How did I sew without one?


I have seen these finger pincushions for an age now. And I thought, that looks useful, I wonder if it really is? But not buying one and for some reason thinking that the 15min it would take to stitch one was not 15minutes that I had, I never got round to it. average cost of viagra per pill


But I kept thinking about them, so the other day I bit the bullet and got down to it.


And REALLY, why have I not made one before?

It was so quick, and it is now soooo useful, I thought I would share with any of you who have never seen one, let alone made one, how to stitch one.


Take a 4 1/2in square of fabric:

finger pincushion02 generic viagra


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Fold in half diagonally RS together. Stitch along the aligned raw edges using 1/4in seam allowance. (Sorry I forgot to use a contrasting thread for photography purposes!) On the second side leave a gap in the middle of about 1in:

finger pincushion03


finger pincushion04


Snip the excess fabric from the corners :

finger pincushion05


Turn RS out and poke out the corners:

finger pincushion06



Stuff with polyester toy stuffing or similar: buy viagra generic

finger pincushion07 where can i buy cialis online


Stitch closed:

finger pincushion08


Pull the two corners on the long side of the triangle around to meet, and holding them securely, over lap and stitch together:

finger pincushion09



And that is it, all finished:

finger pincushion10


I use it on my left hand index finger, as I am right handed, but really you just pop it on whichever finger you feel comfortable with:

finger pincushion12


finger pincushion13


finger pincushion14


So if you have few minutes to spare today, you can make one of these and then transform your stitching life!

Happy stitching!



Summer is moving on and deadlines for work are too.

Over the summer we have adventures planned DownUnder, so the blog will be on vacation for the next month or so.

When I come back I can’t wait get stuck into this pile of scraps that has grown over the last few weeks. Such exciting possibilities from all the bits left over!




My more immediate pile of concern is my stitching whilst away. Instead of the pressure of starting something new, I went with projects that have been on hold, if not forgotten for a while now. Nothing mind blowing, just good solid hand piecing to while away moments.



And now just to select a patchwork book to browse while away!




Have great summer, wherever you will be stitching!

The Slow Sew


We have been enjoying the sunshine both here and the other weekend down near Tenterden in Kent.

I was lucky enough to go with friends to a Mandy Pattullo workshop at the Sew Not Strawberry Jam Studio.

The day was such an inspiration. Lots of hand work and and wonderfully inspiring pieces from Mandy, as well as the just beautiful gardens surrounding the studio.


Take a look!


Stitchery worked on an old quilted piece:


Mandy Pattulo day




I would really like to make one of these books. I had seen them on Mandy’s Blog, but seeing them in person inspired me to think about starting one:








The outside of the studio and some of the lovely garden:





I am working on a piece inspired by this one by Mandy:





And in the same vein, if you don’t already know, Mark Lipinski is starting a new (ad)venture, The Slow Sewing Blog.


If like me you love the process and the outcome  and enjoy the meditative process of hand work in your quilts, then look on the new Blog.


It will be exciting to see and hear what people think!

Classic meets Modern Quilt Along


I am venturing into new territory here. You might want to join in too!

Take a look over at Erin’s Blog, Sew at Home Mummy to see what you need to do.

This is my version of the block for January:

modern meet classic quilt along


Might I see some of you over there?

New Bag Try Out

Amongst all my quilty stitching I get the urge every once in a while to make a bag. 

So I made this one from some spare fabric. It is a pattern that I got a good while back from Betsy Ross patterns. They no longer exist, but I think that there are probably similar designs out there. This is a toile if you like (or a try out) as I wanted to see how it all came together before stitching one from my first choice fabric.

Here it is amongst other bags……can't have too many can you?

New Bag 1


New Bag 2


New Bag 3

I lined it with some Liberty fabric:

New Bag 4


The next one I make will be in some bright Echino fabric as I want to use it to take my stuff to the beach when we go on holiday.

More patchwork next time, I promise!

Bring Me Flowers

The pattern has arrived and the folder to keep it all in has been purchased:

Bring me flowers

Just need to think about stitching now!

I will definitely be looking out for the new things from Jen at Amitie Textiles in Portland at Quilt Market next week!

Leftovers Top

This  quilt was put together yesterday from pieces left over from a class I took with Susan Briscoe a couple of years ago.

I saved the 'spare' pieces as I like the combinations. Whilst having a tidy up in an effort to keep on top of things yesterday, I came across them in the back of the cupboard.

The quilt top I originally stitched has not been quilted yet as I am still in two minds about the way to quilt it. I know, you'd think life was too short, but hey ho, don't want to do something I don't like, and is there a rush?

So when I put these leftovers together I knew how to quilt it even before I laid it on the batting!


Bits quilt1


I took these pictures after I had just started the basting. I was going to safety pin, but it didn't feel right, and as it is a small quilt, about 50in, I went ahead with hand basting.

Bits quilt2


I started the quilting last night. Big stitch with Valdani Pearl Cotton no 12. I'll let you see the design in the next post (which I have been obsessing about for years now).

It seems to be a variation on Elbow Quilting, and I have a few vintage quilts worked in it. Just had to wait for the right top to come along to try it out on!

I'll take some pictures to let you have look next time.


If you need a quick project to keep your sewing MOjo up, take a look at what Lori stitched this week. So sweet, might find time for that before the dog walk!



Julie Arkell Workshop

Amongst the busy summer we had, I spent some time at West Dean College with some lovely ladies all as enthused as I about Julie Arkell.

Under  her gentle guidance we stitched our worlds of flowers and rabbits, clocks and bugs!

Here's how I got on!

These are some of my inspirational fabrics:

My desk whilst working:

My pebble:

Some of my finished pieces including the rabbit and pebble as well as the a brooch and pocket watch:

It was so lovely to sit and sew and play with fabrics in a different way to my usual way of working!

Really relaxing and let your mind wonder onto other ideas!

Another way to ignite the creativity is to look out for Victoria's new book, '15 Minutes Play' out in the Autumn. I can't wait! 

Wednesday Pieces

Been having a little play with some ideas that have inspired me, so instead of wondering and filing them away I got on and stitched. A bit like Victoria says in her 15minutes play.….. it really does help liberate your creativity!

Congratulations on the new book Victoria, can't wait for it to hit the shops!

I saw this quilt over at  Nifty Quilts , and just had to have ago at the block:

I used a quick method with a Half Square Triangle ruler, and although it means all the bias is on the out side edge of the block, due to the speed of making it I think I could forgive it that!

I made a little bitty bag:

Really cute, not my usual sewing thing, and I made the pattern up as I went!

Then I saw this quilt from 1910 in a Japanese magazine:

I played around, and have now started my own:

Again, not the sort of thing I usually sew as each blocks colour choice links to the next, so there is a bit of planning and some organisation involved. To help with the organising I ironed and cut lots of fabric  so I can just dig in and sew. I think mine will be more scrappy than the original, but I will see what emerges!

To see what others have stitched this weekend, why not go over the the Fat Quaterly Blog where you can see how much everyone enjoyed the Retreat!

Out of the Blue Stitching

Well, even though there are other things that have priority in my stitching time at the moment, I could not resist starting a quilt from the scraps left from the Give Away!

The range is Blue form Makower. I like it when the name of the range is simple!!

And those of you who know I am big fan of Gwen Marston, will be as excited as me to see she has anew book coming out. Check out her website!

I must start saving my pennies!