Flower Pots Quilt


A while back, probably a couple of years ago now there was a quilt show at The Needlemakers in Lewes. It was part of the Arts Week in Lewes and the quilts were generously displayed from the collection of Jill Hillage who owns The Patchwork Dog and Basket in Lewes.


She has great taste and a great shop so needless to say I thought the quilts were great too.


A couple of them appealed to me as something I might quite like to stitch, and last summer I asked if I could borrow one or two to make patterns from. Jill very generously lent them to me and the process begun.


Below are some shots of the original quilt. I loved the boldness of the design, but I really liked the fact that some of the fabric had worn away and you could see part of the appliqué from underneath. Also some of the motifs in the border had faded to be almost invisible.


flower pots old1



flower pots old2




This is what I then stitched:


flower pots quilt carolyn forster



I loved the fadedness of those baskets and my palette grew from there:


flower pots2



It is a repeat of one flower pot block, sixteen in total in the quilt:


flower pots3



I just used freezer paper appliqué as my technique and reverse appliqué as in the original quilt for the flower centres:


flower pots4

Hope something inspires you today to stitch something new!

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