Creative Mojo!

Well, I definitely had my 15 minutes of fame (or nerves!) this week, when I got to chat with Mark Lipinski and Linda Lum Debono on the Creative Mojo radio show.

Listen in HERE to see how it went. I am in the first half of the show.

Mark and Linda were both so nice, and I even had a phone in caller comment on what we were talking about!

After I calmed down from that we had five minutes of sunshine in the garden the next day and I took some pictures of a little quilt I made last autumn as a combination of both my books and one of my patterns… very creative mojo!

I used the block from Japanese Stars and Lanterns, added frames (as per Quilting-on-the-Go) and then Big stitch and Tied the top (as per Utility Quilting).

Have a look and see what you think:

I used the Valdani pearl cotton no12 for the stitching and the no5 for the tying. Have a look here at the cute box of threads they do to go with the book! And the needles I use are the Bohin Betweens size 5.

Stop by the blog on Sunday as it is the start of the blog tour, and I will let you have the schedule! There will a give away at the end, too!

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