Fabrics Galore

Well, I am back from Duxford. The quilts were lovely, and the exhibition space amazing amongst the aircraft!

Here's a shot of my 'home' for the three days. It was great to chat to people and sit and stitch.

carolyn forster1

There were loads of great shops there selling the fabrics and so forth. My special treat was buying from Fabrics Galore. I brought a whole bunch of Liberty prints as they sell that at a pretty good price. The two small pieces on top right are from  Sunflower fabrics . She sells beautifully co ordinated bundles to drool over.

fabrics galore1

And the other great thing that I discovered is that Fabrics Galore are now selling on line! So we don't need to wait for a show or trog up to London. You can buy the fabrics on line! Yeah!

It is still worth seeing them when you can in the shop though, as they have so much in there it is hard to get it all on line. And I also hear they will be selling 'Hello Kitty' fabric soon. You might want to get in touch to see when that comes in!

Having a Snow day here, hope you are cosy where you are. 

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