Houston, continues



Some more Houston shots. I figured I had better just blog, otherwise I spend so long deliberating it will be Spring market before I show you this !





This was one of my favourite ranges on the FreeSpirit booth, by Snow Leopard. There is already some to buy on ebay I think !




Anna Maria Horner had a lovely booth, and these continued to catch my attention:





There were no antique quilts in the main exhibition this year, which I thought was a shame. But there was this gem, and there was a new copy made of it on show. I really liked the old one though!







This was just a lovely sunset one night from my hotel room:





My classes started on the Monday for Festival, and this was my home for the next few days:

A great big thank you to Juki for the machines and the ever attentive technicians (Karen, and I think it was Brian). Having Juki machines was just great as they were exactly the same as mine at home, so any queries were easily dealt with.



All my students were just lovely. And boy, did they work hard!


These are a few of the pictures that I took.


Everyone had their top together by the end of the day!


This lady will definitely have this ready for the holiday season!



They were all working from the quilt in my Jelly Rolls Quilts and Gifts book!

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