Happy New Year!

Well day two of 2012 has given us some lovely sunshine, so despite the mud under foot (due to day one of 2012 being grey and wet), I ventured out to get some shots of things I have been stitching.

Today it is the turn of the Squares and Diamonds quilt that I have made from the new line from Moda, 'A Stitch in Color' by Malka Dubrawsky.


It spent a long time in this state on the floor of my sewing room:

But happily now looks like this:

As is my way with these sorts of designs, I am keeping the wavy edge. It will be a pain to bind, but worth it!

The black fabric is 'Heath' from Alexander Henry and of the Moda fabric I used a bundle of fat eighths:

So at the moment this is a flimsy, waiting to be quilted. I wonder if that will take me until next year!?

Good wishes for your stitching for 2012!

Kimono Bag

Well, the Squares and Diamonds quilt had a bit of a set back this week.

I got muddled up with the rows, and mistakenly unpicked about half of the quilt thinking I had the wrong rows stitched!! I know, don't go there!

Back on track now though, phew!

So in need of a little light relief from that muddle, I started sewing a couple of little Christmas gifts for two friends who I work with when I teach at The Quilt Room. They know (and now you will too), that I love the Japanese patchwork and bag books.

This is my shelf:

And I have been boring them with my stitching of this bag (from the cover of this book) for a few weeks now:

And now I have finally sussed it out, I thought it only right that they be the recipients of the much discussed bag!

It is a deceptively simple idea, as lots of Japanese bags that I like, seem to be. Two rectangles of different fabric give the bag it's outside. 

Which you line, and then each side turns into the handle and closure:

And in a flowery mode:

So there you go! All's well in the end, and now I am back to the Squares and Diamonds quilt!

The ISBN of the book, for those of you who are interested, is : 978-4-579-10979-1.


There have been a couple of quilts that people are sewing on-line that I have enjoyed looking at, and this week I have sewn exploratory blocks, not to make the whole quilt, but just to see how I feel now that I have had a go!

This first one is from a quilt in the Tokyo Quilt show this year. You can see it here. Bad skirt blog also has a tutorial, but I just based my blocks on a 2in grid, so it is slightly bigger!

I also liked this variation, as I shuffled the bits around before sewing it together!

The other block I have seen a lot of lately is the Union Jack! I even saw some sewing patterns for sale for this at Quilt Market!

I made mine from 'Lily's Quilts' website tutorial here.

Thanks Girls for the great tutorials!

And last but not least, take a look at this exhibition in the US if you are remotely drawn to hexagon quilts. Many of you know I sew mine really large, I mean with big shapes to make them grow fast, but I still love looking at the intricate ones!

Click here, and scroll down to see all of the quilts!

Have a good weekend!

Slow Poke Quilters


I am often asked about the number of quilts that I sew, and the answer is really that I love the process.

Yes I love the finished quilts, but really I like the whole planning, fabric selection and the stitching part of the quilt! And the other day I came across a button over here. Which is for people like me to proudly admit that we like the process!

And although I am busy stitching here I don't seem to have been very handy with the camera!

So here are some very good shots (not taken by me, but by Colin!) of my Kaliedoscope Hexagon quilt that will be my new pattern in the Autumn.

Enjoy! Whether it's the stitching or the looking!

Happy New Year!

Well, we are getting back to normal here after the Christmas and the New Year holidays.

I managed to squeeze in some stitching, but first let me tell you that Lori is having a quilt-along over at her site. It is a Dolly Quilt called Cheddar  and Crackers. It is based on an antique quilt which I loved, that she had as her header sometime last year. I figured that I would join in as 1)I have never done a Quilt-along and, 2) I have never made a Dolly Quilt. So two new things for me in 2010! This is how far along I am  with it:

phpI17odFAMloris quiltalong

I think I have a chance of completing this as it is little, but I must now get out my design board so I can plan my layout.

One of the quilts that I put together (I had started it earlier in 2009),over the holiday was this Star Quilt.


I really liked the idea of grouping the four stars together as a block, and then adding wide sashing. I like  the top, but I think if I do another in this setting, I will use wider sashing to separate the four star blocks. I was not quite brave enough this time! I have also sewn all of the Ninepatch Pinwheels together now, but then got distracted by a hexagon top:

phpltmvl1AMgiant hexagons

This is a follow on from my Hexagon themed tops I am making. (Yes, the Kaliedoscope Hexagons, are all complete, and some are sewn into rows already!)

So I don’t feel that I have left 2009 with too many incomplete quilts…. I have finished almost as many as I have started for 2010!

Work in Progress

The work on the Hexagon Kaleidoscope is coming along. (Except that I don’t think I can spell it yet!!)

There was the planning…. so how big should I make mine?


Then there was sewing more, and more….


and now I think I’ve made 130, so…. only 70 more to go!!

phpF6ofKKAMcarolyn forster

Off on a Tangent

I am sure I am like everyone else…. I have deadlines in all directions, and yet I still seem to find the time to start projects and not finish them. I think this is because I get an idea and just need to to see it in fabric! Often after that I feel happier and can go back to what I was supposed to be sewing or writing. And I put the project in my cupboard.


So why with a cupboard like this did I start these:phprlvz0sam-baskets


It seems that everyone is doing them, and I thought I would do a few, after all I don’t have to make them all do I? (Take a look at the beautiful book that the quilt is in: ‘When the Cold Wind Blows’, and you’ll see that you need 291!!!)

Thanks Barb and Alma!

But they do seem rather addictive!

Sage Bud Quilt

Lots of the quilts that I sew find their origins in books of old quilts. So I have a lot of books!

One such book is Plain and Fancy by Anita Schorsch that my friend Jennifer gave me many years ago.


In this book there are some lovely old quilts from the Pennsylvanian Germans, and this one took my fancy:


This quilt is called Nine-patch, which it is I suppose , but the 9-patches are actually Sage Bud blocks sewn from calico and the background of the block is in a print. I really like this reversal of the fabrics, so there is more calico than print in the quilt. A great way to make our favourite fabrics go further!

I have started my version, but I am not in a rush!


Spring Planting

flower pot

Today it is raining so there is no chance to be outdoors planting my pansies and pots ready for the summer. I will have to content myself with fabric plant pots courtesy of an old Ruby McKim pattern.

Better Sewn Than Not

I need to stitch another Patchwork Bear to send out as a class adertisement. As I had some red  5″ squares cut I have sewn them together into a patchwork ready to cut them up for bear body parts! 

Before I sewed the squares I was not that fussed by them, but now they are together I am thinking is this the start of a simple quilt? Is this the centre of a medallion quilt? Basically they look a lot more exciting sewn together that they did in a pile!

The moral here is that it is better sewn than not!

Or they could still become a bear!

red squares