Fashion and Textile Museum


We spent some time in London over the last week. One of the things I wanted to fit in was a visit to the Fashion and Textile Museum.

It is a short walk from London Bridge Station. If you visit on Friday or saturday you have the added bonus of Borough Market being open and you can feast on the food and coffee there first! You can feast with your eyes too as I always think these markets look so great!

Kaffee Fasset1


There are some interesting buildings and features to see in this old part of London:


Kaffee Fasset4


Kaffee Fasset2


Kaffee Fasset3


The Museum is unmissable!


Kaffee Fasset5



The exhibition was lovely, showing off the scope of Kaffe's talent in the field of art and textiles:


Kaffee Fasset6


These are the some of the art work for the fabrics:


Kaffee Fasset7


A wall of fabrics and knits to touch and feel:


Kaffee Fasset8


Needless to say I then went and brought some fabrics in Liberty! The Cloth Store along the road was closed, and that was probably just as well !


Back home now, with more inspiration than time at the moment!

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  1. Sew Create It - Jane
    Sew Create It - Jane says:

    OMG – we did a very similar trip yesterday.  We visited Loop, I knit London, then went to Liberty and The Cloth House.  I showed restrain, but I'm wishing now that I'd given in a bit and bough some stuff at the Cloth House…so much to appreciate it was hard to choose.

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