Distractions from stitching

There has been lots of stitching going on here.


I am still quilting my 'square waves'.


I am hand piecing.


I am finishing off some book projects.


I am finishing off some book instructions.


My camera has been looking at this:




Most of my photography has been documenting the re landscaping of our garden. It doesn't look much as yet, but this is about week 5 out of a possible ten! The guys are working really hard and it will be great!

What I can show you though that  are finishes, are the tops from some of my beginners class that finished recently:



Start with stars5


Denise (and she complete her MA! Yeah!!!!):


Start with stars6




Start with stars4


Sat next to Sarah (email me your name, as I have a complete blank!):


Start with stars3




Start with stars2




Start with stars1


These look so great! Well done Ladies!

New Beginners will be starting again in September.

And from me, here is a rolling star block:

rolling star1

Hope you haven't had too many distractions from your stitching?

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