jelly Roll Quilts and Gifts Book!

Don't miss out on a chance to win a free copy of Jelly Roll Quilts and Gifts!

Go over to Search Press HERE, and enter to win!

They also put up a sneak peak of a book I have been working on for them, due out in 2014. Look on their FaceBook page to see.

And if that wasn't enough one of the projects from the book is featured in 'Homemade with Love', June/July edition. Look out for that on the news stands.

The garden is moving on, so here are some pictures! Thanks to everyone who has asked after it!









And so you don't miss out on some quilty goodness in this post, here are some pictures of my Comfortable with Curves quilt (well one of them!) that I will be teaching in the autumn at the Quilt Room, Dorking:

comfortable with curves3

Look for the quilting ideas in Utility Quilting:

comfortable with curves2



comfortable with curves4

Have I shown you this?


Not having found the time to ever hand quilt this string star quilt I had Chris at The Quilt Room do it for me on the long arm.

It is great and we chose the fan design, (which I would have used if I had hand quilted it!)

string star quilt1



string star quilt2



string star quilt3



string star quilt4

My day so far:

On my cutting table this morning, a scrap block and some yardage that work well together:


As I pull open the curtains in the front sitting room I often see this though the blinds (when it's sunny!):



And on the arm of my sofa (where I left it last night) some Liberty and Linen:


On the computer this morning I am inspired by Jane and her quilting on this quilt to donate.

I really want to have go at this quilting idea!

It is the count down to Spring Market this week, looking forward to meeting lots of quilters and seeing lots of inspiring stuff!

Enjoy the long weekend!

Utility Quilting: Square Amish Waves?

Here are some shots of the quilting that I am trying out on my Bits Quilt.

This is the back of a quilt:

Utility quilting1


It seems to a square version of Amish Waves:

Utility quilting2


Utility quilting3


Any ideas where this quilting came from, or if it has a name? All these examples are from American quilts.

Utility quilting4

Calming Stitching


Don't forget that the Diamonds quilt is at Amitie Textiles, so go take peek!


diamonds ans squares2


This is an old picture taken in our garden. After this weekend there will be no more pictures of quilts in the Wendy House, as it will be gone! We are in week two of an eight week re-landscape. At present it is mud everywhere!!!! The guys are working really hard and I know it will be great……when it is done!

In the meantime a little hand stitching combined with machining to keep me calm:


Utility big stitch


Have great weekend, and thanks for the lovely comments about my Spring Applique Wreath!

Wordless Wednesday


Big basket quilt1

Just the facts:



Big basket quilt2

Inspired by an antique quilt.

Big basket quilt3


Elbow quilted, then changed to 'pepper pot' one third in. (See Utility Quilting)

Big basket quilt4


Big basket quilt5

The back side:

Big basket quilt6

Quilted with Valdani Pearl cotton size 12:

Big basket quilt7

Calm Quilts,Low Volume

Different people see different quilts from me.

In class you see the quilts to illustrate that class.

In my Talk 'How I got here today' you see my very first quilts through to my very latest creation. These are not quilts that will be in a book or a class, some of them are but lots just fill in the gaps.

In my books you see quilts that are helping me convey an idea to help you see how easy it is for you to make a quilt too.

Quilts that pop up in the magazines are just fun things to share. I enjoyed making this, so I thought you might like to make one too!

Some people think I sew quilts in certain palettes or combinations of colours. Depending on when they see my quilts that will be the case. What they don't see is when that palette is my favourite there maybe as many as half a dozen different quilts being sewn from that combination of fabrics. These quilts are very rarely get seen together. I tend to see my quilts in categories of construction rather than put them together because I used a similar palette of fabrics.

Over the summer I had a bit of a sort through and took some snaps of a sort of low volume, or what I used to call 'low key' group of quilts:


This last one is a vintage find. I sooo want to stitch this myself!

Useful Utility Quilting

While I sit and wait for the sleet to stop before I walk Bosco, I thought I would share with you some quilts Jill had on show last year at 'The Patchwork Dog and Basket.

I love this grid quilting over the tiny baskets:


Grid quilting again, all over a quilt from the same era:


Diagonal lines cover this striking quilt:


The boldness of this is great:

Look at the way the fabric for the baskets has perished. I wonder what colour it really was? Something strong to not be lost against those flowers and stems. And interesting quilting with those double lines in the background:

Check out their website for an exciting new range of workshops too. They have a new space, upstairs opposite the shop and full of space and light! It was a great venue for the quilt show they had last year, and will make a lovely studio for classes!

On March 1st I am doing a class there, so if you want to come and have a go and find out how useful Utility Quilting can be for you, give them a ring and get booked on!

If you want to hear me talking about  utility quilting and the book this week, then tune in to Mark Lipinski's Creative Mojo on Wednesday at 3pm (US EST) or over here it will be 8pm UK time.

A Tied Finish

I am loving all the quilts I see over the internet that are quilted and finished with ties and Big stitches!

I used linen thread with  'wine glass' (actually a saucepan lid in this case!) and stitch in the ditch quilt designs for this Australian bush quilt:

Have a look here at some other great quilts:

Posie Gets Cosy

Molly Flanders

Anna Maria Horner

Blue Elephant stitches, and 

Sew Create it.

These methods of finishing quilts have always worked for me. One of my first quilts was Big stitch and Tied with stranded embroidery floss through 4oz polyester wadding, and it's still looking good!

This old quilt I find inspiring:

This is what I did on my stretched Hexagons:

Have a look here for some more ideas!

Get those quilts quilted!!!