Students quilts

Well, the computer situation is getting a bit better. My biggest problem is lack of pictures, and especially the lack of shots from Houston, as I had not backed them up before the computer died!!


So today I thought I would show you some pictures of quilts by students from some of the classes I teach, or have taught. Often in classes you see the start of the quilt, but never find out the end results.

Sometimes though I get an email from a past student and it is like Christmas, as they show me what the finished quilt looks like! This igreat, and is often accompanied by where the quilt is now, who it was sewn for etc… I really do appreciate these emails! So exciting!

Sheila Linnel stitched this from a project I did for Sew Hip Magazine, and the one below from a class,'the quilt that quilts itself'!

This is from Ria Grand who stitched stitched this Kaleidoscope hexagon in record time!

This is a quilt from   Vivien Hopkins who stitched it from the new Stripy sampler pattern.

And this is by Kate Evans who stitched the quilt based on a class I did at Thread Bear, south Croydon:

Well done Everyone!

Simply done!

This is an exciting time of year with classes starting up, and so many quilts at the start of their lives!

I had to start up a new quilt this weekend when I realised that I had no sampler quilt to stitich for the Big Stitch classes coming up this week! Yeek!

So this quickly sewn top came into being with very little effort! I will be quilting it in my Big Stitch classes throughout the year unless I get over keen and decide to finish it, and then I am back to square one, with no quilt to demo on.

I must keep myself under control!




And a quilt that required a whole lot more effort was shown to me this week when Jilly from my 'Adavnced' class brought her complete top in to show.

Great job Jilly!!

And with all this creativity around I sat back in a moment of weakness and brought myself a pin cushion by Victoria of Silly boodilly fame.

Other people are just so talented!

Just to let you know!

My Take and Teach at Quilt Market in Houston this year is based on my new Kaliedoscope Hexagon pattern. But don't worry we are not sewing the whole quilt, just having a taster with a pincushion!

So if you are over there register and come along! It is on Monday 1st November, class 501.

And for those of you, closer to home I am starting a regular class ain Bells Yew Green, Tunbridge Wells in January 2011.

Email me for details! It's a Monday morning, 9-15am to 12-15pm

Hever Castle Show

Well, better late than never! It was over a week ago now, but I thought I would share a couple of pictures that made the show a real treat for me!

As well as all of the great quilts hung, there were two small exhibitions from Pat Salt and Dinah Travis. These two incredibly talented ladies taught fro many years in Kent, and I loved their work.

This is by Pat Salt:

and a close up:

This is by Dinah Travis:

And a close up:


I so admire the way that they use stitchery in their work!

My new pattern was shown at the show, and was a great success!

It comes with acrylic templates for rotary cutting and marking for hand piecers, so pleases everyone.

It is £10-95 and I have them or order it from The Quilt Room.

Inspiring Students

Sometimes I really wonder who benefits from my classes the most, me or the students!

Many a time I will leave the class at the end of the day with my mind buzzing with ideas inspired by the work that the students have created! A point in case was last Saturday when I taught Kaliedoscope Hexagons at 'Just Between Friends' . And I saw this lovely post by Angeliki, one of the students. She was inspired too!

My beginners class had their last lesson this week and it was great to some of the quilts that they had sewn inspired by the ones I made. They are always all so different.

This was Nics:

And this was Catherines:

And if you would like to see lots of quilts this weekend , go along to the show  at Sandown Park Race course in Esher, Surrey.   You will also see the quilt from the front of the current Fabrications magazine, which I made, inspired by the quilts from the Perkiomen Valley area PA, USA.

It doesn't really matter if you are inspired by the quilts of the past , or those of the present, just so long as you sew quilts!     

And if you are able to spare some minutes to help in the feild of discovering why we quilt and what is inspiring us, read on, and click to fill in the survey.


Dear colleague,
As a quilting and/or patchwork enthusiast, you are an integral part of the textile community. As the national body representing quilting and patchwork in The British Isles, it is important that The Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles understands your expectations and needs to ensure we are providing the best possible service to that community. To help develop this understanding we would appreciate it if you could take a few moments to complete a short online survey.The answers you provide will be totally anonymous. Should you choose to disclose your identity this will not be associated with any of your responses. The answers provided will only be used for the purposes of this research and will not be divulged to any other bodies. You will not be under any obligation to join the Quilters’ Guild of The British Isles, however if you would like to find out more please visit the website:
The responses from this survey will inform a body of research which will be used by The Quilters' Guild of The British Isles in their future work. Jacqui Corcoran, a postgraduate student at Sheffield Hallam University, will undertake the research, which will form the basis for the dissertation element of her MA Cultural Policy and Management

The survey will be available until Wednesday 30 June 2010 and can be completed here:

Thank you for your time

Kind regards

Jacqui Corcoran

And the Calico Cat

Things are starting with ‘C’ today in this post!

Yetserday I spent the day teaching my ‘Comfortable with Curves’ worshop at The Quilt Room in Dorking. We had fun and were very productive. There was general agreement that these blocks are very addictive and will keep us busy over the summer!

phpzHxOL8AM curves


For those of you who want to have a go there class at Puddleducks in Sevenoaks on Tuesday 17th of May, so come along!

And my other ‘C’ thing is the Calico Cat!


Although we don’t have cats I do like the sewn versions! I have had this little cushion for over 15yrs, sitting in my guest room, and yes, one day I will sew my own version!

Spring Greens

We moved the clocks forward yesterday, so for a brief moment we have lost and hour! Just think what I could have done in that hour! I will have to save that activity and do it in the hour when we move the clocks back again in the Autumn. So now it is Summer Time and Spring is here. There is a lot of greenery fighting through in the garden, including this Thyme plant. Getting bushier by the day!


That yellowy green has been a favourite for many years, and over those years I have collected some great fabrics in those colours.


phpGXQr7AAMspring greens

And yesterday seemed the perfect time to use them in a fresh quilt for the Spring!

phpgXiO2cAM spring stars

This will be a great quilt to finish off with some Tying and Big Stitch quilting. If you’ve not yet tried this then look out for a class, and find out how quick you can quilt your quilts. There is a new one day class at The Wandering Line in Purley, Surrey  on Tuesday 13th May. So if you are in the area, book the date and come along!

Isle of Wight Workshop

A busy week has just gone by in a flash!

I finished off this quilt:

phpjVsTZZAMbows and butterflies

I inserted ric rac into the binding for that lovely wavy look on the edge!

phpxBUyDVAM close up

I now have to think of more ways to use this amazingly huge ric rac now that I know it comes in so many great colours! It’s available from The Eternal Maker, if you can’t find it on line, just give them a call!

And all of this before I went to give a talk and a workshop to Vectis Quilters on the Isle of Wight! Yes, across the water on the ferry:


They are a great bunch of ladies, and it was great to see so much quilting happening on the island. We made Wagga Waggas (Australian bush quilts)  in the workshop which are great fun for a quilt top to finish in a day!


 And who knows, I may think of a use for the ric rac on  one of my next those too!

Work in Progress

The work on the Hexagon Kaleidoscope is coming along. (Except that I don’t think I can spell it yet!!)

There was the planning…. so how big should I make mine?


Then there was sewing more, and more….


and now I think I’ve made 130, so…. only 70 more to go!!

phpF6ofKKAMcarolyn forster

Ebay Blues

A while back I saw this quilt on Ebay… and I REALLY wanted it!


Needless to say, I did not ‘win’ it. I was disappointed, but thought that one day I would sew one of my own! One day!

Then this quilt was drawn to my attention:

phpj3kciAAM ebay

This time I didn’t bother with the anguish of loosing, I just set about sewing my own! Those of you who have seen me lately will have seen me sewing the blocks, and if you want to make one with me then look out for classes in 2010 at The Quilt Room, Dorking!