Leftovers Top

This  quilt was put together yesterday from pieces left over from a class I took with Susan Briscoe a couple of years ago.

I saved the 'spare' pieces as I like the combinations. Whilst having a tidy up in an effort to keep on top of things yesterday, I came across them in the back of the cupboard.

The quilt top I originally stitched has not been quilted yet as I am still in two minds about the way to quilt it. I know, you'd think life was too short, but hey ho, don't want to do something I don't like, and is there a rush?

So when I put these leftovers together I knew how to quilt it even before I laid it on the batting!


Bits quilt1


I took these pictures after I had just started the basting. I was going to safety pin, but it didn't feel right, and as it is a small quilt, about 50in, I went ahead with hand basting.

Bits quilt2


I started the quilting last night. Big stitch with Valdani Pearl Cotton no 12. I'll let you see the design in the next post (which I have been obsessing about for years now).

It seems to be a variation on Elbow Quilting, and I have a few vintage quilts worked in it. Just had to wait for the right top to come along to try it out on!

I'll take some pictures to let you have look next time.


If you need a quick project to keep your sewing MOjo up, take a look at what Lori stitched this week. So sweet, might find time for that before the dog walk!



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