Klosjes Blocks

Every once in a while something will catch my attention and I really need to stitch it for no logical reason. (Actually now I see that in print, it probably accounts for about 99% of my quilt making!)

Anyway, a while back I started seeing Klosjes Blocks popping up all over the place! These are Spool blocks, but they sound so exciting in Dutch (I think it's Dutch, forgive me if I got that wrong!)

I wanted to stitch some but didn't want to make templates, I wanted to use the rotary cutter.I needed the 'quick stitching fix' approach! So I have made my blocks using Jelly Roll strips, ie: I used my 2 1/2" wide strips of fabric from my stash and my Creative Grids Half Square Triangle Non Slip Strip Ruler! These create a 6" finished block. This is what I did.

Take three strips of fabric 2 1/2" wide. One is the centre of the block, the other two frame it.

From the fabric for the centre cut a 2 1/2" square:

From the other two fabrics cut 2 strips from each 7 1/4" long:

Now using the triangle part of the ruler trim off the corners of the strips:

Layout the block and sew!

Stitching wise, I sew the frames around the centre square, then sew the mitres.

I am working on a scrappy version that will keep me going for a while I think!

What I love about this is that one ruler does it all, and I can just dip in and out of the pre cut strips!

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