Fabrics under consideration

I often get asked how I start my quilts.

Do I see a fabric and then make the quilt or do I see the design then choose fabric?

Well these things work in parallel for me. I look at old quilts and books about just quilt blocks. This is a constant thing, on going research. Something will hit a cord with me and then I start working in a note book, just in black pen in squared paper.

At the same time I have my fabrics in my stash, and I see new ones to add to it. At some stage one particular fabric will act as starting point to put others with it. Or I will realise that I have been collecting fabrics of a particular style or colour combination. Then I start to pile these fabrics together.

So I will have notes and sketches in my book and piles of fabric dotted around. At some stage, and who knows when this might be, it strikes me that one pile might look quite nice in a particular design.

It is all a bit organic really. There is no rush.

There is always something to sew, and what will be next will be there when the time is right. Lots of projects overlap other projects, and one fabric selection might be in any number of quilts of different designs.

So here are two piles of fabric sitting waiting for the right quilt:




How long they wait, who knows, but they look good while they wait. and I can always add some more fabrics to them!


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  1. tracey dawkins
    tracey dawkins says:

    oooh i like that grey based pile- very nice! hope its made into something to show us on saturday!!!!!!!!

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