Christmas is coming!

I know, you know it is, but sometimes it just comes up really quick all of a sudden!

In an effort to sew a few stocking fillers this year I started on these:

NO, not building a Big Shot, but using it to quickly cut the papers for the cute pin cushions. If you want to give them to non sewing friends, then I would put lavender in them to scent a laundry cupboard.

You need 8 hexagons. I use the 1 1/4in  die to cut my papers and then cut fabrics to suit. You don't need to cut it into hexagons, you can leave it in squares and just wrap around the papers and tack. I have an old quilt where this is done, otherwise I would not have considered it!

Sew a rossette as you like and then fold it all wrong side out and sew into a 3-D shape by inserting the 8th hexagon in the centre at the back. As I sew I remove the papers from fully enclosed shapes to help with the construction. When you have two sides left to sew, remove all papers remaining and turn right side out to stuff. Sew up the last seams! So cute!

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