Improved 9-patch


I’m off to the post office to mail my quilt up to Kaleidoscope who will be at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham this August. So even though I will not be able to make it myself this year my quilt will be able to enjoy it! And I know my quilt will be in good hands, as I’ve known Susan and her Mum for ages from all the shows that they do with their great books and fabrics. When I started out with my first book, they were so supportive, which really meant a lot!

This quilt is the Improved 9-patch block, and is so easy , but so effective as a showcase for scraps!


I hand quilted it in the all over pattern called ‘wine glass’ or ‘tea cup’.

I do love these all over quilting designs, yet not often seen today. It’s a shame as they are so easy and quick to quilt!

Baptist Fan Quilting

You must go over here and see what these great ladies say about my favourite type of quilting!

I just love this utility quilting which goes under  so many names including Metodist wave, Baptist fan and Elbow quilting. My beginners all learn to hand quilt this way, as it is easy to mark and easy to quilt as you are always working on the bias which has the most ‘give’ and therefore it’s easier to make the stitches. And you always work in one direction so no twisting and turning to get the quiltin the right place. Please give it a go.

I have even used it on the border with Big stitch quilting here:


And I saw this lovely example on this great quilt for auction on ebay the other day:



Whatever  quilt you use this on it will look great, believe me! If anyone wants more information on how to go about it, let me know, incase I am brave enough to do a tutorial!?

Amish 9-Patch


Leading on from my last post, I thought you might like  to see an Amish style quilt that I made. I think it leads on as I thought the wasing line looked a bit Amish!?

Anyway, this is still one of my favorite quilts and I made it about 10years ago.

Have a look here for some more inspiring Amish quilts.



I know it is not time for Wimbledon Tennis just yet, but the lovely sunny English weather today made me think about it. So here is a quilt that I cut out one year whilst the tennis was on, pieced it over the year and started to quilt it the next year during the tennis! This quilt took its time, but I think is worth it. It makes me think of the tennis from the Fred Perry era when the tennis whites were that creamy white!