Quilt Festival Classes

Houston Stars1401Well, before this post never happens, here are some shots of some great quilts being created in the Jelly Roll Star class in Houston at Quilt Festival. It was so great to meet old friends from classes last year and meet so many new ones this year too!

I had a great time, exhausting but so much fun!

This was my classroom set up:

Although we could use design walls, sometimes the floor was easier:

Houston Stars1402

Houston Stars1403

Houston Stars1404

Houston Stars1406

A top to go home for quilting!

Houston Stars1407

Houston Stars1408

Houston Stars1409

Houston Stars1410

Houston Stars1411

Houston Stars1412

Houston Stars1413

The class is based on a quilt from my book  ‘Jelly Quilts and Gifts’ from Search Press.

Will try to put up more posts from Market and Festival before it’s too late!

Quilting-on-the-Go, Lewes

qotg lewes1 cialis sale usa

qotg lewes2

qotg lewes 11I was in Lewes at the weekend and could not resist a visit to my favourite shop, Patchwork Dog and Basket.

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Needless to say they had a lovely selection of fabrics, some of which came home with me:

We will be having some classes down there this autumn and by popular demand it is the Quilting-on-the-Go. purchase cialis

If you want to learn to make quilts that are portable to quilt and manageable to baste together in small sections, this is the class for you. I always find new ideas for the quilts and the block below is my current portable project to quilt. There will be lots of quilts to see to inspire you, to sew the quilt you want. The stars in the block here will have more stars appearing when the blocks go together:

You can see how I am getting on with it if you come to the class!!!

There was also this fun version of my Doggy Quilt on  display in the shop:

I think Jill made this one. I made mine having been inspired by the stuffed dogs she has in the shop that you can buy kits for. The quilt pattern is available there too.

Where will you be taking your quilting?



Work in Progress

I have been working on a few projects all at the same time, but don’t we all?

I started on these Crosses Blocks, and quickly made 16 .

carolynforster latest1

I laid them out, and have stitched them together in rows, and then a top, but have come unstuck as to a border or not, so we are letting that one mature! Obviously design ideas are helped when there is a dog sprawled over the quilt:

carolynforster latest2



The next one is a current addiction, as I love sewing these Woven Blocks from my jelly roll scraps:


carolynforster latest6


Here is a trial layout when I had a few more stitched. There are a lot more now, so I am hoping for a large quilt from these.

carolynforster latest3

This next one some of you will recognise from the Comfortable with Curves class. (Those of you signed up for this in Houston may get a further peek then depending on its state by then).

This one is all hand pieced as it is basically so much easier to sew this particular design that way. This was a trial layout to see if I wanted the squares in there or just stick with the curves. I went with the squares, but I think there may be another in the pipeline with only curves!

carolynforster latest4

And finally my block for August Classic Meets Modern Quilt Along. Just made that in time, but I know I am still one down:

carolynforster latest5


Hope your WIP went well over the Summer?



Quick catch up


The last few weeks have been especially busy with Family stuff, my Son’s GCSE’s and planting a garden. And lots of teaching! ( There was also a book deadline, but more of that another time!)

Hence the quietness around here on the blog.

So to share with you today are some great quilts that I have been shown when I went to teach over the last few weeks. These were students who had been on classes  a while back, and were good enough to bring along their quilts to share.

Thank you so much to each of you, and the lovely people who finished stuff and then sent it to the people they were making it for. I love seeing those pictures too!


Some of the pictures are not great due to me and my phone, but you get the idea.

Amazingly even though the quilts were by different people at different venues everyone showed their Rose Star One Patch Quilt.

carolyn Forster students1


carolyn Forster students2


carolyn Forster students3


carolyn Forster students4

And lastly this was funky version getting started of the Twinkle Star quilt. Love this retro look!

carolyn Forster students5



A Random Selection of Blocks


To get us through yet more rain today, a selection of sewing from the last week or so.


A quilt top I made a while back, under contemplation for some long arm quilting:

carolyn forster quilts



Pauline kindly brought in this beautiful quilt that she started on the Rose Star One Patch Class:

This is just lovely!



Quilted in my favourite, Amish Waves:



Sharyn had finished her bag started in the Japanese Bag of Squares class:

I love the Big stitch quilting in the ditch here!



Floating Stars from some of my Whitstable Ladies:












And a floating star snippet that I made from some scraps from the lovely range Meadow, from Makower:

float star1



float star2



float star3



float star4

Win a free Jelly Roll Quilts and Gifts Book!

Don't miss out on a chance to win a free copy of Jelly Roll Quilts and Gifts!

Go over to Search Press HERE, and enter to win!

They also put up a sneak peak of a book I have been working on for them, due out in 2014. Look on their FaceBook page to see.

And if that wasn't enough one of the projects from the book is featured in 'Homemade with Love', June/July edition. Look out for that on the news stands.

The garden is moving on, so here are some pictures! Thanks to everyone who has asked after it!









And so you don't miss out on some quilty goodness in this post, here are some pictures of my Comfortable with Curves quilt (well one of them!) that I will be teaching in the autumn at the Quilt Room, Dorking:

comfortable with curves3

Look for the quilting ideas in Utility Quilting:

comfortable with curves2



comfortable with curves4

Wordless Wednesday (Well, almost)

From the workshop in Tankerton, Whitstable on Saturday:

Such a brilliant quilt from when we did the 'Comfortable with Curves' piecing day a while back!

So want to do this layout myself now!


Curves and Mayflower Block


Then we stitched Mayflower blocks with Garden Maze sashing:

june 20132


june 20133


june 20134

A cold and grey day, so we brightened it up sewing a garden of quilt blocks!

Distractions from stitching

There has been lots of stitching going on here.


I am still quilting my 'square waves'.


I am hand piecing.


I am finishing off some book projects.


I am finishing off some book instructions.


My camera has been looking at this:




Most of my photography has been documenting the re landscaping of our garden. It doesn't look much as yet, but this is about week 5 out of a possible ten! The guys are working really hard and it will be great!

What I can show you though that  are finishes, are the tops from some of my beginners class that finished recently:



Start with stars5


Denise (and she complete her MA! Yeah!!!!):


Start with stars6




Start with stars4


Sat next to Sarah (email me your name, as I have a complete blank!):


Start with stars3




Start with stars2




Start with stars1


These look so great! Well done Ladies!

New Beginners will be starting again in September.

And from me, here is a rolling star block:

rolling star1

Hope you haven't had too many distractions from your stitching?

Patchwork Dog and Quilt

I do unashamedly love it when it snows.

Having a dog means that you can't just sit inside and look out at it. So I have been out there twice a day, and it is lovely. 

I don't like all the mud and slush afterwards, but Hay Ho, can't like everything!

Just before the snow came I finished  a little quilt , 'Dogs at a Dog Show'. I have another planned where they are playing and have bones and a ball. But here they are in their best and standing straight.


And this is my dog Bosco having a sleep! You know he is asleep, because if he had been awake he would have been in the middle of the quilt, not the cushion!


Don't worry, He doesn't get this cushion or quilt to play with as they have buttons sewn on, and as we all know, that is a choke hazard.

If you have Dog you would like to sew a quilt for, or even make them a cushion, then pop along to The Patchwork Dog and Basket for date and time, and we can sew one together in their new class room!

Fabrics Galore!

Last week I took a trip up to Fabrics Galore in Lavender Hill, London.

I see their stand at the shows, and purchase the great fabrics. Lovely linens for bags and Liberty Tana Lawn at a third off regular price! What's not to like! However I discovered that they were the only shop in the UK to stock ALL of the Liberty Lifestyle Collection. So in the car I hopped.

This was what I walked away with, and the Liberty Lifestyle to follow! Gulp! So worth the visit!

In the meantime 'back at the ranch' my Stash Club from Amitie arrived:

Won't they all work well together!

I quickly stitched the free block pattern that came with the fabrics (I don't want to get behind, as I have the Barbara Brackman Grandmothers Choice to keep on top of – pictures coming soon):

Yes, I know, I don't trim triangle points!

Jen and Lucy are in Houston at Quilt Market, showing the World their brilliant patterns. Check out the blog. And get your order in here!

On the stitching front I have had a surge on my String Snowballs. I started it a few years back with one block to see how it turned out, then thought it was a lot of work and left it alone. But each time I taught my String Quilts class, out came the sample to show, and I would think, that I really would like a whole quilt of that!

So, some of you might have seen the blocks being stitched a few posts back on this blog, but this is now the 'border testing phase':

You will see which I went with when the quilting is done! I stitched the backing together this morning, so no excuses now!

I used my Snowball template for cutting, these are now in stock, at £8 each (inc. p and p).