Misc. Monday


There has been lots going on behind the scenes, so the blog has been neglected over the last week or two. Sorry.


Apart from other things, like looking at the website and updating it with books and teaching etc… (which is still in motion, as it is down to me now to write the stuff :-[ ), I have had a busy teaching schedule. Which  really for me is what it is all about. Getting out there and sharing with people how great it is to express yourself in whatever way through your sewing!


I did also sign off on ‘Quilting-on-the-Go, Taking it Further‘. Yeah! So that should be on its way to the printing process! Can’t wait to see the real book!!!!


There have been my regular  classes, and a great trip to meet the London Quilters. Such a vibrant group, if you are a quilter who lives in London, pop along to one of their meetings, there seems to be so much going on!


In the meantime here is my desk on this sunny Monday morning:


I found this wonderful project in an old copy of ‘Green Craft Magazine‘:


sewing1Carolyn Forster






These books  need to be put on the shelf, as I have had them as my bedtime reading for a while now. The Rachel May book is an interesting read for anyone wondering what this whole ‘Modern Quilt thing’ is all about, and whether it is you, or has always been you but without the label:




And this is a block I draughted from one of the lovely Japanese books on blocks. Just laid out all the pieces ready for some appliqué:






Hope your desk has more focus than my eclectic mix here!



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  1. Catherine-Anne Redparth
    Catherine-Anne Redparth says:

    Hello Carolyn… Your desk looks wonderfully happy, filled with loveliness… all that is sewing! Mine is covered in 30’s Reproduction Fabric patches… all in line for stitching… love patchwork and quilting… thanks for introducing me to this happy little world of colourful dreaming and stitching. PS: When will you be teaching an intermediate course at The Quilt Room? I’d love to attend, please. Catherine x

  2. Bec
    Bec says:

    Hi Carolyn! I just discovered your website and love the many beautiful quilts that you’ve made. One quilt that I particularly like is the Japanese Lantern. Is that pattern in your Quilting-on-the-Go book. Usually Amazon lets you look inside of a book, but not yours. Thanks for sharing all the pretties that you make and your expertise. 🙂

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