How did I sew without one?


I have seen these finger pincushions for an age now. And I thought, that looks useful, I wonder if it really is? But not buying one and for some reason thinking that the 15min it would take to stitch one was not 15minutes that I had, I never got round to it. average cost of viagra per pill


But I kept thinking about them, so the other day I bit the bullet and got down to it.


And REALLY, why have I not made one before?

It was so quick, and it is now soooo useful, I thought I would share with any of you who have never seen one, let alone made one, how to stitch one.


Take a 4 1/2in square of fabric:

finger pincushion02 generic viagra


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Fold in half diagonally RS together. Stitch along the aligned raw edges using 1/4in seam allowance. (Sorry I forgot to use a contrasting thread for photography purposes!) On the second side leave a gap in the middle of about 1in:

finger pincushion03


finger pincushion04


Snip the excess fabric from the corners :

finger pincushion05


Turn RS out and poke out the corners:

finger pincushion06



Stuff with polyester toy stuffing or similar: buy viagra generic

finger pincushion07 where can i buy cialis online


Stitch closed:

finger pincushion08


Pull the two corners on the long side of the triangle around to meet, and holding them securely, over lap and stitch together:

finger pincushion09



And that is it, all finished:

finger pincushion10


I use it on my left hand index finger, as I am right handed, but really you just pop it on whichever finger you feel comfortable with:

finger pincushion12


finger pincushion13


finger pincushion14


So if you have few minutes to spare today, you can make one of these and then transform your stitching life!

Happy stitching!

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  1. Carla
    Carla says:

    I saw a quilter use one of these years ago. So I took your advice and took a few minutes to make one this morning. Oh my you are so right, how did I live without this little pincushion. I am doing some applique and love it for my teeny weenie applique pins. Thank you for sharing this tutorial!

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