Isle of Wight Workshop

A busy week has just gone by in a flash!

I finished off this quilt:

phpjVsTZZAMbows and butterflies

I inserted ric rac into the binding for that lovely wavy look on the edge!

phpxBUyDVAM close up

I now have to think of more ways to use this amazingly huge ric rac now that I know it comes in so many great colours! It’s available from The Eternal Maker, if you can’t find it on line, just give them a call!

And all of this before I went to give a talk and a workshop to Vectis Quilters on the Isle of Wight! Yes, across the water on the ferry:


They are a great bunch of ladies, and it was great to see so much quilting happening on the island. We made Wagga Waggas (Australian bush quilts)  in the workshop which are great fun for a quilt top to finish in a day!


 And who knows, I may think of a use for the ric rac on  one of my next those too!

Old Quilts and New

This week has been busy, more busy than I had anticipated. I still have a list of stuff to get done, and it looks very similar to when I wrote it last Monday afternoon!

First off, my copy of Sew Hip arrived, and I could see in print lots of things I had worked on during the Summer for them. I was busy!

Then on Friday I was at Creative Quilting in Surrey as a student on a day class with Lilian Hedley.

phpH8P4c7AM Lilian Hedley

I was so excited about this. Lilian is an expert on Durham and North Country Quilting in the UK.


 She had been a pupil of Amy Emms and she had so many interesting stories and information that she had learnt form the women who quilted these quilts. It was fascinating to hear how these patterns on the whole cloth quilts were ‘designed’. We worked on a cushion size sample using templates that Lilian supplied. Time just sped by! So thanks to Issy for organizing the visit (in conjunction with Region 1 of the The Quilters Guild).


And now today I need to get some pictures of the Perkiomen Valley quilts for the information for the class I will teach in France next September. This class is such fun as there are so many different quilts that you can sew just from a basic block, it will be a good job we are there for a week, as on the day class we just scim the surface. We can really get our teeth into our quilts…. so to speak!

And I need to get packed , as I fly out to Houston next week for Quilt Market and then Festival.I thought I had more time, but when I read about Rosalie  referring to the number of sleeps before she flies out… I thought, ‘Wah! Better get started!!!’

I will let you know how much fun it was when I get back!

Cosy Evenings

Now it is September, there is a slight nip in the air early morning. I love that!

The evenings are starting to draw in giving you that nice cosy feeling that leaves you ready to hunker down with a good bit of quilting to while away the evening. One of the quilts I have just bound is in those colours evocative of autumn.

phpU9yd7fAMstar gazing adaption

It is adapted from the Star Gazing pattern in the book by Bonnie Hunter, ‘Scraps and Shirt tails’. It is such a fun pattern to sew! We are having a class on it down at Patchwork Dog and Basket in Lewes in December, and I’m sewing the quilt in greens and reds for Christmas! It seems like I am wishing my life away with  looking so far ahead!

Looking even further ahead, this time next year, yes 2010, I am booked to teach in France!!!

I will be at Hors des Brumes, a lovely house in south west France. It will be great fun, patchwork (the project we are working on is the Perkiomen Valley Quilts, so that should keep us busy!), French food and wine, relaxing countryside, tranquility….. oh yes and don’t forget the sewing!!!

I love teaching this class, and over the years have made numerous quilts using  Split Nine Patch and Hayes Corner blocks. There are soo many variations to sew, it is difficult to know where to start, and when to stop!

My most recent top is this, an actual Perkiomen Valley quilt. It turned out quite large, and then I put a border on (102″x 102″), so the picture shows about a quater of the quilt as it was all that I could fit in the camera frame!!

phpZ3mDiOAMPerkiomen valley quilt

So near and yet so far!

Well, here we are, back from a gloriously sunny Brittany in France. I sat on lots of beaches, and we ate lots of French food, and generally relaxed. So now I am back I am rearing to go, tidy up, sort stuff out and get ready for the schools to go back and for my teaching schedule to begin.

I stitched in France, and brought a few magazines, but where we were was not ‘patchwork central’! I did however see this lovely floor in a restraunt that made me think of patchwork.

phpnQxTfhAM floor France

I was however very close to a great patchwork shop in the UK each time we drove in and out of Portsmouth for the ferry. We drove right by Chichester which is where Eternalmaker has their shop. BUT, they have just moved, and what was good before, is just amazing now:

phpf1WFFhAM Eternalmaker shop

The new address is: 41, Terminus Road, Chichester, PO19 8TX.

Check out the website , but if you can, visit the shop. They do lovely buttons and fabrics, and they have a School House coming up in October, where you can try out lots of different classes over the weekend. It is such fun! But I have not yet set foot in the new shop, due to ferry times, it was closed! (Anna let me use her picture from the blog to show you here.)

And as if to compensate for the lack of patchwork shops on my visits to France this summer, I will be seeing plenty when I go to Houston in October! I am visiting for Market and Festival, so I will definitely have my fill then. Are any of you going?

More Hera Marker Goodness

Well, it seems that others of you out there might quite like their Hera markers too! Amy and Anita like theirs, and Lori has now brought one, so I hope she likes it too! Take a look at Lori’s Irish chain quilt that she has finished… in 2 weeks flat. I definitely think it is pretty fast!

Over here at Linen and Raspberry, Jean shows how to use the Hera to mark grids for applique placement. And this is a picture that I found in my files of a Hera being used to help make really narrow bias stems.


PLEASE let me know if this picture is yours, or you know whose it is? It was a really helpful tip, and for the life of me I can’t find where I noted its source…. and I would have preferred to give a link.

Although the Hera I use most often is the Clover one, I have alovely Japanese one that I brought from here.

In the same vein as the Hera marker, North Country and Welsh quilts have been marked by scoring the fabric, and these women would use a bodkin or tapestry needle stuck in a cork (to act like a handle). And if you are really desparate I have marked the odd line with my thumb nail…. it does the same job, but I wouldn’t want to do a lot with it!!

I am off to the land of Marie Claire Idees and Quilt Mania  (ie France) for a holiday, so I am busy packing. The Boys have wet suits and body boards, while I have an ever growing pile of stitching!


holiday sewing

While I am away I have a quilt in Fabrications Magazine. It is the Antique Hourglass. I can’t wait to see the article, as they always do such a nice job!

Enjoy your August!

Easter Hoildays

Well, I am gradually getting back into the swing of home life again after a break away at Easter.

I did some stitching whilst away, surprise surprise! But the biggest surprise of all was this sewing machine on display at the hotel where we stayed! And it was on my floor, just a few feet from my door!

singer sewing machine austria


I went to Lewes yesterday.

 There are some lovely buildings there. These are my favourites:


And I also visited The Patchwork Dog and Basket of course!

Quilt shops


I have been on a short break to New York. I just love it there. Each time I visit I wonder if I will still love it, and I do. It does not disappoint. I went (predictibly) to the quilt shop, The City Quilter. And of course I brought some fabric!

The fabrics are by Andover. They look quite dull here, and I suppose they are actually! But they are lovely and muted, and remind me of a jacket I had in the 70’s from an Indian clothing shop near where I lived in Colchester. I would have brought them in the UK if they had been available, but they weren’t, so it was atreat to find them in one of only two quilting shops in NY.