Kathy Doughty

One of the highlights of the Nantes show was that Kathy Doughty from Material Obsession in Australia was visiting.

She has a new book out with Quiltmainia.

Kathy's quilts just always contain such a wonderful selection of fabrics:

Talking to one of the many visitors to her Maison at the show:

And here in her class on Friday showing us how and where to place the templates for different effects the fabric would give:

These are a few of the completed blocks from the afternoon:

Left to Right- David, sorry don't know your name, me, lady from Hagen Waagenmakers, Holland.

We could choose from pre selected fabric packs, and as ever it was interesting to see how people put the fabrics together. David had the same pack as me. His block was great, it made me think of a New York skyline in his fabric selection!

And this was Kathy's quilt from a great Denyse Schmidt line:

And needless to say, the book is just great, get yours ordered now!

A Pot Pourri of a Post!

There's a little bit of everything in this post!

I had a great day last weekend when I taught the Spools workshop at Natterjack Quilters.

One of the questions I was asked in the day was 'How many spools do most people get sewn in the day?'

Well I said then that I had not really ever been counting, but I can tell you now, no group had made a whole quilt top in the day. Until the Natterjacks did!

Here is the top:

And here are the lovely ladies:

They were sewing it from donated fabric and were aiming to complete it and the raise some money for Cancer Research and their local church. I think that is right, such a lovely group and great causes!

Around here the sewing has been a bit on the slow side. However, I am to catch up over the next fews weeks as we are away to France to ski, and I take some stitching to do too!

I will be working on these 'Rose Star One Patch' blocks from The Quilters Album of Patchwork Patterns by Jinny Beyer.

This is what I have done so far:

I plan on sewing about nine, but I will see how it goes, as they are very large. I should have put a ruler for scale in the shot!

For more quilty inspiration whilst I am away go take a look at what Jane has sewn this week from the Blue fabrics!

And a quilt I have long admired as Lori has been working on it is this. I just love this, and she has done such great job!

See you all after Easter!

Great Scrappy Quilts

I had a fun day teaching at Shirley Quilters, Croydon on Saturday.

We were working on string quilts and blocks, which fitted in nicely with the Utility Quilting in my new book. Both give quick results, and are quite relaxed and forgiving in their working methods!

This is the array of work done by the end of the day:

In the meantime, Angela had brought along her Japanese Stars and Lanterns quilt which she made from the tutorial I did for Justhands-on.tv. It is a lovely quilt!

And Shirley brought along her spools quilt which she started on a class with me before Christmas. Quick work on these addictive scrap blocks!

Don't forget to catch up with the Blog Tour on Monday, and see what folks say about the new book!

Leave a comment, and you could be in with a chance to win the goodies bundle!

Start with Stars

Teaching for 2012 kicked off with a great start this last weekend with ladies at Three Bridges, Crawley stitching 'Japanese Bag of Squares'. A busy day, with most ladies stitching all four bags – Well done!

This Wednesday 'Start with Stars' begins at The Quilt Room Dorking. And to get you in the mood for that, this is what the ladies from the course at the end of 2011 made:

Well done Ladies!

And on Friday, the Spring Quilt Show is at Ardingly. So come and say 'Hi!'

What a great quilting start to 2012!

Almost Finishes!

A couple of quilts that i have been working on recently:

I have sewn this over the Summer and really been enjoying it. It is the quilt for my basic applique class at The Quilt Room in Dorking. I had pondered sewing this for a while, and am really glad I did!


This is the most recent in a line of Spools quilts that I stitched. In fact this was sewn from the blocks that did not work out in a Quilting-on-the-Go version of the quilt. They were all too yellow. So I made a few more to have a top 36in square, then added the deepest border I dared! I really like this look. You see it in quilts from the turn of the 1800's.

Go over and see what Nicky had to say about the workshop she came to to sew the spools quilt. She also has a better picture of the above top!


And last but not least:

These blocks have been sitting around for a while, as I was not sure when I put them out to view them, they were too heavy looking. So I used some more cream on the corners, and was pleased with the simple transformation. However, I now would like a border, probably applique, so I guess they will be sitting around for another year now. Talk about slow burn!

And now here are some quilts, some of which are finished from some lovely ladies who attend some of my classes!

These Kaleidoscope Hexagon quilts are both from Nicky (Mrs sew and sow blog):

These are by Tracy:

Japanese Stars and Lanterns:

Kaleidoscope Hexagon:

And this is by Sandra:

A version of the Japanese Stars and Lanterns that she had sewn prior to the workshop!

Aren't they all just great!!!

And lastly……..

Those of you who know about my love of the Material Obsession Blog, will realise who excited I was to see Kathy has a book coming out next year. She has worked with Quiltmania, and we all know how great their books are! I can hardly wait.

Quilters in Whitstable

It is always fun to visit quilting groups, and one that I go to in Whitstable is always fun, and they have great cake with tea in the afternoon! 

Last time I went Sharon showed me her version of Crayon Box from the Quilting-on-the-Go book. It is great, and she had even quilted it in Big Stitch  from the previous workshop we had done!


And this is the top that Tracey stitched from the fabric give away she won from my blog a month or so ago! It looks great, and she has time to bake the lovely cake that we eat with our tea!

Thanks Girls!

Quilting-on-the-Go, Now in stock!!

For those of you have who have been waiting for the new print run of Quilting-on-the-Go, you will be pleased to know that they are now here! I have sent some out to The Quilt Room and to The Cotton Patch, and other shops will get them shortly! Thanks for waiting!

Those of you who are eager to see my new book, Utility Quilting, well not long now! I will see the proofs at the start of September, and I think it will be ready for Quilt Market in October! Hang in there! 

I have been stitching away today at some ideas for a class at The Eternal Maker later in the autumn. It is strange to be thinking of the autumn when we hopefully have a few more weeks of Summer ahead of us! If only it would stop raining!

And this is something I played with just for the heck of it. Amazing how when I have so much else to stitch that I find time to fiddle with something new!

Yes, there are some spools blocks lurking behind these Window Pane blocks. They are patiently waiting to be sewn together!

Hand Applique for the Summer

I don't do a lot of applique but sometimes the urge over comes me and I embark on a project. Needless to say, that the fact that I don't do much applique doesn't stop me buying books about it and downloading the patterns for this lovely quilt regularly!

The quilt I am sewing this summer is from Mississippi Quilts by Mary Elizabeth Johnson.

My blocks are 20" square based on the size of the original quilt. I draw it out roughly then refine it with templates that I have cut from card.

I use  a freezer paper technique and tacking to make the shapes. Pin them all in place with Clover Applique Pins, and stitch away!

The freezer paper comes out before the last stitches enclose the shape.

And then I added the flower middles.

The fine stems were sewn in a chain stitch as the ones in the original were embroidered too. I used Valdani Pearl cotton no.8.

I plan on sewing 9 of these, but the original quilt has 16. I will see how I go!

Quilt Addition

This is a new old quilt for my collection.

It is a signature quilt. The dates span the late 1890's to early 1910. We have had fun speculating about why and who the quilt was for. The quilting is very fine.

Also for those of you who I see at classes and workshops, and I am often snapping away with my camera and then never seem to get around to posting about the fun day we had on the class. Sorry, I will try to show more of the class pictures in the future!

In the meantime, pop over to Quay Quilters Blog and see what she had to say about our String Quilt Block class at 'Oast Quilters' in May.


Scrappy spools, with scrappy borders.

This is my sort of quilt, when I ran out of one thing for the border, I added another!

The spools (Klosjes) were stitched from my basket of  2 1/2" strips either by machine when I was sitting at it, or by hand when I was out and about. And as often happens it was quicker to stitch than I anticipated!

Come and stitch your own with me at The Eternalmaker on Sat 2nd July!